How to Watch Dakar Rally (South America) Online

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

December 19, 2016

It is that time of the year again, and for people that love the Dakar Rally the excitement close to eclipses that of Christmas. The good news is that the famous South American Rally event will be showing on 70 channels in a total of 190 countries. For anybody that doesn’t have an easily accessible feed in their country, however, there is no need to dismay. Why? Because with a VPN service anybody can easily unblock a Dakar Rally stream from overseas.

The same goes for expats that would rather watch the race with commentary in their own language. If that is you, then simply choose a channel from the list we have provided below (where they speak your language) and use a VPN to spoof your IP address into that country. A VPN will make it seem like you are really in that country bypassing the usual geo-restrictions that are in place. In addition, a VPN will encrypt all your web browsing traffic so that neither your ISP or the website that you stream the race from knows who you are. In that way, despite the fact that it is technically in breach of copyright you will be free to watch the coverage of the Dakar rally that you prefer.

For unblocking the Dakar Rally we recommend ExpressVPN, because it is highly reliable and has servers located in all the places that you might need them. For a full set up guide click here.

Warning: Streaming any geo-restricted Dakar stream is technically against the law and for that reason you do so at your own risk.

However, it is also true that thousands upon thousands of people – located all over the world – do use VPNs in that way. If you do decide to unblock a Dakar Rally stream you will be safe using any of the VPNs in our 5 Best VPNs for Sports page. That is because they all provide OpenVPN encryption. OpenVPN is a strong encryption protocol that we strongly recommend and will allow you to securely and privately “tunnel through” into your country of choice.

watch dakar rally vpn

TV stations showing the Dakar Rally

To help you out if you do need to unblock a foreign Dakar Rally stream here is a comprehensive list of TV channels that will be showing the race live:

All of Europe

  • Eurosport 1 & Eurosport 2

Western Europe

  • France: France 2, France 3, France 4, France Ô
  • Spain: Teledeporte, TV3 Catalunya
  • Netherlands: RTL 7
  • Portugal: RTP

Eastern Europe

  • Belarus: ONT
  • Czech Republic: CT Sport
  • Lithuania: BTV
  • Poland: TVN/TVP (to be confirmed)
  • Russia: Match TV
  • Slovakia: RTVS

South America

  • Pan-Latin America: Fox Sports
  • Argentina: Canal 7, Canal 12 Córdoba
  • Bolivia: Bolivia TV
  • Brazil: Fox Sports
  • Colombia: Caracol TV
  • Paraguay: Paraguay TV, Telefuturo

North America

  • USA: NBC Sports
  • Canada: Sportsnet, RDS


  • Pan-Sub-Saharan Africa: Supersport
  • Pan MENA: beIN Sports


  • Pan-Asia: Fox Asia, Eurosport Asia
  • China: Hunan TV
  • Japan: J Sports
  • Hong Kong: TVB
  • Thailand: NOW26


  • Australia: SBS
  • New-Zealand: Sky TV


  • TV5 Monde

As you can see there are a plenty of channels showing the Dakar rally and most of those channels do stream online. As such, if you are unlucky enough to live somewhere where it is shown only on a pay-per-view (or you do want to watch it with a different commentary), with a VPN you will be sorted.

Dakar Rally


This year’s edition of the rally is hotly anticipated, so let’s take a look at the race itself and which drivers it is worth looking out for.

The Dakar race first took place in 1979 after being invented by Thierry Sabine. Sabin had got lost in the Libyan desert two years earlier and had become mesmerized by the experience. In love with his dramatic experience, Sabine started romanticizing over the experience by telling his story to as many people as possible.

Two years later, his stories had caused such a stir that other people wanted to try the experience for themselves and the Dakar rally was born. He drafted the route for the first race himself, deciding that it would start in Europe, continue into Algiers before crossing Agadez and finally coming to an end at Dakar.

Sabine came up with a catchphrase for his race too, “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.”  The race, which is open to anybody that wants to take part, is still a source of amazement to this day.

Dakar moves to South America

In 2008, after the catastrophic murders of four French citizens and three Mauritanian soldiers the race was sadly canceled. The risk of terrorism on contestants was simply too high. For that reason, the decision was made to move the race to South America. In 2009 the race took place in Latin America running to and from Buenos Aires in Argentina (with three stages in Chile) – a total of 13 stages.


Dakar Rally 2017 – Stages

In 2017, the Dakar Rally will run from January 2nd to January 14th. There are 12 stages running from Asuncion in Paraguay, through Bolivia and ending in Buenos Aires Argentina. They will run as follows:

  • Monday 2nd January. Asuncion to Resistencia
  • Tuesday 3rd January. Resistencia to San Miguel de Tucuman
  • Wednesday 4th January. San Miguel de Tucuman to San Salvador De JuJuy
  • Thursday 5th January. San Salvador De JuJuy to Jujiza
  • Friday 6th January. Topiza to Oruro
  • Saturday 7th January. Oruro to La Paz
  • Sunday 8th January.  Rest Day
  • Monday 9th January.  La Paz to Uyuni
  • Tuesday 10th January. Uyuni to Salta
  • Wednesday 11th January. Salta to Chilecito
  • Thursday 12th January. Chilecito to Buenos Aires

Who to look out for

Last year, the winners of the Dakar Rally were:

Bikes: Toby Price. Quads: Marcos Patronelli. Trucks: Gerard De Roy. Cars: Stephane Peterhansel.

Who will win this year is anybody’s guess, but with 491 competitors driving a total of 316 vehicles in this year’s race it is bound to be an incredible rush.

Unblock Dakar Rally

In 2017 the Dakar Rally is showing on more TV stations than ever before. As such, realistically you should be able to watch it without too many difficulties. However, because some people may have specific language requirements we decided to make it clear that with a VPN it is possible to unblock Dakar rally streams from overseas. If you do want to unblock a Dakar stream that is currently geo-blocked where you live follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a VPN service. To watch the Dakar Rally, we recommend ExpressVPN because it has servers located all over the world that will allow you to unblock any of the feeds that are available. In addition, it provides outstanding connection speeds and reliability to watch the Dakar in HD quality.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN service that you prefer.
  3. Install the VPN software on your PC, laptop, mac, Android or iOS device. ExpressVPN allows you to install the VPN software on three devices. To watch Dakar on them all.
  4. Select OpenVPN encryption (this encryption will keep you most secure).
  5. Connect to the VPN server in the location where you want to stream Dakar rally.
  6. Navigate to the website where you want to watch the Dakar rally.

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