Where is Netflix Available?

Dimitri M

Dimitri M

January 8, 2016

Just yesterday, streaming behemoth Netflix went global, with a simultaneous launch in more than 130 new countries, save Syria, the Crimea, North Korea, and China – due to various mitigating factors with each. The result is unprecedented streaming availability to thousands of titles, though not the entire Netflix catalogue. Read on to find out why some content is unavailable in your location, and a few avenues with which to access the bevy of titles Netflix has to offer.

Netflix Countries

Yup, let’s pretend Greenland’s a country.

First thing’s first. An article we posted yesterday quickly received the following comment illustrating just why region spoofing Netflix is so appealing, from a fiscal perspective.

Piotr Comment

I’m not sure about you, but checking the math above shows quite plausible savings of about one month’s subscription, if following Piotr and converting from Euros to Dollars. Coupled with a months free trial available to all new Netflix subscribers, this ‘hack’ may go some way towards defraying the cost of pricier VPNs, or rendering the cheaper ones almost free. Meanwhile, Brazilian Netflix is a bit under $5 per month for the basic package ($4.89) while the premium package with HD video and up to four simultaneous connected devices is only $7.42.

However, please do remember to check if your bank or credit card issues fees for payment outside of your country, as many do. This factor may or may not impact the extent of savings.

Also, consider subscribing in Brazil, and then using a VPN to unlock a wider swath of titles in different regions, for less than you’d pay otherwise. In simple terms (though it would be pricier, and maybe the most expensive option), you could well pay for US Netflix, then use a VPN to access Netflix in Australia. Keep reading for our pick for the Best VPN to Unblock Netflix in Brazil, or skip the next section and go straight to the summary. You’ll find a table of the 5 best VPNs for Netflix, regardless of location.

Best VPN for Accessing the Entire Netflix Library in Brazil


Our number one VPN for accessing the widest range of available Netflix titles from Brazil is VPNArea for a few reasons, starting with the fact that they offer several Brazilian servers. What’s more, they keep no usage or connection logs, allow Bitcoin payment, and are based in Bulgaria though hosted in Switzerland. The alpine and historically neutral country isn’t subject to the same EU and US data retention laws of many other providers! Bitcoin payment capability is also great for anonymity while speeds are consistently in the good to great category. Pricing starts at $9.90 per month, or $4.92 if you commit for a year, placing VPN quite competitively in terms of the overall market.

Try Out the Best VPN for Brazil Today!

Visit VPNArea »

Where is Netflix Available Summary

Thus far we’ve gone over the region availability of Netflix, why geo-hopping restrictions is useful for both programming and the financial bottom line. It’s clear that Netflix would ideally choose to have their entire library available to all subscribers, at once. Yet territorial licencing by picture studios and content creators means time is yet to pass before the streaming utopia comes to fruition. Check out one of our picks for the Five Best VPNs to access Netflix in the table below. Or, head over to our sister site for some other unblocking solutions, if you’re unconcerned with anonymity and simply want to unblock, sit down, and space out. Happy streaming to you all!

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