Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

April 14, 2018

The 2018 Formula 1 season continues on Sunday, April 15 with the Chinese Grand Prix. The race will consist of 56 laps and will mark the third round of the Formula 1 season.

With a VPN for Formula 1, you can pretend to be in a different country to watch geo-restricted online streams of F1 races for free!

How to Watch the Chinese Grand Prix Online

If you want to watch Formula 1 all season you can do it with a VPN! Here are our top 3 VPNs for unblocking Formula 1 races:

Watch The F1 Online with Sky Sports

Recommended Method

The Chinese Grand Prix will be showing in the UK on Sky Sports and streamed live on Sky Sports Go. Sky Sports and Sky Sports Go both require a subscription, with daily, weekly, and monthly passes available via Now TV. A monthly pass usually costs £33 ($46.36), but can currently be purchased with a 40 percent discount for the first two months.

Daily passes can also be purchased from Now TV at a cost of £7.99 ($11).

If you already have a Sky Sports subscription but are currently traveling outside of the UK – you can still tune in by using a VPN.  Check out our guide below to see how.

How to Stream The Chinese Grand Prix Online on Sky Sports: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose from our top recommended VPNs for streaming sports or check out our favorites: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and PrivateVPN 
  2. Download and install the VPN software on your internet-connected device.
  3. Connect to your VPNs UK server. (For the 3 best VPNs for F1 look below!)
  4. Head over to the Sky Sports or Now TV.
  5. Start streaming the Chinese Grand Prix online!

Stream The F1 With UK’s Channel 4

Alternative, but, not showing this race

The UK’s Channel 4 has purchased the rights to broadcast a total of 10 Formula 1 races in 2018. Channel 4 will be broadcasting those races for free on its online digital player All 4. The Chinese Grand Prix is NOT one of those races.

That means you will need to use a VPN to tune in and watch the Chinese Grand Prix on a different channel.

Live Stream The F1 With NBC Sports

Alternative for US Commentary (free for US Citizens)

NBC has the broadcasting rights for Formula 1 in the US. NBC Sports will stream all the races of the upcoming season online for free! However, you will need an existing US cable subscription in order to access it online. US citizens who are out of the country working or on vacation – who usually have access to NBC Sports – will need a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and log in.

Stream The Chinese Grand Prix Outside the US

Watch The F1 With Sling TV

For any foreigner wanting to watch US streams all season (from outside the US) a subscription to an online streaming such as Sling TV will be necessary:

An absolutely fantastic option for people who want to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix is the US online cable subscription service Sling TV.  The blue plan, which has NBC Sports, shows all the Formula 1 Grand Prix races. For just $25 per month – with no recurring contract – you get not only the F1 races but also more than 30 US TV channels. As such, Sling TV gives you a massive amount of choice at a very low price.

Stream F1 with Sling TV

Sling TV is only available to US residents. Those outside the US will need to connect to a US VPN server to subscribe. To understand how a VPN can help see our geo-spoofing guide.

Fox Sports Australia


Foxtel will be showing the entire of the 2018 Formula 1 season on a dedicated pop-up channel. The 24-hour channel will show the races uninterrupted by adverts. Foxtel can be purchased for $29.99 per month (Australian dollars).

RTL Germany

F1 is showing Live for free on the German TV channel RTL at certain points throughout the season: perfect for those who want to stream Formula 1 Grand Prix for free with German commentary. Simply connect to a VPN server in Germany to access the free stream.

BeIN Sport

Another cheap option for watching the entire F1 season is on the Middle East-only BeIN Sports package. Sadly, BeIN Sport is only available in selected markets (the Middle East and North Africa). To understand how a VPN can help, see our geo spoofing guide. 

Live Stream Via Network Ten for Free

Australian broadcaster Network Ten is only going to be showing a highlights show of each race this year. Anybody can watch those streams for free online by using a VPN to pretend to be in Australia. However, if you want to watch the entire race you will need to use a different service. This is a huge change from last year when Network Ten broadcasted 11 full races.

You may need a valid US payment method (check below for details).

Stream The Chinese Grand Prix Online from Anywhere: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Pick one of the streaming options above. The cheapest method will be to watch on the UK’s All 4 for free.
  2. Choose from our top recommended VPNs for streaming sports or check out my personal favorite: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and PrivateVPN 
  3. Download and install the chosen VPN software on your internet-connected device.
  4. Connect to a VPN server in the UK (to stream Sky Sports) or the US/Australia (for NBC Sports/Foxtel).
  5. Head over to your chosen streaming option. Sign up and complete any registration or payment with the service (if necessary). Remember that you might need a virtual payment system if you are getting a subscription.
  6. Start streaming the Chinese Grand Prix online!

FAQs: Chinese Grand Prix

Where is the Chinese Grand Prix held?

The Chinese Grand Prix takes place at the  Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai, China. It will be the 15th tie that the Chinese Grand Prix has featured in the Formula 1 calendar. The track was designed by the famous track designer Hermann Tilke, it features a long back straight followed by a hairpin turn. According to the drivers, the 16-turn track is most difficult during the first two corners.

The track also features the longest straight of the Formula 1 calendar.

Chinese Grand Prix Schedule: When is the Start Time?

The 2018 Chinese Grand Prix gets started on 13 April 2018. Practice sessions take place on 13 April (Friday), with qualifying for the race taking place on Saturday, April 14.

The official race of the Chinese Grand Prix starts on Sunday 15 April at 14:10 CST (Chinese Standard time). The race can be watched at 02:10 AM ET, 07:10 AM BST, 16:10 AM AEST.

Friday 13 April

Practice 1: 10:00 CST

Practice 2: 14:00 CST

Saturday 14 April

Practice 3: 11:00 CST

Qualifying: 14:00 CST

Sunday 15 April

2018  Chinese Grand Prix: 14:10 CST

Paying for a Foreign Streaming Services Online

In order to sign up for most online streaming services, you will need a local payment method. Luckily, you can get virtual payment services to make it seem like you are in the UK, US, Australia (and most other locations). These virtual payment services are available online. Here are some examples:

  • Entropay provides a virtual US/UK credit card service (and virtual payment options for other locations around the world too) that allows people to “Create disposable virtual cards on the fly and pay online like a local.”
  • Money Polo provides a virtual credit card service that will allow you to pay for foreign streaming services online. This service is said to be a little bit cheaper than Entropay.
  • EcoPayz allows people to make a one-time payment virtual credit card. This is great for people that only want to use it once.

These services are currently untested by our team, but they should work fine. There are also plenty of other virtual card services on the market and any one of them might be a reasonable option –  but please take care to do some research before you use any of them. The three services mentioned have a good reputation.

Watch the Chinese Grand Prix Conclusion

In the first two race of the season, Vettel showed Hamilton that he means business. Hamilton has been quoted in the press saying that he wants to take the fight to him in China. Considering that he managed to get up into third to finish on the podium – after starting back in ninth in Bahrain – Hamilton should be pretty happy to have finished both the first two races on the podium.

However, Hamilton needs to stay true to his word if he doesn’t want to let Vettel start to run away with the 2018 formula 1 season.

Next Up…

The next race of the 2018 Formula One season will be the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on 29 April. Stay in touch to find out how you can stream the race online!