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Many VPN providers have a refund policy. PIA is no different and we will outline it below. As far as we could tell they do not have a free trial policy, so you have to pay them to try the service. Nonetheless, their refund policy reduces your risk.

You can click the button below to start your free trial now:

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Private Internet Access’ refund policy is a 7 day money back guarntee . You’ll get a refund, but:

  • The refund must be requested within 7 days from the original order date
  • A refund in Bitcoins could be less than the original order price paid (or more). This is due to fluctuations in the value of this virtual currency due to market conditions
  • The Bitcoin refund, to reiterate, will be based on the $USD exchange rate at the time of refund not the time of purchase

Private Internet Access is brought to you by London Trust Media, Inc. The company is quite well respected in online communities like Reddit VPN. PIA has gained incredible insight into the interoperations of marketing firms, advertising firms and other such companies. Just as these companies seek to use your information, PIA seeks the best solutions to protect its users anonymity. Their money back guarantee is less than that of many of the other VPN providers. But they affer a top notch service so it is unlikely that you will want to cancel. Give them a try!

PIA Free Trial »

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