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Overplay is one of the more innovative VPN providers in the market today. They are one of the fastest growing VPN service providers and their strength lies in strong cluster of servers located in 48 countries all across the world. This helps in giving Overplay VPN the edge when it comes to servicing clients as they can provide faster speeds due to a local presence.

Software Packages & Pricing

The first thing that hits you about Overplay is the simplicity of the website. The information, the requirements and the language have been kept simple.  They have divided their services into two main categories: SmartDNS and Global VPN. Both versions are easy to use and the doesn’t need to get into technical details. Though Overplay have kept the user experience simple, they have not compromised on the security and other important aspects as we shall see in the details. The products are competitive and affordable and the user has an option for recurring payments.

Software Packages & Pricing

Smart DNS

This is priced at $4.95/mo and does not require any software to download. Smart DNS enables geospoofing by resolving your DNS requests at a specified location. No encryption/decryption is involved, so the DNS translation is pretty much instantaneous. This means that Smart DNS services suffer fewer buffering issues than when using VPN for streaming (although distance can still cause problems). It also means that Smart DNS offers none of the security and privacy advantages of a VPN.

Another advantage of Smart DNS is that can be configured on any internet-capable device. Not just ones that can run VPN software. This means that you can use Smart DNS on your smart TV, games console, and Roku (among others).

Global VPN

At $9.95/mo it is priced very competitively and as mentioned above, its strength lies in its strong local presence. This package comes with all the features available in SmartDNS. There are no bandwidth restrictions and the service enables users to secure and encrypt their traffic, for example while browsing at a public Wi-Fi.

If you prefer to access just for streaming audio and video websites at high speed, then SmartDNS is the solution you can use. However, if you prefer encrypted access to all websites and protocols then Global VPN should be your unanimous choice.

Technical and Customer Support

Overplay VPN is supported by a dedicated 24×7 online chat support. Before taking you to the chat window, you are supposed to fill in personal details with the question you have, and then you are directed to the chat. When we tested it, the rep was knowledgeable as far as product knowledge is concerned and was probing the right questions before telling us the solution.

Technical and Customer Support


Overplay has taken the old adage of the client being the king, they have ensured that they do not compromise as far as the security is concerned. They have set a standard protocol in place, thus ensuring that the user has a free but secured experience. No website logs or visits are maintained by Overplay for their users, all they maintain are the connection times log and data usage which is periodically deleted. Thus Overplay gives the users complete freedom with an assurance that no one is watching them.

Technically, all the servers are encrypted by default; when the user connects thru Overplay VPN or OpenVPN, the sessions are encrypted with 128-bit CBC –Blowfish. They also have PPTP and L2TP use MPPE and IPSec encryptions. Overplay can also provide both encrypted and non-encrypted VPN profiles based on user request. All the servers support OpenVPN and they accept L2TP and PPTP connections while some servers support Microsoft’s SSL based SSTP VPN as well. Overplay standard subscription comes with access to all the servers available with them. They have also tapped the avid gamers by dedicating specific servers for them as well.

The Process


We have taken the Full VPN service as a sample in this review.  Before starting the services, you are required to fill in personal information like name, email, choice of username and password.



Once the registration process is completed, the user gets an email with a link, click on the link to complete the registration process. The payment can be made via Credit card as well as Google Checkout. They also accept PayPal as a payment option though this is a non-recurring payment option, so the user has to renew the subscription each month. Renewal on the credit card is recurring by default, though you can choose otherwise. The payments to the monthly subscription are in advance and the users can cancel the subscription at any time. Overplay allows you to utilize the services until the time they have paid for..

Overplay VPN reviews

The user is sent the set up file and the software gets installed

Overplay VPN

Installation 3

Once installed, the user can login using the unique username and password selected during the registration process.

Installation 5

You can choose the server you would like to be connected to and are instantly connected.

Installation 6     

You can easily check the status of connection by checking the IP address. When we tried to connect to the software using multiple locations, we were able to instantly connect and switch. Many times the switch was just a few seconds and the connection showed the location chosen almost instantly.  Though all their servers are high speed servers, they have marked a few of the servers as ‘Smart’; these are the servers that are supposed to be used for streaming (video).

Speed Test

The software was subjected to speed test using www.speedtest.net. We used a standard residential broadband connection with a speed of 3 MBPs and we checked before and after the software were connected.


We then connected it to a server on the West Coast in the US and ran the Speed test again. As stated the changes were instantly updated and we got the following results:



Compared to Global VPN, SmartDNS seemed to be a toned down version, it’s easy to use and fairly simple to install. In countries like UAE and China where the users face restrictions for content and speed, a service like this is probably essential. You don’t need to dial any VPN connection and you can surf the internet the usual speed. The instructions are sent to you in an email once the registration process is complete.

With the servers spanning 48 countries, Overplay is not continent specific like many other VPN service providers. The exhaustive ranges of servers ensure that the user is always connected though we did find occasional dip in the switch and were disconnected in the Asian region, but that was just momentary. You are updated about new server locations via their blog therefore you are not just restricted to the servers that were available at the time of their enrollment.

Customer Area

Just like the website, the navigation for the user account has been kept simple as well. The tabs given above indicate the user information and subscription details. PayPal users can make changes to their account by manually making the payment on the subscription section. There is another tab indicating server information. It lists out the server location and the encryption protocol followed.

Customer Area

Cancellation Policy

A client can cancel the service at anytime and can still use the service for the time paid for. Though with paypal it can be irritating if you forget to renew payment.

Overplay VPN Review Conclusion

What we liked

  • Simple navigation
  • Easy to set up software
  • Helpful customer support
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • No cap on speed
  • No cap on downloads
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Flexibility of server location
  • Simple yet secure network
  • No logs maintained
  • User security
  • Cancellation policy with no penalty
  • Compatible not just with various operating systems but devices which use internet like XBOX360.

What we didn’t like

  • No money back offer
  • Lack of recurring option in PayPal payment method
  • Lack of Wire Transfer option

Overplay VPN comes out to be a winner by providing you with optimum services at affordable prices. Their motto of giving full control to users has helped them create a decent VPN service, which can compete with the big brands like HideMyAss and PureVPN.

Pete Zaborszky
February 16th, 2017

Pete runs Best VPN and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter

22 responses to “Overplay VPN Review

  1. Ameer says:

    you do realize you are misleading people by telling them smartDNS works just like a VPN, although you know they will not be protected by the SmartDNS service.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Ameer,

      Thanks for pointing this error out. Please note that this article is four years old, and the author stopped writing for BestVPN.com a long time ago. I have edited the article to provide a more accurate description of what Smart DNS does.

  2. Tanya says:

    Absolute crap if you live in Canada & want American Netflix; boots you out within 30 minutes, loss of $ & time

  3. BB says:

    Fine from home (use for American TV sites like CBS and ABC), but will not work in most hotels (Overplay is aware of this), which is a real shame as we would need Overplay the most when we travel in order to watch iPlayer, etc.

  4. chevylin says:

    Great post. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”. Personally, I am using UnoTelly which is similar to Overplay. Perhaps you should check UnoTelly as well if you haven’t done so.

  5. codeboxqc says:

    not hide my ip dns leak!!!

    try ipleak.com you will understant!

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi codeboxqc,

      Although DNS requests are normally routed through a VPN provider’s servers, Windows (and less-so but it happens) OSX will occasionally use cached settings and route requests through the OS’s default DNS provider (usually run by your ISP). This is known as a DNS leak.Some providers offer ‘DNS leak protection’ with their client, which ensures that all DNS requests are handled by the providers servers, but this is a ‘feature’ of the service, and is not standard.

      We discuss DNS leaks and how to prevent them in some detail in this article (bestvpncom.wpengine.com/blog/5184/4-ways-to-prevent-a-dns-leak-when-using-vpn/), and also suggest using DNS servers run by OpenNic – a non-profit, decentralized, open, uncensored and democratic DNS provider, although we have found the service can be a little unreliable ( bestvpncom.wpengine.com/blog/8146/help-build-freer-internet-using-opennic-dns-servers/).

  6. alex says:

    Friends in Hong Kong have been very impressed but there seems to be a problem which does not allow this to work from StarHub in Singapore – I get the impression that OverPlay know it’s a problem but want to keep you as a customer. Customer service is definitely not 24/7 and is pretty useless – you get a different person all the time and they all ask exactly the same questions. Nice idea but I have been a customer for 24 months and never really got it to work.

  7. Conrad says:

    From Overplay support:

    “MaxMind has entered incorrect information in their database regarding most of our server’s IP address. As a result, these websites cannot tell where our VPN server is really located in the world. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over MaxMinds database.”

    Don’t waste your time asking for your money back. Also simply setting “autorenew” under subscriptions to “no” will not stop them repeatedly taking money from you.

  8. nassar says:

    Been using OverPlay for 3 years now without any issues (that weren’t caused by me :-)).

    Easy to use anywhere in the world. With smartDNS, it’s fast for Netflix. Very happy with OverPlay.net and the price is great. Customer service was quick to help when I messed up.

    I average download speeds of 24 Mbps and 5.48 for uploads in the USA.

    What else should I ask for?

  9. Douglas Crawford says:

    Hi Helle,

    In fairness to OverPlay, I live in the UK and have a 20 MB/s broadband connection, but still get disconnection / buffering issues when watching iPlayer and 4oD with all VPN etc. turned off. I’m not saying that OverPlay is guiltless, but this is worth bearing in mind…

  10. Helle Christiansen says:

    The service has become very unreliablel. To me it seems like a capacity problem, as it varies a lot. I use it to watch UK TV online, and during prime time, holidays and when popular programmes are on, l experience endless buffering and am unable to watch the programmes. This is the case with both smartDNS and vpn.
    Will look for another service as this have become totally useless.
    And furthermore, some of their supporters come up with stupid excuses and blame my isp. Which l know is not the problem, as l know how to test it and there is no problem when not using their dns or vpn.

  11. Alan says:

    I’ve used SmartDNS in Germany for about a year to watch iPlayer and have had no problems (so haven’t used customer service).

  12. blues71 says:

    it works perfect in southeast asia..smart dns works brilliant..!!! best speed,great service..all main sites i want open works with smart dns..on mac,ipad,apple tv…brilliant!!!

  13. John says:

    I am sorry but I just unsubscribed from Overplay. I have been with them for over 12 months and never felt confident about either speed or customer response. You can never get an answer as you are left hanging on, waiting for the typewritten messages which takes ages. I asked them for support over the phone. No, not available.
    I have only unsubscribed as a last resort as I give companies a chance to change. Alas they never did. Now I have to go out and search for another VPN provider so that I can watch Scotland beat South Africa.

  14. ron says:

    I first ran this on my Linux desktop with only that one computer being on the VPN. It would routinely reset and I would randomly be without an connection. I believe this was due to an hourly authorization expiration and the new authorization would not kick in. It turns out my configuration file was wrong as some of the IP addresses had changed for their servers and when it tried to connect to a non-existant server it stopped working.

    Then I moved to pfSense for a firewall and set up the OpenVPN client for use with the service. I had problems setting it up and contacted customer service. No-one had done it there either but they did work with me to help me get it working. After about 3 days of trying different things we got it working and now my connection is up 24×7. Every hour it does the reauthorization and randomly pick from the available servers in the configuration. The service works very well and I am pleased with the company. Even though they didn’t have the answer, they worked with me until we resolved it.

  15. zeeq says:


    I ordered 24 hours ago and got error 691 so opened a support ticket, I was asked for verification which I provided 12 hours ago and still unable to use the service. What’s going on??

    1. Alberto says:

      Be careful with OverPlay.
      They are not fair.
      I have had it since may. I have been able to connect with the country I needed to, Spain, for about half the period, forcing me to waist planty of time with complaints to them. Besides, by mistake, I have been paying for the same service twice from the very beginning, until I found out about it 5 months later. I have made a complaint for both things and the only compensation I have received is 4,95 dolars reimbursment for all the troubles. Since I feel like being stolen I have stopped my subscription. Enough is Enough.

  16. qiuren says:

    I had smart DNS in China but at the time it was the Global VPN, so perhaps it combined both as then they did not have Smart DNS. It did let me down some times but you get that living in China, so with their support desk finally got it sorted out, and from then on it was blistering fast, all the time, faster than my, now, regular broadband in Hong Kong and much cheaper. Just go with a cheap broadband and hook up with Overplay. But of course use it where you need to, in restricted countries. Also perfect for IP locations to make google think you are surfing in other countries for doing online activities such as CPA, PPV etc.

  17. dan says:

    Russell, which ISP are you using in Malta? I had problems when trying to use overplay smartDNS (with GO – Malta). The conclusion made was that it was it was the ISP was blocking smartDNS.??
    I have to say the support from Overplay was very good – quick replies and giving simple step by step guides to test the problems

  18. Russell says:

    Personally I’ve found overplay to be a very good service. We live in Malta so we’re primarily concerned with accessing geo-restricted websites. The smartDNS feature allows us to access all these at the native (fast) speed of our own internet connection. There are some things that smartDNS does not work for, and then we just connect to one of the country specific servers for the full VPN experience.

    Never had to call customer service so no idea if it’s good or not, and pricing seems about average.

    In response to the previous commenter who was unhappy with the service I think you will be asked to log in to smartDNS whenever your IP address changes, perhaps your local ISP changes it frequently? I’ve never needed to add something to smartDNS I tend to just use the full VPN service when it becomes apparent that smartDNS is not going to work.

  19. Chris says:

    Sucks all kind of suck.

    Website is misleading – they tell you that they can easily add sites to the SmartDNS, but then they’ll tell you that it’s only a trial system, so they can’t actually do that.

    SmartDNS will fail probably once a day, require you to log in and then repeatedly fail to get to the website. It’s dumb as hell for a SmartDNS too – it can’t tell when you’re in the country of the site you’re trying to access, so it’ll mess you about for local sites.

    But lying to everyone about adding websites was possibly the most annoying thing. Never again.

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