Review Free Trial is a reasonably priced VPN service. It is a modern, fast growing VPN provider dedicated to providing encryption and anonymity for clients’ internet usage. does not offer a free trial or money back guarantee period.

But according to their website you can choose to buy the service daily with OpenVPN and PPTP for about $1.40 per day. In this instance you are getting the opportunity to see if this the kind of service you want and only laying out $1.40. The monthly cost is about $14.

Their server is located in Sweden and they support OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. Platforms supported are Linux, Mac, OS/X, Windows and Iphone. They purport to keep no logs. This is consistent with their strong privacy policy.

With so many VPN providers out there who are cheaper and with some offering free trials and money back guarantees one wonders what the attraction of could be to a prospective user. I guess by choosing the daily payment plan you get to play with the service for only a small outlay.
Customers seemed satisfied enough although, admittedly, we did not see many customer reviews.

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