Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

December 13, 2017

Peaky Blinders season four is upon us. The popular British TV show – which has become famous worldwide thanks to Netflix – has returned on the BBC. For people a in Ireland, or around the globe who don’t want to wait until the last episode has aired on the UK’s BBC, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an ideal solution.

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What You Need to Know

When Did Peaky Blinders Start?

Where Can I Watch Peaky Blinders Online?

Can I Watch Peaky Blinders Season Four for Free?

How to Stream Peaky Blinders Season Four in HD

Peaky Blinder Season Four: What to Expect

When Did Season Four of Peaky Blinders Start?

The new season of Peaky Blinders started on 15 November. Peaky Blinders season four is showing on BBC 2. That means it’s available to watch live on BBC iPlayer the moment it comes out, and available for replay one hour after it finishes.

Although Netflix will be showing the whole of season four of Peaky Blinders, it won’t be on Netflix until the day after the last episode airs in Britain.

Where to Watch Peaky Blinders Season Four Live Online

Fans can use a VPN to stream the next episode of Peaky Blinders live on BBC iPlayer at:

21:00 UK time (GMT) on Wednesday 13 December.

You can also stream the episode for 28 days after it first airs using the catch up service.

Can I Watch Peaky Blinders Online for Free?

No matter where they are in the world, people do use VPN technology to watch Peaky Blinders season four on the BBC iPlayer. Providing that you have a VPN that can access BBC iPlayer – such as Buffered or ExpressVPN – it is a possibility. To discover how you could use a VPN in this way please click here.

If you connected to a VPN server in the UK – you would appear to be in the UK – which would grant you access to BBC iPlayer. This means that you would have the choice to live stream Peaky Blinders, or stream it using the catch-up service within 28 days.

For a more in-depth guide to setting up your VPN to access iPlayer, read on.

How to Watch Peaky Blinders Season Four Live Online

Watching Peaky Blinders online couldn’t be easier.

  1. Select a VPN for iPlayer from our guide. We recommend Buffered or ExpressVPN because they have everything you need to stream Peaky Blinders.
  2. Click through to your preferred VPN and subscribe.
  3. Check out how to use a VPN here
  4. Start streaming Peaky Blinders!

Remember: In order to watch iPlayer, UK residents must pay for a TV license. For this reason, you need to accept this question to access iPlayer. 

BestVPN.com does not condone copyright infringement. While we are aware that VPNs can be used to spoof your location to another country, and thus overcome geo-restrictions, their primary purpose is to provide you with online security and privacy. First and foremost, this is why we recommend using a VPN.

Peaky Blinders Season 4 Finale: The Company – Recap (Spoilers)

It’s fair to say that Steven Knight and the Peaky Blinders team have smashed their fourth season by every conceivable metric. Not only are the first five episodes of the season the five most watched episodes in the shows history, but critics and audiences are for once undivided in the opinion that Peaky Blinders is a show at its peak. And so, as we arrive at the conclusion, will Peaky Blinders deliver a climax worthy of this series?

Touch Gloves, Gentlemen

As the two contenders get ready to clash, the action stays firmly behind the scenes, with Alfie giving Tommy his philosophical spiel about being blindness, which amounts to nothing more than Alfie explaining that he is about to shaft the Shelbys. Tommy waits patiently as Alfie explains that the Americans are too big to fight and that Tommy would be better off joining him in retirement in, of all places, Margate. Alfie believes the outcome of the fight is a foregone conclusion and declines Tommy’s offer to stick around.

As the first-round bell rings, Bunny Gold looks to have bitten of more than he can chew in trying to last until the fourth round. One round follows another, as Arthur becomes increasingly paranoid that the Goliath’s Corner-men are Mafia assassins. Tommy remains calm, and blames Arthur’s anxieties on the pills and cocaine that he has been shoveling since episode one of this season. Unconvinced, Arthur follows one of the suspected assassins into a back room of the venue.

The fight continues, and Bonnie takes punch after punch from his opponent. The boy makes his difficulties look so genuine even his father begins to worry that he may be in trouble. As punters rush to place bets on Bonnie losing, Tommy spots a second member of Alfie Solomon’s trainers following Arthur.

Sure enough as Arthur enters the steamy locker room, the Mafia hit-man wraps a wire round his throat, and after firing a round into the air, Arthur loses consciousness. Hearing the shot Tommy rushes to Arthurs aid and kills the assassin just as he is about to put a bullet in Arthurs head. Tommy tries to help Arthur does not regain consciousness..

As Polly arrives Tommy delivers apparently delivers the news of Arthur’s death and as the two embrace in grief, Bonny gold knocks his opponent out and the rest of the hall erupts in celebration.

Returning to the ring, Tommy climbs though the ropes and fires several shots into the air. He announces the death of his older brother, and orders that the doors are locked until all of Changretta’s men have been found.

The Funeral

As Arthur’s funeral procession proceeds through the streets of small heath, mourners appear to offer flowers to the caravan which carries his body.

The family have not even cremated Arthur’s body, and in typical fashion, the Shelbys return straight to business. Michael is summoned to a family meeting where he finds out he will no longer be going to Australia with Polly. Instead, he is being sent to New York to conduct business on behalf of the family as punishment for not telling Tommy that Changretta had made a deal with Polly. Finally alone, Tommy makes a discreet phone call to New York. Although we are not privy to the conversation it is heavily implied that he is reaching out to the Luca Changretta mother, for a truce.

Sure enough, as they prepare to cremate Michael Angel Changretta approaches holding a white flag. Tommy asks for a truce as both sides have lost two members of their family, but Angel demands that the Shelbys sign over all their businesses to the Changretta’s or her son will kill every last Shelby.

 The Business

Arriving in Camden to buy Alfie Solomons business, Changretta and his soldiers find the distillery not only abandoned, but booby trapped with grenades. In the meantime, Tommy and Polly begin signing over the Shelby business to the Mafia.

The next day, Changretta arrives in Small Heath to claim the Shelby business and is met by Tommy, Polly, and Finn. With no intention of handling the situation with any humility, Changretta proceeds to rub salt in the wound, humiliating Polly by ripping her blouse open, and forcing Tommy to sign over his business on his knees. Ridicule and aggression, however, is not enough to make Tommy Shelby break his poker face, and soon enough his trump card is revealed.

Tommy has been in touch, he says, with Changretta’s competition in America, not least one Alfonso Capone, who are all very keen to move into Changretta’s patch in New York as soon as he is killed in England. Another twist comes when Tommy reminds Changretta that all the blood relatives that he brought to Birmingham are now dead, and that the men he has left are nothing more than mercenaries, who have been paid off by Changretta’s competitors to switch sides.

Realizing he has been ambushed Changretta pulls his gun on Tommy who wrestles it from him. As Tommy repeatedly smashes Changretta’s face into a table full of glass a blurred figure enters the room, and it is revealed that Arthur was not killed at the boxing match, but merely injured. Tommy and Polly had spread news of his death not only to the public, but everyone in the family apart from Linda, all so that Tommy could spring this trap on Luca Changretta.

Arthur puts a bullet through Changretta’s head and the remaining Italians are ordered to go home to their bosses and await the shipment of 300 barrels of gin.

The Plan

During the victory celebration at Tommy’s country mansion, Arthur points out that this is the first time he and Tommy have been at peace since they joined up to fight in France. The family orders Tommy to take a holiday, but he has one last piece of business to attend to before he does.

Traveling to Margate, Tommy meets Alfie Solomons on the beach.  Tommy reminds Alfie that he once promised the man he would one day kill him ‘over either business or bad blood’.  Alfie seems at peace with the idea of being killed by Tommy as he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is not long for this world anyway. Still, never one to go down without a fight, he fires a gun from under his jacket, hitting Tommy in the arm before Tommy puts a bullet under Alfie’s left eye.

Finally, Tommy gets his long deserved holiday, but the quiet life seems to do him more harm than good. During a fishing trip, Tommy immediately begins to suffer from the effects of shell shock, and spends the remainder of his downtime drinking copious amounts of gin and worrying those close to him. He resolves to keep himself distracted with work, and arriving back at Small Heath, Tommy informs Polly that he has another plan.

The Right Honorable Tommy Shelby

Although the Changretta story line has been tied off nicely, there is one unresolved arc that looks like it will feature heavily next season, and that is Tommy’s involvement with the impending revolution.

Sending for Jessie Eden, Tommy tells her that with the general strike now in its fourth day he feels drawn back towards the socialist cause. She agrees to put Tommy in contact with the most senior member of the communist Party in Birmingham, and with that Tommy has all the leverage he needs to approach the Conservative government with a yet unrevealed set of demands.

It appears Tommy’s demands are met. The next time we see the Peaky Blinders Gangster, who started the series underground as a marked man by the mafia, he has just won a very public election as the Labour Party representative for Birmingham South.

Peaky Blinders Season Four: What You Need to Know

Wednesday 15 November saw the return of arguably the best British drama of recent years: Peaky Blinders. Head writer Steven Knight and the show’s star, Cillian Murphy, have promised this will be the best season yet.

Where Did Season Three Leave Us?

It’s been over a year since we last saw Tommy and the Shelby clan, so here’s a quick reminder of where we were left.

The last episode hinged on Tommy’s attempt to set up the Shelby children’s charity. Father Hughes, who had helped set up the deal between Tommy and the exiled Russian aristocrats, kidnaps Charlie, Tommy’s son. He then blackmails Tommy into blowing up a train, which must result in six deaths. In addition, Tommy is told to hand over the jewels that he and Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) plan to steal from the Russians.

Tommy decides not to bomb the train himself but sends two of his brothers in is place. Although Michael manages to find Charlie, he doesn’t get word to the Shelbys, who blow up the train. Meanwhile, Tommy and Alfie mange to tunnel into the vault where the jewels are kept, cleaning it out. When the family are back at Tommy’s mansion, he distributes the earnings from the jewel heist but then informs the family that the police are there to arrest them. The family are led away in handcuffs.

Peaky Blinders Season Four Plot Details

Season four begins with Tommy receiving a letter from the son of the Italian gangster who he had killed in season three. It promises that the Peaky Blinders will all be destroyed.

After Tommy handing the family over to the police in the last series, relationships within the Shelby family remain tense. However, a renewed outside threat is enough to bring them back together.

Having spent most of the previous season on his country estate, Tommy looks to be heading back to the streets of Birmingham, perhaps signaling a return to the show’s roots. Hopefully we’ll see far more of the bar fights and boozing that made the first series so memorable.

Who’s Returning from Peaky Blinders Season Three?

Obviously, Cillian Murphy will be back as Tommy Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. Although a BAFTA may have evaded Murphy for the first three series, we’re hoping season four might just bag him one.

My personal favorite Peaky Blinders character is Polly Shelby. Helen McCrory plays the family’s fierce matriarch, and we’re delighted to see her back for a fourth season. The rest of the Blinders clan will also be returning, with Paul Anderson, Joe Cole, and Harry Kirton returning as Paul, John and Arthur Shelby respectively. Fans will also be delighted to see the return of Tom Hardy, with his signature hard-man swagger, as fearsome Jewish gangster Alfie Solomons.

Two of Tommy Shelby’s love interests will also be retuning this year. Charlotte Riley will reprise her role as the aristocratic horse trainer Mary Carleton. It’s unclear whether she and Tommy will be involved romantically, or whether Tommy’s plans are strictly business.

Who’s Joining the Cast for Season Four?

The biggest name to join the cast this year will be Oscar winner Adrien Brody. He plays Mafioso Luca Changretta, the son of the Mafia boss that Tommy ordered to be murdered in the last series. It is apparently Changretta who sent Tommy the letter promising to destroy the Peaky Blinders. The main villain of the fourth series, Brody will have big shoes to fill after the outstanding earlier performances by Sam Neill (as Major Chester Campbell) and Charlie Creed-Miles (as Billy Kimber).

Another recognizable face comes in the form of Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones’ Little Finger) as the Aberama Gold. Not a lot is known about the character, but her appears to be a gypsy and ally of the Shelbys. Writer Steven Knight has promised, however, that the character will be causing lots of trouble this season.

Peaky Blinders Soundtrack

Peaky Blinders is almost as famous for its superb soundtrack as its cast of heavyweight actors. The tension of the show is brilliantly summed up using Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ Red Right Hand as its soundtrack, with The White Stripes, Radiohead, and PJ Harvey all creating an ambience of dread and impending violence. Not much has been revealed regarding the season four soundtrack yet, but the trailer features an excellent cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game by London Grammar. If this is anything to go by, the Peaky Blinders season four soundtrack will be as sinister and haunting as ever.

What Else Do We Know?

So far, we know that the fourth season will be six episodes long. Steven Knight, who also wrote the BBC drama Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, has once again written every episode. Meanwhile, David Caffrey (Line of Duty) has replaced Tim Mielants as director.

Peaky Blinders Season 4: News

Peaky Blinders Premier Draws Second Highest Ratings Since Show Began

Last week it was announced that Peaky Blinders had removed any reference to the Weinstein production company from its credits. Any association with the disgraced mogul producer, however, did nothing to deter fans from tuning in last Wednesday, as 2.3 million of them watched the show as it broadcast live, the second highest figure since the shows inception.

Although this may not seem like much compared to the huge number of viewers that tune into, say, Game of Thrones, these figures do not consider the number of fans who stream the episode on demand via BBC’s iPlayer. The viewing figures will also be helped along even more this Christmas when the show gets its American premier on December the 21st on Netflix.

Considering that, as of yet, only one of the cast’s two big name additions have had any screen time (and that was only the brief moment Adrian Brody was on screen) it looks as though the show still has a few audience-drawing aces in its pocket yet. With Game of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen still to show his face, and fan favourite Tom Hardy still absent from the series, it’s a safe bet that this season can only go from strength to strength.

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