How to Watch Vikings Season 5 Episode 4 Online from Anywhere

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

December 13, 2017

Vikings is an extremely popular drama show that airs on the History Channel, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. For people living in places where those services aren’t available, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best way to watch the upcoming season of Vikings.

A Vikings season five VPN allows you to pretend to be in the US to access geo-restricted online cable TV streams of the History Channel. With a VPN you can watch Vikings season five as soon as it premieres!

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When Does Season Five of Vikings Start?

On Wednesday 29 November at 20:00 Central Time Zone, season five of Vikings returns to the History Channel. For people who don’t want to wait to see the show, a VPN is the best way to unblock the History Channel from outside the US.

Where to Watch Vikings Season Five Live Online

If you haven’t seen all of season four of Vikings yet, and need to catch up, you can do so on the History Channel. It’s currently showing all of the previous seasons of Vikings on demand for free. So are Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Amazon Prime and Hulu will be showing Vikings season five shortly after it airs on the History Channel. However, the premiere is only available on the History Channel itself. So if you want to watch Vikings season five as soon as it comes out, the History Channel is what you need.

The best way to watch the History Channel from outside the US is using the US-only online cable subscription service Sling TV. For just $20 a month for the Sling Orange plan, you get access to over 30 channels – including the History Channel,  ESPN, AMC, and the Disney Channel. 

The good news is that you don’t have to commit to a long-term subscription or sign a contract. Sling TV is purchased monthly without a contract. This is perfect if you only want to use Sling TV to watch Vikings.

Although Sling TV is geo-restricted to US citizens only, you can unblock it using a VPN. Simply connect to a VPN server in the US and you appear to be in the US, which means that you can watch Vikings live.

Can I Watch Season Five of Vikings for Free?

Although Sling TV (Orange plan) costs $20 per month, the good news is that SlingTV offers a free trial. Newcomers to Sling TV can trial the service for seven days for free.

That means you can use a VPN to watch the premiere of Vikings season five without paying a dime! Simply connect to a server within the US, and navigate over to its website.

How to Watch Season Five of Vikings Live Online

Watching Vikings streaming on the History Channel with a VPN couldn’t be easier:

  1. Select a VPN for Sling TV from our guide. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has everything you need to stream Vikings online.
  2. Click through to your preferred VPN and subscribe.
  3. Download the VPN software and install it.
  4. Choose a VPN server in the US and click Connect.
  5. Navigate to the Sling TV website and make use of the seven-day free trial.
  6. Watch season five of Vikings!

Vikings Season 5 Episode 3: Homeland Recap (Spoilers)

The Vikings season five premier saw the Norsemen spreading their reach. As Floki explores a stunning Icelandic landscape and Bjorn sets sail for Mediterranean shores, there seems to be plenty of fresh ground to pillage for the rest of the latest season. Meanwhile, closer to home, a slightly unhinged Ivar the Boneless and his brothers wait with baited breath in York for the arrival of the delightfully mad warrior Bishop Haermund.


Bjorn and Halfdan, while headed for the Mediterranean, discuss their reason for leaving home. Despite them both agreeing that they have something to prove and want to live a life of greatness, the two take council from Sinric who worries that their fleet of ships will look like an invading force.  Much better, he says, to send some ships home and disguise themselves as traders than risk being attacked. Although Bjorn protests that he would feel weakened without his fleet, he considers the suggestion.

Harald Fine Hair

Returning home from Kattegat, with his newly kidnapped queen, Harald fine hair is met with a hero’s welcome as he delivers news of Ragnar’s vengeance. He tells his people that his dream to unite Norway is still alive, and introduces Astrid as part of that dream.

Despite Harold’s ‘generous’ treatment Astrid remains loyal to Lagertha, and does not take well to her new home. Sensing no way to escape, she plays ball and attends a feast with Harold, but when he attempts to sleep with her, she gives him a firm ‘no’ by breaking his nose.

The Main Event

Taking up position in a great hall, Ivar informs a lucky slave girl she is to be a sacrifice to the gods tin preparation for the coming Saxon attack. She tells him that she believes he is destined for great things, and Ivar decides not only to spare her as a sacrifice, but to free her from slavery.

After finding a weakness in the walls of York, Haermund and Aethelwulf see their opportunity to attack, and early the next morning the Saxons saddle up for their assault on the city. With the walls still in disrepair from the Viking attack, the Saxon soldiers march in with minimal resistance believing the occupying force to soundly asleep. Not to be caught napping, Ivar and his brother wait until the Saxons are gathered together and ambush them from the early morning fog. Aethelwulf’s forces are tapped in the cities narrow streets as his men fall one by one into various traps laid by the Vikings

As Ivar watches on malevolently from a tower, Haermund’s forces are also ambushed and set ablaze. Fearless, Haermund stands his ground as Ragnar’s sons lead their forces into close combat with the Saxons.

Not satisfied with the level of carnage unfolding beneath him, Ivar saddles up and heads into battle to dish out some pain. He is quickly thrown from his Chariot and surrounded by Saxon forces. As one narrowly misses Ivar with an arrow he defiantly throws an axe back at them. With blood curdling menace he screams at his assailants, ‘You can’t kill me, I am Ivar the Boneless’, and the fearsome outburst keeps the shocked Saxons at bay just long enough for Viking reinforcements to arrive and witness his bravery in the face of these impossible odds.

As the forces clash on foot the Saxon cavalry arrive. Ivar still sat by his over turned chariot applauds as Haermund carves his way through the Viking forces. Even with the cavalry and Haermund’s battle cries, however, the Saxon forces are forced to retreat as the Bishop takes an arrow to the shoulder.

After the battle, the brothers disagree about how to proceed. Ubbe feels it best to negotiate a peace deal with the Saxons. Ivar, however, does not trust the Saxons to keep to their word and feel they should continue fighting. Unbeknown to Ivar, Ubbe and Hvisterk ride out in the middle of the night to begin to treat with the Saxons. The brothers are not met warmly, but Aethelwulf agrees to considers their offer. In private, Harold the Great councils his father that they should grant the Northmen the land that Aethelwulf’s father promised them years ago.  The Bishop, however, is not pleased and savagely ejects the brothers from the Saxon Camp.

On their return to York the brothers are derided by Ivar for their show of weakness, who uses the opportunity to try to take control of the army. Ubbe will not allow his younger brother to lead the army and tries to send Ivar home. Most of the forces, though, express a desire to follow Ivar.

As Ubber prepares to take what soldiers will follow him back home, Hvisterk is visibly conflicted about leaving Ivar’s side and, at the last minute, re-joins Ivar on the shore, leaving Ubbe and a few ships to return to Kattegat alone.

Floki finds the Spar

As Floki continue his exploration of the newly discovered Iceland, he looks forward to carving out a new future in what he still believes is the land of the gods. He comes across a muddy hot spring, and believing it will have healing powers, dips his injured hand into it. When it becomes infected, Floki is confused that the gods would allow him to die in such a way, while onn the verge of passing out, Floki sees a vision of a woman in white with bees swarming from her mouth. He follows her to a cave behind a waterfall, where she disappears into a cloud of ravens.  Floki gives up and lies down to die, but is miraculously resurrected with his infected hand healed.


Vikings Season Five: Episode Four ‘The Plan

As we catch up with the Saxons in Episode four, we see Aethelwulf’s camp beginning to split. Hvisterk reveals his reason for leaving Ubbe to Ivan, but finds his brother may not be as understanding as he would like.

Returning to Kattegat Ubbe forges an alliance with Lagertha, who agrees that if Ubbe helps her defeat Harold, she will support him in his fight against his brothers. That may not be necessary, though, as the Saxon forces lay siege to York and enter to find the city empty.

Lagertha seeks the advice of the oracle, who foretells of misery and death to come for her family, but leaves the details characteristically cryptic.

Returning to Kattegat Ubbe forges an alliance with Lagertha, who agrees that if Ubbe helps her defeat Harold, she will support him in his fight against his brothers. That may not be necessary, though, as the Saxon forces lay siege to York and enter to find the city empty.

What to Expect from Season Five of Vikings (Spoiler Alert)

Season four of Vikings came to an end with a storyline about the sons of Ragnar coming together with the singular purpose of avenging their father’s death. At the end of the season, they all appeared to have different ideas about what to do next – and Ivar complicated matters even more by throwing an axe into his brother Sigurd.

Season five kicks off with Sigurd’s funeral and a repentant Ivar saying that he didn’t mean to do it. Despite his appeals, the murder has caused a rift between the brothers. Now fighting for possession of the known world – which is an enormous expanse of land – season five of Vikings is all set to be an epic.

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