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ExpressVPN are definitely the number one in terms of their free trial. They match a lot of few other companies with a 30 day moneyback guarantee, but they also make this condition free, you can claim your moneyback at any time. There are no bandwidth limitations, no time limitations, and no connection limitations. ExpressVPN truly is the best free trial you can get out there.

Please note that by free trial we do not mean that you just sign and and get to use them for free, you do need to make a payment which is then refunded if you don’t like them. You don’t get something for nothing.

What’s great though is that they are an awesome company who we can highly recommend, so it’s a good idea to test them. They have great servers, great speeds, great software. You can’t really go wrong with them!

You can click the button below to start your free trial now:

ExpressVPN Free Trial »

Quoting their website, here is what they say about their free trial:

  • We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service. We’re so confident you’ll like our VPN that we’re offering a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Even if you run into problems after signing up, we’re available 7-days per week to help you get them fixed and make you feel comfortable using the VPN.
  • If for any reason you’re not satisfied within 30 days of signing up, just send us an email to let us know you’d like your money back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
  • If you paid with credit-card, the refund will show up on your credit-card statement within 5 business days. For Paypal, the funds will be returned to your Paypal account. You can then log into Paypal and withdraw the funds back to your bank account or credit card from there.
  • You don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of this, just sign up to them. Simply click the button above or below.

    We think this is a very good deal, 30 days is the maximum time we’ve seen offered at any VPN company for a free trial, and without conditions attached is only done by ExpressVPN. You can read our full review of ExpressVPN here, they are our most recommended company, with servers in a lot of countries and a very good customer support team. I think the reason they offer this 30 free trial is that they know you will probably like the service and not cancel! 🙂

    Click the button below to take advantage of this offer now!

    ExpressVPN Free Trial »

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6 responses to “ExpressVPN Free Trial

  1. This isnt a free trial. Free trials exist to get the customer to join up by saying they are so confident in your experience with them that they will let you try for free. I won’t be trying expressvpn because they are clearly more money focused than customer experience focused. That doesn’t bode well for long term service.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I agree that this 3-year old article is inaccurate . ExpressVPN (still) offers a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee, not a free trial, per se. I completely disagree with your overall assessment, however. In my experience, ExpressVPN is arguably the most customer-focused VPN provider in the business.

  2. i realised the payment options displayed is based from your location detected by their servers so if you were in south africa bitcoins and other options would disappear untill you spoof ur public ip using vpn,proxies!!!!They should just display all payment options.

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