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PureVPN offers two types of refunds. In addition to a 3 day money back guarantee upon sign up, they also have a 7 day money back guarantee upon renewal. No coupon code is needed to effect a refund.

You can click the button below to start your free trial now:

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Terms of Refund:

  • Your refund claim is within 3 days of the original order date
  • Your account has not been suspended by VPN for any breach of its terms of service
  • You have not used more than 500MB of bandwidth, i.e. data transfer and
  • You have not exceeded 30 sessions, i.e. the number of times you have connected to PureVPNs services. Whichever comes first.
  • You have not previously claimed a refund

If you are in compliance with the above, then you are entitled to a full refund. Simply send them an email with your registration details and reason(s) for cancellation. The request will be processed within 24 hours. However, it may take 30 days for the reimbursement to hit your account at the bank or credit card company.
Our PureVPN review found that it boasts more than 300 servers in 26 countries. It is operated by Hong Kong based GZ Systems Ltd. They began in 2006 as an experimental service providing online security against data sniffers. Since then it has grown dramatically to offer the full array of services you’d expect from a good VPN provider. While not the most generous refund policy around, it gives you options to try them risk free!

PureVPN Free Trial »

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One response to “PureVPN Free Trial

  1. hi there community, I bought 4 times 12 months licenses from purvpn to use them for the whole family but their servers are not secure at all german webpages find out your geo location with ease as I requested back my money as purevpn is advertising with their 3 days money back guarantee I was left aside for 3 weeks after I started a conflict through paypal who also did not support me with this as it is no phisikal thing a license so purevpn manager had a nice lunch on my costs and I also got no access to my new licenses anyway because I involved paypal. think twice befor you get there any license. greetings a friend

    Finger weg von PureVpn hatte mir 4 mal 12-Monats Lizenzen gekauft und festgestellt innerhalb der 3-Tages Geld zurück Garantie Frist, dass der GEO-Standort an Webseiten weitergeleitet wird und deren VPN Dienst ganz und gar nicht sicher ist, wurde 3 Wochen hingehalten mit Mails bis ich zuletzt Paypal einschalten musste, die mich leider auch im Stich gelassen haben weil eine Lizenz keinen physischen Gegenstand repräsentiert, somit hat der liebe Purevpn Manager ein nettes Steak auf meinen kosten genossen MFG ein Freund der Unwissenden

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