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VPN required to use Netflix on Verizon

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

July 18, 2014

No matter where your based we always recommend using a VPN to protect your identity but as we have shown over and over again there are plenty of other great reasons to use one and today Verizon gives you another.

We’re never big fans of ISPs and as we showed in February it emerged that Comcast has been throttling OpenVPN traffic and thereby affecting the experience of people using VPN providers. There have also been great deal of issues with the quality of network streaming services especially the ever popular Netflix. Luckily for Comcast users this issue has been resolved so they can enjoy their streaming without issues.

Unfortunately, if you are on Verizon this is not the case. A recent test by Colin Nederkoorn, CEO of Customer.io, found that his Netflix streaming speed increased a substantial tenfold – that’s right ten times – with the use of a VPN service. The reasoning behind this is to do with the server connections between Level 3, Netflix and Verizon and even though the problem would only cost a few thousand dollars Verizon is not willing to go ahead and thereby making an enemy of many of it’s customers.

Now you might think this is a one off scenario but you’d be wrong. Since his video (see below) many people have come forward with their experiences and their results and he is not alone. Not only that but he is on Verizon’s FiOS plan which provides whopping speeds of 75 mbps up / 35 mbps down.

In conclusion not only should you use a VPN for Netflix if you’re outside their coverage but also if you’re within it because chances are you’re going to achieve much better streaming speeds. To help you out check out our Top 5 list for Netflix. We’d also love to hear back from you about your Netflix streaming speeds which Wired will show you how to test.