News of Popcorn’s death premature (sort of) -

News of Popcorn’s death premature (sort of)

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

December 1, 2015

Last month I reported on how the most popular fork of Popcorn Time, Popcorn, had died a death. Not only were deep divisions reported within the development team (leading to a rather ugly squabble over ownership the domain name,) but the website from which the app sourced its torrents, YTS (formerly TIFY,) shut down after making an unprecedented deal with the MPAA.

Thing is, though, Popcorn Time has always been an open source project, which means that the code for Popcorn is freely available for others to look at and mess around with to their heart’s content!

A couple of weeks ago, two Dutch developers over on reddit released a fix that allows the existing client (still my favorite Popcorn Time iteration) to stream from alternate torrent sources (including TV sources.) fixed

Full instructions for fixing the client manually on various desktop platforms are still available here, or Windows users can download an executable patch to do this automatically. If you don’t already have, you grab the original, or can download a pre-patched version (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.)

However… although this fix remains available and still works, it did not take long for Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group BREIN to track down the Dutch devs and bully them into agreeing not to proceed further with their plans.

In order to avoid being taken to court, the devs have agreed to pay a €2000 fine per day, should they continue their activity. This means that the promised Android fix is unlikely to be forthcoming (at least from these devs!)

As for the origonal Popcorn developers, the Butter Project, a breakaway fork developed by members of team who left the original project  over concerns oabout’s integration of the VPN service, does not appear to have made much progress to date.

Meanwhile, members of the team that stayed with the original project face legal action by the MPAA in Canada, but developer and founder, “Wally”, remains defiant,

I am still considering a full comeback, I just do not want to release a half working version.