Private Internet Access accepts payment via giftcards

pia logoPrivate Internet Access has teamed up with new venture PayGarden to allow customers to pay for its service anonymously using ordinary store gift cards.

PayGarden was set up to tackle the problem of unused gift cards which can only be redeemed with the original gift card provider, and which in the US amount to an estimated $40 billion per year of lost credit value.  By adding a simple payment link on their website, businesses can easily integrate with PayGarden in a similar way to how most now integrate with PayPal.

In addition to tapping into a vast and currently largely wasted resource, PayGarden allows the 26 million Americans who don’t have credit cards (plus Canadians and those who are wary of entering their credit card details into a website) the ability to buy services online.

In addition to this, and the reason PIA is so interested in the service, anybody can go into any of a wide range of popular stores and buy a gift card anonymously (PIA even suggests wearing a one-time hat, sunglasses and jacket!), which can then be redeemed through PayGarden with no trace back to the buyer.

pia paygardenHow the deal works out

At present only Private Internet Access and Prizeo (‘ a company which ‘works with top celebrities to create unique prize experiences, and fans make contributions to great charities for chances to win’) are partners with PayGarden, but we think this is a great idea, and hope that more VPN companies in particular take this opportunity to make it easier for people to pay for their services anonymously.

At present the service is only available in North America, but it does accept almost all major gift cards to be found there.

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