Popcorn releases Torrents Time browser plugin

Since the untimely death of Popcorn, the main holder of the Popcorn Time torch has been the dev team behind Popcorn, the most fully-featured and stable PT fork currently available.

The team have now released a browser plugin that recreates the Popcorn Time experience within your browser.

Torrents Time

The web interface is almost exactly the same as that used in the desktop app

To stream content via your browser, download the browser plugin from the Torrents Time website, then visit Popcorn Time Online to access content.

The Torrents Time plugin contains 2 parts: A torrent-client engine, based on the Libtorrent library and a video player which is completely 100% written by us, which utilizes FFmpeg. It encodes most of the known video formats,” the team informs TF.

Regularly, you need to run a BitTorrent client to begin downloading a torrent. A torrent client built-in to the browser enables the downloading of the file referred to by the torrent with one click, with the torrent appearing on the HTML page. The user does not need to run a separate BitTorrent client.

At present the plugin is only available for Windows 7+, but it does support all major browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (I’m not sure about Windows Edge.)

In tests, everything seems to work exactly as it is supposed to, although videos tend to play a little quietly on my system. Utilizing the same underlying technology used in the app, Torrents Time sources torrent files from a number of trackers, plus uses DHT and Peer Exchange (PEX) if required. This means that unlike, which relied on YTS for all its movie content, Torrents Time (and should prove difficult to take down.

As with the desktop app, Torrents Time claims to support casting to TV via Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA, but I could not get this to work with my Chromecast.

Also as with the app, Torrents Time pushes users to sign-up for a VPN service provided by AnonymousVPN ($12 per month.) I have never heard of AnonymousVPN outside of, so until BestVPN reviews the service properly, I advise using a recommended third party VPN provider.

Torrents Time has, however, stated that it is happy to work with other VPN services,

We invite every VPN provider to contact us, as we appreciate that anonymity is one of the most important features for users’ privacy.”

Note that if a third party VPN is running then you can safely ignore warnings to turn on VPN when you start a movie.

Although Torrents Time is free and open source, and the Popcorn Time Online website free to use (at least for now,) the devs make no bones about the fact that they (not unreasonably) want to monetize the technology. The plan to do this by working with website developers to embed Torrents Time videos on their websites with ad server integration,

Torrents Time as a monetization solution allows you to start nourishing a great relationship with your users where you profit, among other things, from subscriptions to VPN services, which is truly essential to your users. Your users on the other hand, can show their love and appreciation for everything you’re doing for them by using these services which they need.

This highlights an interesting feature of the technology – that any website can enable Torrents Time functionality. So while at present Popcorn Time Online is the only place offering content for Torrent Time users, if the technology takes off this could change dramatically…

Update 08 February 2016: Well that didn’t take long! Just days after going live, the infamous torrent indexing website (TPB) has implemented Torrents Time functionality. In addition to the regular download options, visitors to TBP can now choose to stream torrents directly from the website using the Torrents Time plugin.

Torrents Time TPB

Torrents Time functionality has also been implemented by VideoMax, and KickAssTorrents,, and have announced plans to support Torrents Time streaming within the next few days.

Douglas Crawford I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

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13 responses to “Popcorn releases Torrents Time browser plugin

  1. Hi
    I installed the plug in but when i click on watch it now nothing happens and appears the same web page “in order to use pop corn time on your browser etc…”
    I have win 10 with Chrome

    1. Hi Angel,

      Maybe try uninstalling then re-installing the plugin? I just tried again in Win10/Chrome, and it works perfectly for me…

      1. I uninstalled Torrent Times and re-installed it again. Then, I opened Popcorn, but I still get the message that I have to install Torrent Times in order to use Popcorn :/

        I use Chrome on a Mac with OSX El Capitan, by the way.

        Any options to get it working? Thanks in advance!

  2. “Although Torrent (sic) Time is free and open source[…]”
    Torrents Time is not open source, only the embedding javascript code and website are. The source code for the Torrents Time browser plugins can’t be found anywhere online.

    1. Hi Ari,

      You are quite right. The link to the embed code, plus the fact that Torrents Time is based on the open source Popcorn Time code, led me to mistakingly think it was open source. Mea culpa.

  3. Popcorn is rubbish cant download anything no peers so you cant streeam or download a movie or any tv show I tried

    1. Hi Micheal,

      Well, all I can say is that both Popcorn Time (.se) and Torrents Time work fantastically well for me. I don’t know why you are not any seeing peers, but the issue must be at your end somehow.

  4. I’m not stupid but can you put all the tech lingo into everyday language so the non techie can understand what it is you must do to use this new format of torrent usage.
    What does it mean, “The Torrents Time plugin contains 2 parts:
    based on the “Libtorrent library”?
    and a “Video Player which is Completely 100% Written by US?”,
    which utilizes “FFmpeg”?
    It “Encodes most of the “KNOWN Video Formats?” the “TEAM” informs TF.
    REGULARLY, you need to RUN? a “BitTorrent Client” to begin downloading a torrent. A torrent client built-in to the browser enables the downloading of the file referred to by the torrent with one click, with the torrent appearing on the HTML page. The user does not need to run a separate BitTorrent client.” HUH?

    Please understand Doug I’m not in anyway trying to ridicule or be a smart ass but those words and phrases just roll off you lips like its no big thing to use those expressions and obviously you understand what your saying. As for me and others out here in the everyday world, we / I really would like to understand geek talk but when there is no clarification on expressions or understanding of a subject it’s very difficult to try and put it all together. All of us who come to this site or receive this info really want to know how to beat these money hungry weasels out of making so much money off of us. We are eagerly looking for ways to watch TV or what ever, when we want to watch, without some agency telling us we can’t because they say we can’t. We all know its about the money but they have enough, how about just leave us alone and let us just enjoy something for free if we want. Why does it have to be illegal to watch TV? Simple, they want there cut! That’s why individuals as yourself are so appreciated because you really want to help us and yourself out. I will read and re-read your words as well as anything I can find to understand this new format but if you can shed some simple common sense words on this subject, i’m sure there are thousands of us out here who would like to get it so we can use this tool. I currently use “PopCornTime se?” but not really sure. I do have a VPN so I’ve taken measures to cover my xxxss!
    I almost never make comments but I just got my internet bill and I’m not a happy camper! This non sense has to stop so please help us to get it so we can get the most of what we have but don’t know how to use it.
    Thanks for your comments and look forward to others

    1. Hi bob,

      The section of the article that you quote is a direct quote from the developers (which is why I included it.) The things you really need to know are are summarized in this one simple sentence,

      To stream content via your browser, download the browser plugin from the Torrents Time website, then visit Popcorn Time Online to access content.

      And that’s it!

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