Anonymous dumps huge Turkish police server data set

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

February 16, 2016

A member of the well-known ethical hacking collective Anonymous has today leaked a huge amount of data that it stole from the Turkish National Police (EMG servers) over the course of the last two years. The hacktivist responsible for this latest high-profile data dump is called ROR(RG) and is the same hacker who was responsible for the theft and release of the sensitive personal data of 4 million users of Adult Friend Finder.  

The stolen data has been released to the public via the same website that was used to leak information taken from the Fraternal Order of Police a couple of weeks ago. That site belongs to a third party hacktivist from Britain known as Cthulhu. According to Cthulhu, the Anonymous hacker known as ROR(RG) was very forthcoming with information about the hack of the Turkish police force’s servers – claiming that the hack has been ongoing for around two years now. Here is the statement by Cthulhu, where he explains that ROR(RG) claims that he has had ‘persistent access to various parts of the Turkish government infrastructure for the past two years.’


In fact, according to ROR(RG) the penetration of the Turkish police servers is still active. That is because the hacker has not yet been digitally evicted from his position inside the police servers, and is still able to gain access despite it being two years since the initial breach.

In a document that was released as part of the data dump, the hacktivist member of Anonymous said that he had performed the cyber attack due to a belief – shared by human rights activists and reporters – that the Turkish police department has become deeply corrupt.

So, what exactly is it about the Turkish National Police that has attracted the attention of these hacktivists? Firstly, the Turkish government is firmly suspected of direct involvement in the death of American reporter Serena Shim. Add to that suspicions over Turkey’s participation in purchasing oil from the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, and you start to get some idea about why Anonymous has been concentrating cyber attacks on the nation state.

On December 14th, Anonymous orchestrated a massive DDoS attack on Turkey’s central DNS servers, which are run by (the body that manages the .tr domain). On that occasion, Anonymous were quick to announce that the Distributed Denial of Service was specially enacted as part of the Anonymous cyber war on ISIS – known as #OpISIS.

It may be of interest to those of you who are not entirely versed in Anonymous, to know that the disjointed group (made up of unregulated, individual hackers who are united by a will to carry out acts of vigilantism against any form of corruption that it feels is detrimental to humanity) now boasts of an international membership believed to be in its thousands.

According to Anonymous (and various other sources), it is recognised that there is substantial evidence that Turkey has been engaged in purchasing oil from ISIS on the illegal black market. In effect, funding the terrorist group’s continued existence – against the will of the nations that back NATO – and helping to perpetuate the evil actions of the self-proclaimed Caliphate’s rule of Terror in the Levant. Acts that include intense human rights violations, as well as the destruction of religious architectural sites of high historical value.

In addition to corrupt, under the table, dealings with the upper echelons of the loathed caliphate, Turkey’s government is accused of allowing police to engage in excessive, unlawful force against its citizens during anti-ISIS protests that have been taking place in various cities around the nation. According to local media outlets, on those occasions, the police engaged in unscrupulous levels of violence in order to quell the protesters and their anti-regime rhetoric.


As for the contents of the data dump, only time will tell. The format (MySQL databases) and vastness of the stolen data, means that quite some time is going to be required to extract whatever evidence of corruption that is contained within the 17.8gb of information. What we do know, however, is that Cthulhu and ROR(RG) have in the past provided genuine and reliable evidence of corruption, cementing a general consensus that there is likely some pretty damning evidence contained within the data.

One can only hope that the data will indeed shed light on the various alleged abuses of Turkey’s government. Areas of interest include:

  1. The abuse of power at the hands of the Police force. Government’s involvement in extreme violence against protesters in Eastern Turkey, where 458 civilians were slaughtered (including children as young as eight) by the Erdogan regime’s burgeoning extremist ethic.
  2. The government sanctioned clamp down on the media (including the incarceration of various journalist currently being trialed for treason, for exposing the questionable practices of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government).
  3. Accusations that Turkey is actively providing safe passage for Daesh fighters, including providing medical treatment for ISIS militants who become injured during heated conflicts with both Nato and Russian aggression.

Kurdish protester and activist Osman Baydemir has made the following statement,

‘[The] 458 civilians lost their lives in the course of operations carried out by the government and soldiers over the past eight months. All schools in curfew areas are effectively closed.’

Sad that the greed driven actions of the various actors fighting in the fractured, ever-raging conflict in the Middle East end up detrimentally affecting the education of ordinary Turkish citizens (who are already suffering the hardship of being under the rule of a maniac). A leadership that has become a thoroughly anti-democratic and totalitarian regime in which Ankara is completely at the mercy of Erdogan and his cronies.

‘Parliament is inactive. It is not operating in Turkey’, Baydemir commented, adding that,

‘We expect the government of the United States to declare that Turkey is heading for a civil war. It would be very helpful if an appeal should be made to both sides to return to the negotiating table.’

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