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The regrettable decision by Netflix to ban VPN users’ access its US website continues to have repercussions across the VPN industry. Although the popular streaming service has gone global, US residents enjoy a much larger catalogue of movies and shows than customers elsewhere.

For example, the UK version of Netflix, which is the second oldest and most established iteration of the website, features 3658 titles, as opposed to the 6925 movies and shows available to US viewers. That means that UK viewers can only access half the titles US viewers can, despite paying (slightly) more!

I should note that the fault lies with greedy content producers who want to artificially divide up their audiences in order to maximise their profits, rather than with Netflix per se, but the situation remains galling.

Unfortunately, Netflix is serious about blocking VPN (and SmartDNS) users, and the customers of many such services are now unable to access the US version of Netflix (including US residents who use VPNs to improve their online security!).

Not all VPN services are blocked, however, and some are only partially blocked (some servers work, while others don’t). Some services even seem to work sometimes, but not others!

When the situation stabilises (if it ever does!), we will try to provide a list of services that continue to work, but at present the situation is too uncertain for this to be useful (and listing some services could even cause them to become banned!).

The good news is that Netflix does not ban VPN users based on your payment details, so if you find a service that is not banned, then simply spoofing your geolocation remains sufficient to use US Netflix. Netflix is also not taking action against users simply for trying to evade its restrictions (disclaimer: as far as I know), so there is no harm in using some trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t

I therefore strongly recommend taking advantage of any free trials and/or money-back guarantees that are available from providers, in order test whether Netflix (or any other content you wish to access) is available using their service.

BBC iPlayer

A similar situation exists with regard to the UK’s BBC iPlayer.

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