VPN accounts for reddit Employees

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

July 23, 2014

As we have previously mentioned in our “5 Best VPN for Businesses” a business VPN account can save valuable money for households, groups and companies where everyone requires a VPN connection. Though at the base level these accounts are exactly the same as their individual counter parts they often come with extra advantages such as improved customer support, reduced pricing, better account control and in some cases even providing you with dedicated servers.

Well reddit – the popular online discussion community – has now provided all of it’s employees with a dedicated account so that they can protect their identity and confidential company confirmation while not working from the office. The company evaluated a number of VPN providers and sided by VyprVPN due to finding it allowed for the fastest connections and the highest reliability.

The company also says that the new VPN service will allow them to carry out business intelligence on a worldwide scale because the employees can now easily spoof their geographical location. They also liked the fact that Vypr has easy to use software for all major platforms so their employees do not need to worry about complicated set-ups and settings.

Though we were surprised to hear that they didn’t already use a VPN for such activities – like many companies out there do – we whole heartedly agree with their decision and would like to welcome them to the world of VPNs.

If like reddit you think a VPN would suit your business or group then check out Business recommendations either using the link at the start of the article or in the left hand navigation bar.

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