US Elections May Have Been Hacked, Experts Warn

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

November 23, 2016

All over the US, Democrats are still up in arms about the result of the US elections. Across the nation, in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, there have been widespread protests against Trump’s win. Now, a group of computer experts and attorneys are claiming they have proof that the US presidential election on 8 November may have been rigged.

The high profile group includes J. Alex Halderman, director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security, and voting rights lawyer John Bonifaz. Those activists believe that the computer systems used to count votes in three key states may have been tampered with. The group says it has uncovered ‘evidence’ to question the results in those important swing states. For that reason, the group is calling for Hillary Clinton to appeal the results of the election in those places by asking for a recount.

Unexpected Turnaround

This is a complete reversal of what many people expected to happen, including Trump. During the election campaign Trump was vocal about the fact that he was worried the election may be rigged in Clinton’s favor: “She is being protected by rigged systems,” he said at a rally in Michigan. Furthermore, during the election primaries, a report released by Election Justice USA alluded to vote tampering evidence in a number of US counties.


According to that report, Clinton scored up to 30 points higher than expected in states that used insecure voting machines. In addition, Andrew Appel, a professor from Princeton University, has provided evidence that the Sequoia AVC Advantage (a voting machine used in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania, amongst others) is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The new claims draw on those existing beliefs (that it is possible to remotely affect the outcome of US elections in states that use vote counting machines). This time, however, the group claims it is Trump that may have gained from the alleged election fraud.

Wisconsin is one of the locations in question. In that state, Clinton received 7% less votes in counties that use voting machines (as opposed to optical or paper ballots). Bonifaz and the rest of the group believe that is statistically improbable, and according to New York Magazine the group has approached the DNC and Clinton to express their concerns.

A Massive Difference

The stats show that if the incongruent 7% loss of votes is proven, Clinton may have missed out on 30,000 votes. That is substantial. More importantly, it is vital to the overall outcome of Wisconsin’s vote tally, because Clinton only lost by 27,000 votes.

For now, it is unclear if anything will come from the allegations. What is known is that Clinton needs to move quickly if she is going to appeal the results in those three swing states. The reason? The deadline for appeals in those states is next Wednesday.

What is interesting is that in Michigan the votes still aren’t in. For that reason, those 16 electoral votes have not been awarded to either Trump or Clinton. It is believed that those votes will be awarded to the Republican, Trump. However, if Clinton does win Michigan, she would only need Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to win the electoral college outright.


Plenty of Concern

Both those places’ results are questionable due to the use of vote-counting machines, which is why the group of election campaign activists is calling for an independent review of the election results. They aren’t alone, either. Philip Stark, a statistician at UC Berkeley, and Ron Rivest, a cryptographer at MIT, are both also calling for what they have referred to as a ‘risk-limiting’ audit. According to those two experts,

“auditing about 1.5 million ballots – just over 1 percent of all ballots cast in this election – with just a pen, paper and simple arithmetic could give 95 percent confidence that the results are correct in every state”.

For now, it seems likely that nothing much will come from the allegations. The primary reason being that the White House is keen on having a ‘smooth transition.’ However, six Electoral College voters have already said that they will not vote for Trump – despite the fact that they have been instructed to by their state.

That battle of wills is ongoing, and a petition in the US calling for Electoral College delegates to defy their instructions to vote for Trump has so far received 4.5 million signatures.

The Electoral College will have finalized its vote counting procedures by 19 December 2016, and states have until 15 December to hand over their final count. Unless John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, or Clinton herself steps forward to ask for a recount in the next few days, however, you can be pretty certain that – come 19 December – Donald Trump will officially be announced the next President of the United States of America.

Edit to add: The Stein/Baraka Green Party has launched a donation-funded campaign to get a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They have already raised $2.25 million of the required $4.5 million. So the American public may get their recount yet.


Ray Walsh

I am a freelance journalist and blogger from England. I am highly interested in politics and in particular the subject of IR. I am an advocate for freedom of speech, equality, and personal privacy. On a more personal level I like to stay active, love snowboarding, swimming and cycling, enjoy seafood, and love to listen to trap music.

5 responses to “US Elections May Have Been Hacked, Experts Warn

  1. Fucking commie morons. Voting Machines are not connected to the Internet or to each other. This makes it impossible to “hack”.

  2. There is always a conspiracy. The Russians did it, we lost because of memes, omg – it was because of fake news. Now we have a report that clearly states there is NO evidence of hacking but that the ratios on the electronic versions swing more strongly one way.

    The real fake news media isn’t talking about the millions of illegal voters (for which even Obama illegally gave a free pass to vote), the (conflict of interest) George Soros voting machines, the fact that this *activist* group state there is NO evidence of hacking.

    A recent article also indicated that the domestic terrorist, George Soros, is planning on dumping $15 (maybe it was $10) million more into getting people to “protest” and creating enough friction that the ill-informed may continue to cause more property damage and physical attacks on other Americans.

    This article, because of the headline and insinuations is what any free-thinking person would dub as ‘Fake News’.

  3. There is plenty of accusations from both sides of voter fraud. Many years back there were allegations that machines owned by /manufacture by dem leaning companies in states like Nevada were rigged for the dem candidate. Many have written books on how the few effect the many ( eg the election comes down to a few key states) so mass fraud wouldnt need to happen if you could influence those counties/states. It seems the simplest form of fraud comes from dead people voting – as evident from some states having higher voter turnouts than either registered voters of just higher than normal. Ultimately the electronic system raises eyebrows if it’s open to hacking or if there is the perception of irregularities (thus leads to no confidence of the election result) so one option might be to stick with a paper based system and go for voter ID. However voter if has for many years been rejected, citing that poor people don’t often have ID and this would limit them from voting ( I believe the incumbent barrack Obama stated this) some might say these poor that don’t have ID are stronger dem voters than repub thus dems would be disadvantaged by it. Others say that it’s more likely that this is an opening to voter fraud for activists and undocumented citizens to cast votes on behalf of others (againing traditionally voting left). Until the politicians can clean this mess up and instill confidence in the system people will continue to cry rigged and will be less open to participation in coming. My gut feeling is trump Won. But its not to say that fraud didn’t take place in other states to get Hillary over the which case it would be classic miss direction focus over there while I do my magic fraud trick over here .elections.

  4. Why hasn’t Jill Stein challenged the PRIMARY votes where it it was widely reported and leaked that Bernie Sanders was “hacked” by the DNC.

    As the Church Lady used to screech, “How very convenient!?!”

    Jill Stein is just another NEOCON, just a kinder, gentler, Green One.


    So is her platform.

    I trust they will cross check dead voters, and non US Citizens, in all of the states as well right? It’s about LEGITIMACY for the good of the country, of course they will. NOT.

    But let’s fix the election process for real. That battle is to come.

    Bernie got a brand new house out of the campaign. Sorry, no refunds.

    Let’s follow the $green$ for Jill the Shill.

  5. On January 6 2016 [Donald Trump will officially be the next President], in a special joint session of Congress, the ballots are opened and officially counted, and the results are announced.
    Most of criminals (fake Americans male&female) in the usa are foreigners from european union & south america : they are not anymore welcome.
    After the 6th , we will know that will happen to them.
    Was this election hacked ?
    From a mysterious *** organization, a gentlement diplomatic agreement, a dirty pressure from e.u, a machine with a random number, a corruption,an insane will ?
    No, the victory came from the hart.

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