NSA files: how they affect you – video animation

The Guardian newspaper, the press organisation responsible for managing the release of Edward Snowden’s files on NSA spying, has produced a short animation aimed at tackling the general public’s complacency over the issues raised by the revelations, which we thought we would share with our BestVPN readers.

‘The NSA files and GCHQ revelations have sparked huge debate about surveillance and spying around the world. With all the talk of Prism, Tempora and encryption, it can seem quite a technical topic to some … but this really isn’t just a story for geeks. Here’s why’

The UK based Guardian has come under sharp criticism from MI5 director-general Andrew Parker, who described the leaks as a ‘gift’ to torrorists, and has led Prime Minister David Cameron to suggest that MP’s ‘investigate’ the newspaper over it’s role in publishing Snowden’s revelations. This is a shocking and cavalier attack on press freedom, and a blatant attempt to shoot the messenger, rather than face up to and engage in a public debate over the privacy issues raised by mass blanket public surveillance.

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