Most popular BitTorrent websites 2014

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

February 11, 2014

It has been a funny old year for many BitTorrent websites: domain names were seized, the MPAA pressured Google to delist sites accused of copyright piracy from its search results, and countries in Europe (most notably the UK) introduced IP blocks for a growing list of ‘offender’ sites.

Despite all this, BitTorrent downloading remains extremely popular, and most efforts to prevent it have failed miserably. Here then is our list of the top 10 most popular BitTorrent websites at the time of writing in February 2014. We have based our results on sites’ Alexa Rank, which while not perfect, gives us a good indication of their popularity.

We would like to say RIP to IsoHunt, which went down this year, and give an honorary mention to Htt3, who went offline for two months following the seizure of their domain. H33t is up and running again, but failed to make our list.

1. The Pirate Bay

tpbDespite a troubled past year in which its domain was kicked around the world (and which explains the dip in visitors during the latter half of 2013), TPB remains the king of BitTorrent sites, pulling in more than 1 billion visitors each month. Now back on the .se domain it stared 2013 with, TPB is defiantly working on a new ‘anti-censorship’ browser that is set to revolutionise how BitTorrent websites work.

2. Kickass Torrents


Like TPB, KAT has had to deal with domain name seizures (and has now moved from to, was removed from Google Search results, and blocked in countries such the UK over the last year. None of this seems to have harmed the popularity of the site however, which has shot from late beginnings in 2009 to our number 2 torrent website in 2014!

3. Torrenz


A ‘meta-search engine’ which combines results from dozens of torrent search engines, Torrenz does not host torrent files itself (unlike TPB and KAS). It can be accessed using a number of domain names (including, and, but is its ‘home’ domain.

4. ExtraTorrent

Billing itself as ‘the biggest BitTorrent system’, ExtraTorrent has become even more popular over the last year, despite losing its .com domain. It is now operating under a .cc domain.

5. YTS

YTS (also known as YIFY-Torrents) only launched in 2011, but despite being blocked in the UK, it has gained a great deal of popularity. Specialising in video rips (both those it has ripped itself, plus high quality branded rips such as those from aXXo), YTS can also be found on



As the name would suggest, EZTV focuses exclusively on rips of television shows, and like most popular torrent sites it has fallen foul of the UK’s hardline attitude to piracy. Interestingly, the variations you can see in EZTV’s popularity line up with TV show seasons in the US. At the time of writing this article we could not reach the EZTV website, and we have no idea if this is just a temporary glitch or if a bigger problem has occurred. We will, of course, keep you updated.

7. 1337X


Claiming to be more community orientated than many other sites, 1337x can be accessed through a proxy if you live in the UK or otherwise find the domain blocked.



The much loved BitTorrent website IsoHunt shut down in October last year, with its founder Gary Fung agreeing to pay a ridiculous $110 million damages to the MPAA., Within days however, popped up to replace it. In no way officially connected to the original, it is an almost exact copy, and has the entire database of IsoHunt’s torrents (probably obtained from are back-up on torrent cache sites such as Zoink and Torrage).  Given how new the site is, it’s doing very well!

9. BitSnoop


Although it seems to be dropping a little in popularity of late, the fact that BitSnoop indexes over 21 million torrents is plenty is reason to pay it a visit.



A lesser known tracker (which is probably why it is the only website on this list not be banned in the UK), Rargb is a Bulgarian torrent tracker based in Amsterdam, and is known to be one of Europe’s largest.

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