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PureVPN Review

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There is no doubt that with PureVPN you get a lot of VPN for your money, and there is much to recommend the service. Unfortunately, there are also some major issues.

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  • 750+ servers in 141 countries: So there will always be a server near you
  • Five simultaneous connections: Up to five devices at once for maximum protection
  • WiFi security: Protects you automatically on new WiFi networks
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection: Advanced port forwarding
  • Split tunneling
  • 24/7 live chat: Round-the-clock support when you need it
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What is PureVPN?

This Hong-Kong based VPN offers a fast service with servers just about everywhere. Its feature-set is also something of a VPN bucket list, which is particularly impressive given cheap it can be if a long-term subscription is purchased.

Not all features work as advertised, however, and the connection logs PureVPN keeps should concern hard-core privacy advocates.

PureVPN Pricing and Plans

As long as you buy a long-term subscription, PureVPN is a remarkably cheap VPN service. Indeed, a three-year subscription works out at just $1.49 USD per month ($69.84 up-front). If paid monthly, PureVPN is $9.95 per month.

No free trial is available, but PureVPN does offer a seven-day money back guarantee. This, however, should be approached with extreme caution. If you look through the comments below this review, you’ll see a host of complaints from people who haven’t received a refund they feel entitled to.

In addition to this, many customers complain about being double-charged, about money disappearing from bank accounts, and suchlike.

Alternatively, a three-day trial is available for a non-refundable cost of $2.50.

Payment can be made via credit/debit card, PayPal, AliPay, CashU, and a variety of gift cards. PureVPN also accepts a selection of cryptocurrencies via a partnership with PaymentWall.

Paying with gift cards or a cryptocurrency can allow you to pay for the service anonymously. Please be aware, however, that PureVPN will still know your real IP address (as will any VPN). It is also worth noting that payment using (potentially) anonymous payment methods is non-refundable if there is a problem.

PureVPN Features

PureVPN offers the following features:

  • 750+ servers in 141 countries
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Support for OpenVPN, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)/Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP), and Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) VPN protocols
  • WiFi security
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • NAT firewall
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection
  • Internet security suite
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Advanced port forwarding
  • P2P torrenting is permitted on many (but not all) servers
  • Apps for all major platforms, including Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi & Android TV

Other than HideMyAss, PureVPN offers more server locations than any other VPN provider I know of. For those who need access to lots of servers, or to servers in exotic locations, this could be a killer feature.

The fact that you can connect up to five devices to service at once is also nice. Please see my VPN Encryption Guide for a discussion on the different VPN protocols (tl:dr version – just use OpenVPN).

PureVPN WiFi Security

This a feature that I am seeing offered by an increasing number of VPN services. It automatically detects when your device connects to an unsecured WiFi network and offers to enable the VPN for you. I have not tested this feature, but it could be useful in protecting you from hackers when using public WiFi hotspots.

Dedicated IP addresses

PureVPN, in fact, offers two kinds of “dedicated IPs.” Traditional dedicated IPs can be had for $1.99 per month. These give you a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address that belongs only to you.

This is great for accessing services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, which block any IPs known to belong to VPN services. This works because the dedicated IP is unique, and should therefore not be associated with a VPN service.

A unique IP is also useful for improving online security, as it allows you to access bank websites, internet-connected security cameras, remote servers, and other secure online services via that IP only.

PureVPN also offers “dedicated IPs” for specific sporting events and online services. These are basically temporary IPs bought up for the specific purpose of accessing certain events (so they are “dedicated” in that way). This kind of IP is not unique but can be very handy for getting round VPN blocks.

In order to find out if any special IPs are available for a service or event you want to watch, contact support via 24/7 live chat.

Advanced port forwarding

Port forwarding is very useful when you or others wish to remote-access your computer with the VPN running. With port forwarding, for example, the VPN will not get in the way if you run your own mail or games server.

Internet Security Suite

This is comprised of PureVPN’s “Ozone” and “Gravity” features, which I look at in detail when discussing PureVPN’s Windows client later in this review. I will just note here that some of the features I was able to test did not work correctly. This does cast doubt on how effective the suite is overall.

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PureVPN Video Review

Here is a video review of PureVPN made by the BestVPN.com team.

Privacy and Logging Policy


PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, which is a great location for a VPN company to be based. VPNs in Hong Kong are not required to keep any logs and are comfortably outside the reach of the NSA and its ilk. There is, after all, a reason that Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong when his whistleblowing documents fist went public!


PureVPN does not any keep usage logs, but unfortunately, and despite not being required to do so, it does keep extensive connection (metadata) logs. Like every other VPN on the market, it does not log which websites you visit or what you do on the internet.

We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs. We therefore have no record of your activities such as which software you used, which websites you visited, what content you downloaded, which apps you used, etc. after you connected to any of our servers.

It does, however, log information such as when you connect to the service:

Our servers automatically record the time at which you connect to any of our servers. From here on forward, we do not keep any records of anything that could associate any specific activity to a specific user. The time when a successful connection is made with our servers is counted as a “connection” and the total bandwidth used during this connection is called “bandwidth”. Connection and bandwidth are kept in record to maintain the quality of our service.

Um, this is a long way from “we do not keep any logs!” This will not be a major concern to most people, but it does open up the possibility of an end to end timing (traffic correlation) attack on users…


A PureVPN customer was, in fact, recently identified and arrested using the connection logs that PureVPN keeps.

This is particularity surprising since PureVPN voluntarily handed over its logs to the FBI, which has no jurisdiction over the Hong Kong-based service. Yes, the guy in question was a scumbag. But many view this as a clear betrayal of trust from a service that claims to protect users’ privacy.

Indeed, PureVPN at the time loudly proclaimed on its Homepage that kept no logs (now removed). It therefore it came as something of a surprise when someone was arrested based on these allegedly non-existent logs!

Note that its privacy policy always qualified the “no logs” claim (see quote above), but many feel PureVPN was nevertheless being very dishonest.

Is PureVPN Secure?

OpenVPN encryption is generally a good indicator of encryption standards across the board, and allows easy comparison between services. PureVPN uses the following OpenVPN settings in Security/Privacy mode:

OpenVPN Encryption
Data hash auth
Control hash auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal
Hong Kong

Control channel: an AES-256-CBC cipher with RSA-2048 handshake encryption and HMAC SHA384 hash authentication. Perfect forward secrecy is provided via a Diffie-Helman (DE) key exchange

Data channel: an AES-256-CBC cipher with HMAC SHA1 hash authentication.

This is a secure setup, although it is only strong as its weakest point. The HMAC SHA1 hash authentication used on the data channel is nevertheless secure.

Other “modes” will almost certainly feature less strong encryption, but if you care about privacy and security you should be using OpenVPN in Security/Privacy mode anyway. Note that by default the desktop clients use IKEv2. This is widely regarded as secure, but not as secure as OpenVPN.

Want to know more? Please check out my VPN Encryption Guide.

The PureVPN Website

The PureVPN website looks smart, and does a good job of listing the features on offer. It is rather light on details, however. A Support section is available, which includes FAQs and an extensive knowledgebase.

PureVPN Support

Other than the Support section on its website, customer support is primarily via 24/7 live chat. It is also possible to request a support ticket.

I had a better experience with support this time around than I have in the past. Live chat responded quickly and was fine when I asked simple questions about the service.

I do not expect frontline live chat support staff to have deep technical knowledge, but would have preferred that the staff member pass my questions onto somewhat more knowledgeable rather than trying to answer them (incorrectly) himself.

I think most people, however, will be happy with the level of support offered via live chat.

The Process

Signing up is easy. You have to provide a name and an email address, but these don’t need to be verified in order to register for the service. PureVPN may be able to obtain additional information via your payment method, but it supports various “anonymous” payment methods.

When you sign up, PureVPN invites you to download the software. A confirmation email with your account details is sent to the email address you provided.

The PureVPN Windows VPN Client

The Windows client looks smart and is packed with useful features.

PureVPN does not explain in detail what difference each “mode” makes to your connection settings, so I’ll just assume they are correctly optimized for the advertised tasks.

One of PureVPN’s big strengths is the huge number of servers it operates just about everywhere.

“Ozone” is an advanced firewall with some neat tricks up its sleeve (at least in theory). The “Antivirus” feature does not scan your files for malware, but blocks any attempt by malware that has got onto your system to access the internet. Intrusion blocks potentially malicious incoming connections.

URL and app filtering options are configured via a web interface. I am rather uneasy, however, over the broadness of the app filter categories. How does PureVPN determine if a game is a puzzle game? Note also that you can only filter a predefined list of apps.

Website filters are defined in broader terms, and make somewhat more sense to me. They could be very handy, however, for creating custom child-lock filters.

Overall, Ozone looks useful, but it is difficult to fully assess how comprehensive and effective its filters are. I did, however, try filtering websites categories such as “Peer To Peer” and “Pornography sexually Explicit.” Most sexually explicit websites were indeed blocked, but I was still able to connect to The Pirate Bay…

“Gravity” appears to be an extension of the Ozone firewall, and is also configured via a web interface.

It includes an ad-blocker and a safe search feature which filters out explicit results from a selection of popular engine searches. This is great if you do not wish to be exposed to such results, but tech-savvy kids will just use less popular search engines.

You can specify which search engine results to filter using the same website filters found in Ozone.

You can also blacklist or whitelist specific websites to be filtered.

Again, however, filtering “Peer To Peer” still resulted in The Pirate Bay and its proxies appearing on my Google and Bing search results.  So fail. At least, unlike with Ozone, Gravity’s features are clearly marked “Beta!”

By default, the Windows client uses the IKEv2 VPN protocol. I consider OpenVPN to be a better option, but IKEv2 is still good. Please see my VPN Encryption Guide for a discussion on this issue. You can also opt to use the PPTP, L2TP, and STTP protocols. But why would you?

I am not sure why “256 bit encryption” is an option, particularly as I would have thought it is a setting that might change depending on which “mode” you run the client in. It does seem to be enabled by default though.

I am even less sure why IPv6 leak protection is both optional and is not enabled by default. Given that the setting is hidden deep within the client’s Advanced Options menu, there is a very good chance that most users will simply be unaware of it.

This means IPv6 users will very likely expose their real IP to websites without their knowledge.

The client includes a firewall-based kill switch. This is the better kind of kill switch, as it prevents any traffic entering or exiting your PC outside the VPN tunnel. Note that using this feature requires granting the app admin rights.

I ran a couple of tests to ensure the kill switch works correctly. The client was running inside a Virtual Machine (VM). Disconnecting then reconnecting the host machine’s internet connection is a good way to simulate a standard VPN drop-out.

In this test the internet did not cut out, but the client did immediately reconnect to the VPN server. As no IP leaks appears to have occurred, this is fine.

I also tested to see if it is a firewall-based kill by simulating a software crash. This is easily done by force-closing the VPN client and seeing if an internet connection is still available.

Worryingly, the internet did not cut out and my true IP was revealed. This strongly suggests that PureVPN is not being honest when it describes its kill switch as being firewall-based. It also means the kill switch is not nearly as effective as it should be.

You can manually change port number or automatically scan ports to find ones that are open. This is great for avoiding firewall conflicts and bypassing firewall-based censorship.  You can also switch between UDP or TCP.

It’s possible to use your Windows device as a VPN hotspot. This means that other devices can connect through it to the internet while benefiting from VPN protection. This is a cool feature, although I was unable to test it as my USB WiFi stick doesn’t support Windows 10’s mobile hotspot feature.

Split tunneling allows you to exempt selected apps from the VPN, and is a very handy feature. It does not allow you to exempt specific websites, however.

The PureVPN Windows client looks good and is ridiculously well-featured. It really does have just about everything except the kitchen sink! Unfortunately, not all these features work as advertised. I also wish IPv6 leak protection was either enabled by default, or at least was not so hidden away.

The PureVPN macOS VPN Client

The Mac client is essentially the same as the Windows client.

It features Ozone, Gravity, and a kill switch. It does not, however, include the port scanning/selection, VPN hotspot or split-tunneling features found in the Windows client.

Also missing is IPv6 leak protection.  When I contacted support I was given a link to instructions for disabling IPv6 in macOS. I do feel, however, that this issue should be better flagged-up for macOS users as most will not be aware there is a problem that needs fixing in the first place.

PureVPN Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

All tests were performed on my Virgin Media UK fiber connection, using the OpenVPN User Datagram Protocol (UDP). I also ran a few quick tests using the default IVEv2 protocol, and the results were similar.

Speed tests

BestVPN.com has recently introduced a groovy new speed test system that provides a scientific and objective way to measure and compare VPN speed performance. Please see here for more details.

At the time of writing PureVPN has the fastest average download speed test results of all VPNs we test  and the sixth fastest Max Speed/Burst Result.

DNS lookup time is a good measure of how fast users perceive their connection to be. Faster lookup time = faster web page loading. PureVPN’s average lookup times are er… average, but it’s maximum lookup time is pretty good (remember that lower is better in the chart below).

PureVPN’s connection time results are pretty much average (lower is better).

PureVPN puts in a strong showing in these tests. Average download speed test results are excellent, and all other results are average or better.

IP leak tests

I ran basic test IP leak tests by visiting ipleak.net. These include IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak tests and IPv4 and IPv6 WebRTC leak tests.

These tests are performed in private/incognito mode to prevent caching issues confusing the results. They were also performed in an unmodified browser that supports WebRTC, so that we can test for WebRTC leaks (Chrome, in this case).

That IPv4 DNS address belongs to our ISP. Fail! I will note, though, that we did test on a number of machines and this issue only occurred on one of them. But a DNS leak is a DNS leak.

In theory, our main test machine is IPv6 enabled, but I am not confident IPv6 was working when we ran our tests. I will, therefore, retest in a couple of weeks, when we have should a new IPv6 testing setup in place.

When no DNS leaks are happening, PureVPN uses Google DNS and OpenDNS servers to resolve DNS requests. These requests are proxied through PureVPNs servers, however, and so this does not constitute a privacy risk.

Please see A Complete Guide to IP Leaks for a full discussion of what all this means. Basically, though, if we can see your real IP address or an IP address belonging to your real ISP when using the VPN, then not good.

I also checked to see whether US Netflix and BBC iPlayer work with PureVPN. Both services are unavailable using the regular desktop client (and on mobile devices). They were successfully unblocked, however, using the Chrome and Firefox browser add-ons.

Using PureVPN on Other Platforms

PureVPN offers custom apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. In addition to regular Android, PureVPN offers custom apps for the Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV. In addition to this, PureVPN has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and custom applet for Kodi and DD-WRT. Phew!

Good manual setup guides are available for a bewildering combination of platforms and VPN protocols. This includes Linux (many distros) and a variety of routers.

The PureVPN Android app

The app looks smart, and uses OpenVPN.

It is also surprisingly fully featured for a mobile app. “Gravity,” port scanning/selection, split tunneling, a kill switch, and secure WiFi are all present and correct.

P2P protection seems to be a simplified version of Ozone, without the ability to manually set the filters.

PureVPN Browser add-ons

In addition or instead of the main VPN clients, desktop users can install browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. These can be very convenient for spoofing your location within the browser, but if you are after privacy and security then you should use the main client.

The Browser add-ons provide WebRTC leak protection. I did not detect any WebRTC leaks when using just the main client, but using as browser add-on is by far the surest way to prevent WebRTC leaks. It is therefore probably a good idea to install theses add-ons, even if you prefer to use the main client to protect your privacy and proxy your location.

The add-ons also allow you to proxy your location from within the browser. In addition to choosing a proxy server by location, you can select which streaming service you would like to access. All services I tested worked, including US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

PureVPN Review: Conclusion

I liked:

  • Fully featured software (both desktop and mobile)
  • Servers in 141 countries
  • Great speed performance
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Secure encryption
  • Split tunneling
  • Kill switch
  • Accepts anonymous payment methods
  • Dedicated IP (optional)
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Advanced port forwarding
  • P2P torrenting allowed on many servers
  • NAT firewall
  • Seven-day money back guarantee
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer (browser add-on only)
  • P2P: yes (on selected servers)
  • No usage logs, but…

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • Lots of connection logs (which were recently used to identify and arrest a customer).
  • Content filtering features do not work very well. This also puts into question how well other “ozone” gestures such malware blocking and port intrusion detection work.
  • IPv6 leak protection option is hidden away (Windows) or not present (macOS)

I hated:

  • DNS leak
  • Huge number of complaints that BestVPN.com has received about the service

There is no doubt that with PureVPN you get a lot of VPN for your money. And if you buy a subscription, it can be a very small amount of money indeed. PureVPN’s feature list is very impressive. It also has servers just about everywhere, is blazing fast, and seems able to unblock just about every streaming service and sporting event.

Many users will therefore undoubtedly find that PureVPN does everything they want out of a VPN for a very low price. Not all features appear to work as well as I would like, but given the wealth of features available, and that these are probably only used by a small percentage of users, this is unlikely to be a major concern for most.

The recent high-profile case involving the arrest of a PureVPN customer did also show that, broadly speaking, PureVPN does a good job at protecting its users’ privacy. For me, however, it also showed why not building a VPN to be “no-knowledge” by design is dangerous.

No matter how justified it was in its actions, PureVPN simply should not have been able to assist the FBI in its investigations after saying on its home page that it kept no logs. Those with a strong commitment to privacy should therefore give PureVPN a wide berth.

The DNS leak we detected is also concerning, although it did seem something of an anomaly. Finally, we get to the huge list of complaints BestVPN.com has received about this service. These alone make it very difficult to recommend PureVPN.

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Douglas Crawford
March 12th, 2018

I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

149 responses to “PureVPN Review 2018 – Is PureVPN Secure and Private?

  1. John says:

    A team of three ethical hackers, hired by privacy advocate firm VPN Mentor, revealed that three popular VPN service providers—HotSpot Shield, PureVPN, and Zenmate—with millions of customers worldwide were found vulnerable to flaws that could compromise user’s privacy.

    The team includes application security researcher Paulos Yibelo, an ethical hacker known by his alias ‘File Descriptor’ and works for Cure53, and whereas, the identity of third one has not been revealed on demand.

    PureVPN is the same company who lied to have a ‘no log’ policy, but a few months ago helped the FBI with logs that lead to the arrest of a Massachusetts man in a cyberstalking case.

    After a series of privacy tests on the three VPN services, the team found that all three VPN services are leaking their users’ real IP addresses, which can be used to identify individual users and their actual location.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, although it should be noted that most of VPN Mentor’s published findings relate to Hotspot Sheild’s Chrome browser add-on. Despite its branding, this is a an HTTPS proxy – not a real VPN. As you can see from this review, however, we are fully aware that PureVPN leaks IPv4 DNS addressed (and it would not surprise me in the slightest if it also leaks IPv6 addresses). Helping the FBI is also mentioned in this review, which is why I say that “those with a strong commitment to privacy should therefore give PureVPN a wide berth.”

  2. kevin Morris says:

    Great app for secure browsing and streaming. Easy to use and great price.
    Customer and technical support is second to none.
    Highly recommended 🙂

  3. Peter fisher says:

    Pure is the only vpn I have tried that lets me get on to BBC iplayer every time and I have used, PIA, Air and Express.

  4. William Abela says:

    Kayne helped me from start to finish and was very patient the entire time. The customer service was at it’s very best.

  5. Alexii says:

    Just wanted to say purevpn do not refund your money (despite they advertised on their website, money back guarantee!) if vpn do not work for you. in other words they are scam.
    Some of their features such as Split Tunneling not working

  6. Brien says:

    Using PureVPN since two years and it is working absolutely fine. Customer service is really excellent. You can reach them any time. Really great value for money. I Recommend it. Keep up the outstanding work.

  7. Robbie13 says:

    I am a little confused on all the bad reviews here?
    currently using Hide My Ass and they’re pricing is getting outrageous..
    so I went searching and found PurVPN so cheap so I signed up, downloaded software..
    installed no problem.. but I couldn’t download any torrents, so I was in contact with support which took maybe 2 mins to connect via the web, and we tried everything, bottom line they wanted to connect so I let them, being a computer tech myself I watched everything they were doing, and am knowledgeable and familiar with what they did, long story short, it was uTorrent that wouldn’t connect, we installed bitorrent and boom downloading, good speeds, I pay for 15mbps from my ISP and get 13mbps with PurVPN n Hide My Ass.. so no complaints here.. it was something with uTorrent or the cracked version I was using lol.. anyways. The technician was very diligent and polite and didn’t stop till we got it resolved, which was about 1.5hrs back n forth.. so they get a 5 star rating from me.

    So I did some research and reviewed comments, many about DNS leaks n WTRC leaks etc.. so I ran all the tests that review/article provided and have no leaks no issues whatsoever, so was confused to read all the above issues.. perhaps they made some changes since the reviews above? I signed up with them yesterday, did a 3 yr for a measly $69- US when I’ve been paying that yearly with HMA but no longer can get that price, it was a special, now is $111- US a year!!! oiy vey.. so glad I found PurVPN..

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Robbie13,

      For what its worth, I am updating this review today/tomorrow. I will therefore see if any improvements have been made since I last looked. There is no getting away from the logs PureVPN keeps, however, or the number of complaints we receive about it.

  8. jethro says:

    Pure VPN. A Pure Nightmare. Have had it for two weeks and have not watch 1 program through . Often hard to connect, disconnects sometimes 6 – 7 times an hour, won’t reconnect, So slow, difficult to use, customer service seem never to have heard the word “service”. Good job I kept my old cheaper vpn

  9. Duped says:

    This is a bullshit service. I’ve been using it for nearly a year now, and it worked extremely well for most of that time. However, the last few months have been absolutely awful. I get DNS leaks on nearly every server I use and the server connections frequently stall.

  10. Vladimir says:

    I am using PurVPN since March 2017. First weeks, months, no bigger problems (from time to time failed, but ok, it may happen), – was almost working generally. But last 14 days – terrible. I am using (or wanted to use) Slovak and Croatian ip addresses. The Slovak server is down 5 times a day. They do not care. They only apolgy for that and no fixing…I have contacted their Slovak partner (Exacom.sk) and they (the Slovak company) confirmed that the fault is on PureVPN side, they they informed them many times before about wrong setting of their servers…The worst VPN service I saw in my life…

    1. M. says:

      Hello Vladimir. Do you have experience with Czech servers?

  11. Max Bruderli says:

    My norma; download speed is a (not too exciting) 13 Mbps. With purevpn it drops to 2 Mbps, top . . .

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Max,

      How far away is the VPN server you are connecting to? The closer the server, the faster your connection will be.

  12. Michael says:

    I dropped my “lifelong” subscription – that I found out was just five years after I signed up – because this service is predictably awful and arguably fraudulent. It’s slow, inconsistent, expensive for what you get (nothing), doesn’t always work. Tech support is useless and gaslight’s you. Stay away. I signed up to geo-shift for the web to be in English — wasn’t doing anything nefarious, just wanted my own language — and they couldn’t even get that together. They’re worthless.

  13. Judy blueeyes says:

    I just signed up for 2year contract. After spending hours with tech support…..my iPad and phone and my fire stick are supported devices and there are appps….BUT only MAC and Windows OS are supported. Highly deceptive advertising. Can’t watch US Netflix, Hulu or Amazon outside of the US with an IPad, Android, firestick, fire tablet……won’t work with IOS or Android in Mexico. If it looks like its too good to be true, then It usually is. I wish I would have found some of these comments before I paid for it. I find it Amazing how low they dropped the price and even if it was free, it would still be worthless.

  14. Cnem says:

    Very patchy service. Awful helpline. Strict no refund policy. A nightmare. They won’t return my money. Stay well away, folks.

    1. Tom M says:

      Totally agree!! I used it for 2 days of the 7-day pay-upfront “trial”, didn’t like the awful service so asked for a refund. I knew about their 3gb usage limit for the trial (hidden in the small print) so asked early on how I could monitor my usage. They told me I couldn’t, and none of the staff had access to it! However, as soon as I made a formal cancellation/refund request, they very quickly produced (made up?) figures to show that I had exceeded my 3gb limit! They probably do this to everyone wanting a refund.

      This company is a total disgrace and should be shut down!

  15. Cnem says:

    Awful VPN. Connection worked fine for the first few months, then, after a few months, it started dropping every few minutes, making it impossible to use. I’ve tried everything the helpdesk suggested but nothing would work. Clearly a problem on their side, but they refused to refund. So, stay well away. It will stop working and they will keep your money.

  16. Eng. Tarek Herik 4000 (R). says:

    Purevpn are now Super Thieves
    They updated their policy and said there are only 300 sessions per day for every use account
    But all other VPN providers has all unlimited ( sessions and data )

    Avoid this company They are Thieves really

  17. Keith Wiggle says:

    I live in Portugal and have PureVpn and have a lot of problems with it.
    I have just installed it on my Amazon Firestick and although it connects to the UK I get a n error message: Invalid Geo_Ip. Any suggestions?
    I’m also interested in your statement:
    Doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer or US Netflix (unless you ask for a dedicated IP)
    How do you get a dedicated IP?

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Keith,

      Where are you seeing that error message? If in the PureVPN app, then you will need to contact PureVPN. See http://www.purevpn.com/dedicated-ip.php for information on dedicated IPs.

    2. Keith Wiggle says:

      Hi Douglas,
      Thanks for responding. The message comes up when I try to access TV (BBC) video content via my firestick.
      What appears to be happening is that despite supposedly being connected to the UK through Purevpn, the BBC still thinks I’m abroad. I have communicated with their support team and they seem to be saying that the BBC is not supported on Firesticks only on Windows, Mac etc.

      1. Douglas Crawford says:

        Hi Keith,

        It probably means that the BBC is blocking IPs known to belong to PureVPN. Some VPN services have found ways around such blocks (such as regularly refreshing IP pools or using fancy DNS routing), but an increasingly large number of VPNs are now blocked by iPlayer. Check out 5 Best VPNs for iPlayer for some VPNs that still work (at least last time we checked). When choosing a VPN, do take advantage of any free trials or money back guarantees first, to check that it works for the services you want to access. If you want to use a VPN on your Firestick, you can sideload pretty much any VPN app if you can get hold of the .apk (ask the VPN provider, or it may be avaible via online repositories). Or use OpenVPN for Android with the regular .ovpn config files supplied by almost every VPN service.

  18. alex says:

    Worst piece of crap. Slow speed, crappy software that restarts your system forcefully, no protection and many lies. Do not purchase

  19. Ralph says:

    I signed up for a “Lifetime” subscription through one of the stacksocial websites and have now been with PurePVN for about two years. I was very happy for about the first year or so, but I haven’t even bothered to use it for the last several months, and the speeds have dropped dramatically (I’m in Australia, if that makes any difference? I doubt it) and their online tech support was so ineffectual that all they do is copy/paste stock advice from their own website, even though it’s irrelevant to what I was asking about – the speed is only one of the many issues I’ve been facing.

    *** What’s even more concerning is that PureVPN has obviously been spamming their own PCMag review page lately, judging by all the positive comments suddenly flooding in – most of them are from brand new Disqus accounts, from which there is only 1 comment ever having been made – the pro-PureVPN comment – a sure sign that they are fake reviews.

    I’ve been trying to counter this by pointing out what’s obviously happening, as well as by posting there about the issues with the service, the FBI issue, etc.

    *** PureVPN then emailed me, offering me a FREE lifetime subscription – they may have recognised my Disqus username on PCMag, since they also use Disqus on their own user forum (where I have criticized them in the past, although as it’s moderated, most of my critical posts there never got published).

    I should point out that they didn’t actually mention anything in the email about my PCMag comments, but then they wouldn’t be that silly would they – instead, they framed the email as an apology for all the problems I’d been having. But since I haven’t used their service or even had any tech support requests or complaints for a couple of months, there really can be no other explanation. It was an empty offer in any case, since I already have the lifetime subscription!

    Avoid, Avoid, AVOID PureVPN!

  20. Richie says:

    I agree with previous comments. This service was okay about a year ago, but has deteriorated horribly since. I’m based in China and from about 5pm until 4am it is extremely difficult to log onto any of their servers / stay connected without dropping – and their speed is horrendous and to the point that I often cannot load any web page (never mind streaming anything!)

  21. Ian says:

    Two years ago, download speeds were not great but acceptable. Since then they have gradually deteriorated until at the moment I am getting 1.3mbs on a 100mbs fiber optic internet connection!!!
    Also agree with other comments about disconnections, ip leaks etc. Apparently they also keep connection logs and share data with the FBI.

  22. Terry says:

    Douglas, I wish your review had been available before I signed up with PureVPN. Their service has dropped dramatically, since I first started with them. At this time I believe they have too many customers for the amount of servers they have. In the last three months I had to stop using their router VPN since it would drop the connection between 1-3 hours after connecting. Also frustrating is the VPN connecting at a relatively good speed, but no ability to browse on the connection.

    Their Windows app also drops the connection while browsing, because of apparent server overload. For me the famous PureVPN speed has become 1-3 mps every 3 out of 4 connections. Sometimes it takes 8 attempts to find a fast connection. Their “Techs” have blamed my router for the VPN problems. The router which is 3 months old has connected perfectly with one of your recommended “no logs” VPN providers that I have recently tested and has not dropped the connection in over 24 hours. I am walking away from 21 more months on my contract without a refund because their VPN service has become so frustrating, unreliable, and slow.

  23. justine says:

    junk vpn service cant get no support from them either

  24. john says:

    it does not work can not connect any longer support is no good

  25. M says:

    I wanted to test PureVPN, as it supposedly has good split tunneling options. First of all, the OS X version of the PureVPN software has ZERO split tunneling features, and this isn’t mentioned anywhere I can find. Second, they weedled out of the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee since I paid with Coin payment system… This was the only Bitcoin payment method available… In the list of refundable transactions Bitcoin is listed. Bad business practice, making a big deal of the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee and then fine printing their way out of it. Support was completely resistant to helping. From the rest of the review comments here, I think I’m glad PureVPN didn’t work out.

  26. Armand says:

    I have since a few years a lifetime subscription but nevertheless I will search for a new provider. The service is horrible, many disconnections and no internet responses. Most of the times I need IP adresses from the Netherlands but too often I cannot connect. And when I succeed to connect it doesn’t take long for it either disconnects or my internet connection show no response at all.

    I even wonder if sometimes I get fake IP addresses. It says then that I’m connected to Amsterdam, but when I type ‘google.com’ in my browser I get Google UK (normally I do get Google NL and without PureVPN I always get Google NL

  27. Alan Rickmann says:

    Clearly PureVPN are liars and have made fraudulent statements regarding their privacy policy.
    All current and former PureVPN users should be refunded fully, for being defrauded by a dubious and now fully discredited VPN.

    Cyberstalking Suspect Arrested After VPN Providers Shared Logs With the FBI

    “PureVPN’s Privacy Policy
    We do NOT keep any logs that can identify or help in monitoring a user’s activity.”
    You are Invisible – Even We Cannot See What You Do Online

    We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs. We therefore have no record of your activities such as which software you used, which websites you visited, what content you downloaded, which apps you used, etc. after you connected to any of our servers. Our servers automatically record the time at which you connect to any of our servers. From here on forward, we do not keep any records of anything that could associate any specific activity to a specific user. The time when a successful connection is made with our servers is counted as a “connection” and the total bandwidth used during this connection is called “bandwidth”. Connection and bandwidth are kept in record to maintain the quality of our service. This helps us understand the flow of traffic to specific servers so we could optimize them better.”

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Alan,

      Indeed. I did highlight this problem when I wrote this review, but it seems the Privacy section got lost during editing. I have now added it back in. PureVPN does state in its privacy that it keeps extensive connection logs (although it does not say it keeps IP addresses that are linked to timestamps), but this is pretty much in direct contradiction to what it says on its home page. Very dishonest, in my opinion.

  28. Tom Red says:

    Pure VPN simply does not work. Yes it starts off fine but quickly becomes unstable disconnects and then refuses to connect at all (4 different devices, 2 tablets, a phone and a laptop). No problem you think, phone or speak to the help (lol) desk, yes of course if you phone enjoy being talked down to by some stuck up unhelpful people who basically just want rid of you. Refund for non functioning pile of garbage? Not a hope in hell. So take my advice and steer well clear. Get one of the freebies, they work better, you don’t have to pay and you don’t have to deal with purevpn (purerubbish more like) do called customer services

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Hotdogseller2017,

      Indeed. As I also said to Randy, Ray is planning on publishing a story on this subject today, and we will update this (already very negative) review accordingly.

    2. kyzja says:

      Your Information Is In Safe Hands!
      PureVPN does not share, sell or rent your personal information with anyone apart from using your information to provide products or services you’ve requested for.

      We love it 🙂 So how much $$$ do you take for torrent users? We (copyright-troll) want buy it.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Randy,

      Yes. Ray is planning on publishing a story on this subject today, and we will update this (already very negative) review accordingly.

  29. Dermot says:

    Biggest con going. Stopped working, won’t connect on any device ie laptop, smartphone or tablet. Tech people are supercilious, talk down to you and generally unhelpful. Customer services are appalling. Refund for not being able to connect? Not a chance. Even if you pay via paypal they are no help. In Summary then…avoid like the plague

    1. Celine says:

      I am considering purchasing purevpn. Is it still not working?

      1. Douglas Crawford says:

        Hi Celine,

        As you can see from this review we do not recommend PureVPN. Over the weekend news has also surfaced about PureVPN handing over its logs to the FBI.

  30. The Dark Snark says:

    Use OpenVPN with the OpenVPN client… Don’t use the PureVPN client.

    I’ve had great luck just importing the OpenVPN settings into both OpenVPN and Viscosity and using those. No DNS leaks, IP address is always showing the endpoint.

    Speed is… well depends on the time of day and the endpoint – sometimes great, sometimes not usable.

  31. Carlos says:

    The dedicated IP service is down for the entire day. The won’t tell what the estimated resolution time is. They can’t provide another server to connect getting the same IP.

    Is not reliable at all.

  32. Antonio says:

    PureVPN is scam! They offer money back guarantee but when you ask it they say your payment method does not included in refund! I paid via Bitcoin through CoinPayment. On their website Bitcoin is refundable but when ask for refund they say bitcoin through Coinpayment is not refundable (its a joke)! So how is possible to get refund via bitcoin?

  33. maro says:

    Pathetic customer support and DNS leaks.
    I created two service calls: one regarding failed Ping Test and another regarding my suspicion that PureVPN has a DNS link.
    To test for DNS link I used http://www.dnsleaktest.com and was told by PureVPN that results showing leaks are incorrect because, I quote: “third party websites are having out dates database and they are fooling around / misguiding by providing wrong information”. Basically, I supposed to trust PureVPN and not http://www.dnsleaktest.com, the tool recommended for DNS leaks on PureVPN website.
    DNS leaks in PureVPN were also identified in the recent review published by the CHOICE Computer magazine in Australia.
    With regards to the failed Ping Tests my service call was closed after the second response, without solving the problem.
    My annual subscription is due in few weeks time and it I will be cancelled.

  34. Celi says:

    purchased 2 years premium service after reading a positive review on PC magazine,
    don’t trust that PC magazine review !
    Apart several problems to connect servers
    I immediately discovered that cannot connect Linkedin, Facebook etc. cause I cannot set a IP location with VPN servers (an additional 1.99 $ month is required for that)
    as result with premium service before to connect with most social networks you will be required (every time) to validate your identity, useless !!!
    At last I reinstalled my previous VPN service and deinstalled VPN.

  35. Annie Stringer says:

    This is an absolutely bad service. They can’t connect me. They offer no real support just endless generic links. I’m trying to get my money back.

  36. TreyW says:

    As some of the reviews say above, this is a complete scam. Their speeds are beyond ridiculously slow. I’m not even getting 10 kb/sec. It’s absolutely pathetic, and their customer service is terrible. It’s a complete scam.

  37. PureVPN user says:

    An absolute joke of a service – doesn’t work, no technical support, buggy app, waste of money!!

  38. Hayward says:

    Been using them for more than a year now with no issues. Good connection speeds, good price and I’ve never had issues with streaming media (touch wood). I would not recommend them if you’re looking for a hide-my-tracks solution, but if you want to bypass country restrictions for media streaming etc, this is a great service.

  39. Disappointed I Fellforit says:

    DO NOT GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR MONEY! Service is extremely slow. If you try to get a refund, they will stall until you are past your grace period. They are in Hong Kong, so they answer to nobody. It is a scam.

  40. Sidney Goldstein says:

    Tech’s did not know what they were doing. Refused refund after one day even though they have a 7 day policy. Service did not work properly.

  41. Bill Muttland says:

    Had for a month now, really no issues, and consistently decent service for my needs and the price. I have not had any of the issues mentioned here, and my experience with their support was quick and easy. No billing issues, no double charges. It’s a VPN not a magic carpet.

  42. Gabe says:

    SIgned up with them tonight and cancelled after 2 hours of trying to download their app for Mac which just stalled after a few kbs. Customer service chat was frustrating..weirdly phrased responses, no real help, just kept sending me the same links then dropping out (which felt like them cutting me off rather than my connection dropping) I hope I get my money back from PayPal, will start a complaint process almost immediately given other people’s experiences.

    1. Me says:

      Why did you not use the free trial first instead of paying? .
      I have used PureVPN for a while now and have had NONE of the issues you have had .
      I feel 2 hours of using a new VPN is no way near enough time to get used to its features and how it works.

  43. Greg Comlish says:

    Disappointing service. PureVPN made me go through dozen hoops to cancel service within the trial period. They didn’t refund my money after cancellation until after I submitted a dispute with my CC company. PureVPN claimed that it was my fault they didn’t refund me because even though I canceled according to their policy, I didn’t fill out the additional “Refund Request Form” that they never even mentioned.

    You can’t take these guys are their word and you can’t trust them with your data.

  44. Andre says:

    Paid for 2 years for PureVPN by Bitcoin a week ago. Never got login details for their service. Contacted them 3 times and showed transaction IDs as well as BitPay Invoice ID (BitPay is PureVPN’s automated payment processing system). They insisted they did not receive my payment. Well, I still have not got my money back to my wallet which means funds are hanging in their account. It has been for the first time in my 3 years of dealings with Bitcoin that the payment has not reached its destination and did not get any return. PureVPN reps Demian advised me to …” to contact their payment processor BitPay in this regards”. Well, I consider PureVPN as a total scam.

  45. Jack Marrington says:

    I must say I also had a horrible experience with PureVPN. My connections were almost always dropped. IP leaks and DNS leaks ran rampant. The claim of very best speeds is a joke. I have faster sustained connections no matter what server in any country with PIA. When I went to customer service they only wanted to up-sell me to one of the many add on services they offer for an additional premium. I was told I had to add the NAT Firewall along with the Dedicated IP add on. Speeds no better. Then they sold me on DDoS Protection and suggester adding their new 360 service. By the time we were done it was going to cost me close to an extra $18.00 a month. $216.00 a month for additional services? So you see where I’m headed with this. They reel you in with a crazy cheap monthly charge of $2.50 with coupons. Then its time to up-sell the customer. I rejected the entire package after two months and asked for my money back. That process took 4 months of asking nicely but ultimately threatening to sue them to get my money back. With all of the really good VPN services out there this is one you really need to think about before jumping for that bargain basement price.

  46. Steve says:

    I’ve had nothing but problems buffering and slow

  47. Aleksander says:

    Download speeds had dropped to 10-15kb/s.

  48. Mandy says:

    The PureVPN vpn doesn’t work. The support is terrible. Their money back guarantee is not honoured. I have made several attempts to claim my refund with a typical reply looking like this; “I have checked your account and you are entitled to a full refund. No questions asked! Having said that…”

  49. Joel R says:

    As others have realised, Purevpn are scammers. Payment will be stolen from your card, double charging. Trying to rectify the issue with customer support, only to realise that the scamming will continue.

    So, the advice is: stay far away from this company!

    1. Bastian says:

      False advertising and false claims by sales. Ensure that you have all your needs covered within the first seven days! If not, don’t listen to their promises – just run. This “service” is plain and simple a scam. Don’t get fooled.

  50. Michelle says:

    I just purchased it yesterday like twice, because the first time nothing happened and I was redirected back to the order page after I filled in my credit card details so I thought maybe it failed and did it again but same thing happened! Contacted customer service (2-3 times to get to someone who was actually a little helpful) and they said I should be receiving the confirmation email and the single refund if I was charged twice in the next 60 mins, and all that I’ve received since then was an email asking me to do a stupid survey! I haven’t even been able to use it yet but I’m so out!

  51. Rob says:

    Sucks, can’t even trick Netflix

  52. Prue Burleigh says:

    Horrible horrible help service would not recommend too anyone

  53. Jackson says:

    I tried PureVPN and they are basically scammers. They give you IP address that have already been banned on many websites and when I asked for the advertised refund, they said that I exceeded the data and connection limit by including some numbers in an email that could have been (and most likely were) made up by them, since there is no way for me to verify the numbers on their website. They are total scammers. Stay far away from these guys.

  54. Arnie says:

    Service cut off after yearly renewal even though they were paid. Decided to ask for a refund on the second occasion

  55. Robert Emma says:

    I have been using PureVPN for like torrenting and netflix. Work perfectly fine.

  56. Joe says:

    I paid for a month, cancelled it because it couldn’t hold a connection, and then was later charged for a reoccurring month. The kicker is that I was only informed I was charged 8 days after it went through. Meaning I couldn’t seek a refund because of their 7 day refund policy. What a great company. Stay far away from them.

  57. Cerx says:

    I am using PureVPN as a student, because many ports are blocked in my universitys internet. I bought pureVPN in the hopes of being able to play games, talk on teamspeak or simply watch streams. The first 7days of the “Money-back-gurantee” everything worked perfectly. Fast internet low ping and no dc at all. The exact day after the 7day trial it was like they downgrade your account on purpose. Ping rose to unplayable 120-700 non stop, every 5-10minutes you would get a DC and your normal internet would go active although your VPN Server still said “connected”. I tried many other servers which all worked perfectly in the first 7 days but all of them had the same problems after the 7days . Since the 7days Trial i have tried to use PureVPn everyday now for the last 3 Weeks and it has not gotten better in the slightest. Never was the ping good again and always after 5-10min you will get a disconnect almost like it is on purpose. => First 7 Days great Service. after that absolute unusuable garbage. Dont get anything from this scammer site and dont buy any long subsciptions.

  58. Rachel says:

    Very very bad service.
    I had PureVPN monthly to test it: they went above and beyond to fix problems.
    One day I couldn’t access Facebook and Google didn’t work either anymore and eventhough I did not buy a dedicated IP they gave me one in order to keep serving smoothly.
    If I only knew what happend.
    I was satisfied obviously: surfing went fine so I felt a commitment if 2 years was justifyable.
    That’s where they started to be vicious.
    I had no dedicated IP anymore and my 3 family members neither and all 3 of us needed an account in order to have a dedicated IP eventhough 1 account allows 5 devices to connect.
    These 5 devices can not connect smoothly at all.
    Normal things like search engines and Facebook will nuke you without a dedicated IP.
    It sounds so nice 5 devices but in the end each device will need a dedicated IP so you end up paying for multiple accounts or you quit using theit service ofcourse.

  59. Josh says:

    I purchased a “lifetime” subscription through Stack Commerce (it was $90 – seemed like a bargain comparatively) and weighed it against many reviews (all gave it very high marks). Well, I’m not sure what service those reviewers used but this is totally unusable on iOS devices. It either connects and drops after 3-5 minutes (without any alert when it drops), or it doesn’t connect at all and says “Please try again in 5 seconds” (and no that doesn’t work either).

    I’ve spent the better part of 2 weeks troubleshooting with their support team (which was very responsive in my experience – honestly the best part about them IMO), and have tried everything. I’ve re downloaded the app (several times), used multiple dedicated IPs directly from PureVPN, reset network settings on my device (losing all my wifi passwords in the process), setting up a manual VPN with their specs, trying every protocol available, toggling On Demand VPN (with the Always On feature), and the best I ever got was about an hour’s worth of stable connection. Most other times the problems would just persist as normal.

    Unfortunately for me since it was purchased through Stack Commerce and they do not give out refunds for what they call “digital assets”, although since it is a subscription it should be treated as a normal purchase. A subscription is by no means a digital asset, whereas with assets I can download and keep forever – if I cancel my subscription I no longer have any access. They just shield themselves from refunds because they know this service actually SUCKS very badly.

    1. Bahadır says:

      i’m in same situation with you, unfortunately i bought a lifetime membership from Cult Of Mac deals, my experience about same or slightly better, i use it on Mac OS, connection drop often, not 3-5 minute but still not acceptable.

  60. Donald says:

    Just got it today, and I am ready to get a refund. Yes it is fast when it is working, if you can get it to work, but you never know when you are actually covered by the VPN or not. I might say you are, but then you check via your web browser and you are not, and there are DNS leaks. Constantly disconnects. I signed up for the monthly plain to give it a try. Well it is not worth it. It’s not reliable. So look out, you have been warned, I would not sign up for there 2 year plan, and I would use pay pal or some other payment method that you can stop.
    I am not happy, as I thought this might be the one for me. Well it’s not.

  61. Mick says:

    Since July last year I have had nothing but trouble with a capital T, after contacting their robotic system several times looking for answers to the constant drop outs & NON working auto reconnects I eventually asked them to look at my system by remote access which they did, not long after it was the same, yet again I gave them remote access, it worked for a little while only, even now I am connecting to the country of my choice & I still I get refused access to some sites because their system knows I am NOT in that country even though PureVPN is showing I am there.
    I very foolishly did a recommendation to my friends which I later retracted & surprisingly things started to go wrong AFTER their 7 days of money back guarantee, needless to say I did try even though I paid through PayPal who also refused me a refund of $59.99 for something that does NOT do what it supposed to do. Anyone wanting a transcript of all the messages I have had from PureVPN just send an email address & you can have all of them.
    As for using their system it SUCKS BIG TIME so don’t even bother.

  62. Jay Woods says:

    They seem to be in bed with Amazon Prime and Netflix, so if you think you can use PureVPN overseas to watch those services FOR WHICH YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID, think again. As a result of this asshattery we have cancelled Netflix, are going to cancel Amazon and will not be renewing with PureVPN. We’ll just torrent content instead. Well done, idiots.

  63. BM says:

    Their web site say :

    We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi BM,

      But according to PureVPN’s Privacy Policy,

      “Our servers automatically record the time at which you connect to any of our servers. From here on forward, we do not keep any records of anything that could associate any specific activity to a specific user. The time when a successful connection is made with our servers is counted as a “connection” and the total bandwidth used during this connection is called “bandwidth”. Connection and bandwidth are kept in record to maintain the quality of our service.”

      In other words it keeps no usage logs, but does keep connection (metadata) logs. Please see here for a discussion on this subject.

  64. JHone says:


    My internet bandwidth is 2mb ( download ) and when i use purevpn and test internet speed using speedtest.net it gives up to 16 mb ( download ) but upload speed dont change ( near 1 mb ) . why this result ?

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi JHone,

      For a detailed explanation please see here. Basically, VPNs often use compression technology to speed up downloads. This makes using services such as speedtest.net unreliable when it comes to measuring VPN performance, becasue they use uncompressed test files which skew the results. We always use testmy.net for our reviews, primarily because it uses already compressed test files (so additional VPN compression makes little difference to the results), but also because HTML5-based tests are mote accurate that those using Java.

  65. James says:

    PureVPN is one of the worst services possible! TONS of connection issues, unreliable, customer service has problems communicating in English, trick you into a 2 year contract to only hold you hostage, ignore your technical problems, and refuse to give you your money back even TONS of problems and them promising they will give it back, and then they make up excuses and stop communicating with you. BEWARE OF THIS SERVICE! WORST OF ALL THE ONES I TRIED! Still without my money and service now. RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!

  66. Michael says:

    Fast, Easy and Lifetime Subscription.

    Best VPN Service I have used.

  67. Godwin says:

    Yesterday I purchased a 3 day trial for 2.50 dollars and configured my To Link router as per their tutorial. A number of servers from their list in the UK (I tried only those) don’t even connect at all whereas those that connect are extremely slow. PureVPN is really really a crap service. 2.50 dollars down the drain but at least I didn’t buy a longer sub.

  68. Honest review from a user says:

    PureVPN has always been great for me, yet I have always read about others hating it or running into issues. Pure has not ever let me down. Not even once. I typically have better speeds if not the equivalent to what I already had. I trust the security, as I am in the security field and have completed some test with it. It’s Android app is great, I run everywhere with it on over my T-mobile network, and when I connect to WiFi it auto reconnects to the VPN. There are so many features and as long as you check your servers P2P is not an issue. IDK what the heck the guys above are buying but this program is great and I will continue to recommend it to everyone. I was able to find a lifetime subscription on stack social. Maybe that is my difference, but I think others either have crappy equipment or a bad understanding of VPN’s; because mine does exactly what it should be doing.

    1. Caduceus Consultants says:

      Agree with your comments. I have had some issues with PureVPN but as I am a tech and understand VPN there were no issues that I haven’t been able to work out other than features that are not supported on a particular platform’s app (i.e., Windows vs. iOS vs Android). Sometimes communicating the problem requires patience due to the language differences but I’ve always managed to work through those issues. Don’t know what others are experiencing but this service along with the support for OpenVPN works great for me.

  69. Efi says:

    I have tested the service through the sites you have published and everything works well.

  70. anil singh says:

    Guys, purevpn is thieves company, I purchased the vpn from them after 3 days I find that their VPN is not that they have promised on their websites, I found that their DNS is leaking when you connect America their DNS connects you to Arab country you cannot watch your desired website’s but when you ask them they will give you a solution and solution and after the duration policy get expired they will deny giving you your refund this company runs by some road side zero knowledge in computer field they even dont understand the meaning of DNS leak, they use google to rectify the issue, PLEASE DON’T BUY THE VPN FROM THEM DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  71. Christine says:

    I have this service, While the laptop version has worked fine, I have been extremely disappointed with the android version that will not work at all. At first, it worked when I was on wifi, but not 3g. Then it stopped working on both. I chatted with the support team they they told me that I had to go into settings and set up a direct link to a specific server. The support team kept sending me links to the instructions that I could not access as your site is blocked where I am. I had to download a free VPN on my phone to view them. This free VPN works instantly with both wifi and 3g and does not disconnect when I go from one to the other. I still have not been able to get it to work on my phone and it has now been days. They also canceled my account for a few days as they said they needed a photo of my credit card. Eventually I complained enough that they turned it on without this.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Christine,

      PureVPN is IMO one of the worst VPN services out there. Not recommended.

      1. JIM says:

        I tried to use PureVPN it looked like agrteat deal. When installing their window blocked my microsoft essentials window and I had to install the exe. 3 times before I figured out how to click around the warnings to finally load it . I was on chat while I did it . The chat person was helpful ,but I told him everything I had hardware wise and protection wise and asked about conflicts with anything I used .” Everything will be fine” was the answer I got from the chat idiot, and when I got to the end I found out that it did not work with any Netgear routers ,unless you do a firmware change ,which seemed to require a computer science degree to perform from the link they provided me to change the firmware.I told the chat guy that I had a Netgear router before I stared the download.After all this, I told them to refund my paypal account and said” they should have a warning before you purchase that certain routers are not supported” . Must have been some Gen X idiots that own, operate ,and designed their site . They were probably too busy texting or listening to Green Day to notice that it was a serious flaw in their information .I would say to stay away from PureVPN .The price will lure you in like it did me ,but they are unaware of their own SHORTCOMINGS .By the way I spent almost 3 hours just to get frustrated

  72. Alex says:

    I purchased PureVPN service in hopes it would help with some gaming connection problems. Unfortunately it seems my connection problem is between my router to my ISP, so the VPN doesn’t work. But there was a risk free 7 day money back grantee! So I immediately go and request a refund. And they finally get back to me with a form to fill out. So I fill the form out. Never hear back. I wait a week. I send in a ticket. They finally respond and are like, “We’d like to work with you to help and have an opportunity to resolve the problem with me. I don’t want the problem resolved. It’s clear from the text of my letter that it’s not a working service for me. These people are a scam. Their “money back grantee” is a lie. The ONLY way you are getting your money back is to charge back. They will draw it out as long as possible to make sure they keep your money.

  73. Jackie Chan from Singapoor says:

    Where I installed the OpenVPN software from Ivacy there was an icon with the name PureVPN-icon.ico.
    So, why the hell there is an icon with the name PureVPN in Ivacy’s installation folder? I don’t know but at the end Ivacy probably is the same shit as PureVPN.
    I didn’t try PureVPN but I can say that Ivacy is complete useless. Maybe meanwhile I’m writting this the server get down and my real ip will be exposed.
    Who motherfucking cares! take my real ip and suck my balls. Fucking VPNs and fucking informatics. I wasted hours and hours configurating shit.

    At the end the cheap will be expensive. Lesson learned.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Jackie Chan from Singapoor,

      PureVPN sells white-label VPN access. It seems Ivacy is a customer, and simply sells PureVPN repackaged.

  74. Don says:

    Waste of time and money, to be honest. Looking for an alternative.

  75. Rob says:

    I ask in the live chat if Netflix would work and they said yes, than I ask if PureVPN had an Android APP and they also said yes.

    I purchased PureVPN and Netflix didn’t work on Android so I ask the support and they told me it only works on PC….. So I tried Netflix on PC but the quality is below DVD quality. When I turn off PureVPN it switches immediately to HD/4k.

    I purchased it to watch the US Netflix and they told me it would work but I don’t find that it works if its below DVD quality and it can’t get higher.

    After one month I still didn’t receive a refund and they don’t give me an answer anymore….. It’s all a bit strange !

  76. Roly says:

    Is a BIG JOKE and SCAM. I have 4 Dedicated IPs which sometimes working sometimes not. The last 2 purchased recently is working bad, with one these days I lost more than 100 pounds because the service wrong function one account was closed and I lost that money. Customer support don’t resolved it, no refund no exchange. so will remain without money. A BIG SCAM. DON’T BUY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Max rohem says:

      Thanks for review, I now know

  77. purevpn sucks says:

    Pure VPN is one of the worst services I have used to date. Constant problems with their application, slow connections and drops constantly, forced to use outdated software because they can’t fix their own problems, customer service is literally one of the worst I have used for anything when it comes to technical support, they push you into their 2 year deal to only find out how terrible their service is after the 7 day money back guarantee. This truly is the worst service I have ever used. I am out the money on a 2 year plan and I am still going to purchase another plan with another company because the service really is that terrible. Once they lock you into their 2 year plan, you will hardly get a stitch of REAL support out of them.

    They simply won’t give you your money back for nothing!

  78. P I says:

    I have been really spending a lot of time trying to find a good and reliable VPN that I can use both at home and when travelling. PureVP seemed to have all the bits I need (including split tunnelling which I see as an needed extra) so I decided to test them with their 3 day trial offer ($2.50). My own trials were a bit of a mixed bag – mostly bad.

    It actually seems to be working more or less on android. After initial teething problems (Android) I got it to work, but only at my home location LOL. Split tunnelling works until you switch it of at which point you need to remove all the ticked apps or normal connection will leak. Quite bizarre.
    I then tried my tablet at a friends house and suddenly I was leaking IP and DNS. No changes to the setup or anything. When I got home – no leaks.

    When it comes to windows it is a mess. The latest app worked but was leaking. Their support told me to use an older app, that worked for 2h then started leaking. Restarting etc makes no difference. When you setup the kill switch and test it closes down internet connection (as it supposed to). But, you would expect that the moment you untick the “killswitch” internet should start working. It does not. You have to play with the tickboxes to get back up (30 min later…).

    Very few of their servers actually use openVPN. They recommend using the Automatic connection – but then you have no control over the security.

    All in all, their service implementation is very poor. Windows app is full of bugs. They have a impressive number of servers but many of these will not use openVPS (at least it fails to connect with that protocol). Speeds are ok, usually around 80-90% of the actual achievable connection speed.

    Android works in the place you set it up, nowhere else. I might actually get them for my Android TV – unless I find someone that has split tunnelling and works.

    It is a shame as on paper they sound perfect, just such a poor implementation.

    if you know of any other VPN that uses split tunnelling and is outside of 14 eyes then please let me know.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi PI,

      In my view, PureVPN offers terrible service. I’m afraid that support for split tunneling is not common (at all), and I cannot think of any non-14-Eyes service that offers it. You may be interested, however, in my article on How to Exempt Websites from your VPN (also known as inverse split tunneling.

      1. P I says:

        More hours spent researching and I have found Ivacy – they seem to have split tunnelling included in their app. As to your solution, It is more of me wanting to only use VPN for a specific app – Kodi.

        1. Douglas Crawford says:

          Hi P I,

          Thanks for letting me know. I am not personally familiar with Ivacy, but other than poor connection speeds, our reviewer Thomas liked this no-logs Singaporean service. And yeah, I wasn’t sure if my my inverse split-tunneling hack was what you were after, but thought it might be worth mentioning :).

          1. P I says:

            Hi Doug

            Your inverse split tunnel is a good idea. Not quite what I am after but still worth keeping in mind so thanks. As to the speeds, yeah they do suck a bit but then I did sometimes get around 40mbps on a 70 mbps line so its ok. Usually it was around 16-20. What I am however wondering is if Ivacy is not a reseller of Pure (or vice versa). They are using the same app (the new windows app) and the website “technical support” (a joke btw) seems to function exactly as Pure.

          2. Douglas Crawford says:

            Hi P I,

            Hmm. I am not personally familiar with either service, but according to this Ivacy review (on a rival website),

            One interesting thing that we discovered is that the CA certificate they use for OpenVPN connections is issued for PureVPN. In other words, we are almost sure that it’s the same owners behind both Ivacy and PureVPN or it’s the same service operating under two different names.

            With a little further digging, I have found out that PureVPN has a white label reseller program, so this is completely possible. This is not good news, as PureVPN is probably our least favorite VPN service (together with Hide My Ass). It does account, however, for why it also offers the split tunneling that you are looking for!

            Thinking further on this problem, one (slightly pricey) solution is to use a VPN router of the kind offered by ExpressVPN (please see my review here). If you feel brave enough, you can save money by purchasing the router on Amazon, and then flashing it with ExpressVPN’s custom firmware yourself.

          3. Douglas Crawford says:

            Hi P I,

            A thought just occured to me. I believe the Viscosity OpenVPN client supports full split tunneling, and may be exactly what you are looking for. You should be able to use Viscosity with any VPN service that supports OpenVPN.

          4. P I says:

            Hi Doug

            this is a reply to your Viscosity message below

            you are right, it does support a form of split tunneling but only for specific websites and web addresses (actually a really cool way of doing it). Thanks for this!!

            unfortunately it does not do so for local apps (which is a lot more difficult)

            My idea with the split tunneling was to use it on my nvidia shield TV to stream (kodi) and watch foreign tv.

            I think I will get Air VPN which I was very happy with when I tested it. I might test Pure again in a few months time and see if they fixed their problems (not holding my breath here). If the have then I will get them for the TV box and user Air on my laptop.

  79. Mario says:

    A month ago I signed up and within 2 hours I was sorry.
    Various versions (as per help desk) of VPN application could not work in OSX 10.12.2.
    To make a long story short, within less than 24 hours I requested a refund. Today is December 26 and they are still not answering a question when the refund will be issued. Instead, they are offering ‘another attempt to fix the issue’. Cheapness comes with a price too. Never again.

    1. Stuart says:

      Their techs have no idea with OSX Sierra. I had and have read hundreds of peoples issues about the VPN software not connecting. It drove me nuts, spent so much time on support BUT I finally found a fix and it’s not a PureVPN issue, its a OSX issue using over wifi networks.

      1. Go to dropdown menu and select Go to folder.

      2. Now enter: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

      3. Next, select the following files:


      Trash them & restart.

      It’s been perfect for 10 days now. I was having to reinstall the OSX every 2 days prior to get the VPN working again so knew it was something system related.

  80. Erwin Schulze says:

    Unfortunately I am having the same security issues that were presented in this article. I ended up being more a customer injured by PureVPN 🙁 Recently bought a Lifetime account but expect quality service, but unfortunately I can’t recommend the PureVPN and I feel like I’ve lost my money!

    To my luck though, I discovered the AirVPN and did a 1 year account with them and I’m loving it! This seems to me a very serious VPN and I recommend it to all people who want a quality VPN service.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Erwin,

      I agree. AirVPN is great. PureVPN is pants.

  81. Dan says:

    Literally just sent me an overdue invoice for a service I never signed up for, no bloody clue how they got my email, but that’s all the info they have… they have the AUDACITY, to send me this bs overdue notice.

  82. Dori G says:

    I bought a lifetime membership with PureVPN. It took some time to properly set it up, it was a pain in the ass at moments, downloading scripts, entering passwords over and over again…but now I have it set on my macs, PC and my phones/tablet. So many countries to choose from, I torrent with 1.5Mbs at times. Fast connecton, reliable. Really no reason to worry other than “they can share my IP to law enforcement” if they produce a warrant. So far not worried at all.

  83. David says:

    I bought purevpn to remote into at home, slow vpn, no dedicated windows service,questionable support, the refund is completely BS. You get robo automatic email responses when you try to cancel, that are preformatted, or the run-around with some bs “tech support” whatever that means. Based out of China, ??? business practices, good luck submitting a refund or claim because they are not in the US. They tried to auto change my credit card to renew (even though I cancelled my “subscription”) but I cancelled my card luckily beforehand. Avoid this, try a legitimate vpn company that doesnt use bs tactics, auto responder emails, and giving u the runaround. I hate the runaround.

  84. Sean says:

    I have had PureVPN since this time last year and i wouldn’t go back. I paid about AU$69.95 for two years. Most of the year the VPN keeps on dropping out at night for most of the year. I got an email on my other email address that i didn’t give them and there demanding me to pay US$119.97 for three services that i didn’t order at all and now i’m going to the Australian Telecommunications Ombudsman here in Australia by phone and i’m going to get them involved. They dispute with telephone and internet providers for any Australian. I showed my father the email that there demanding me to pay and he is a retired layer and he said don’t touch it.

  85. Jim Dobbin says:

    Oh boy! Wish I had of found tis its before the guys at PureVPN conned me too!

    I was offered a great deal on Black Friday for a 2 year subscription. Long story short….I took them up on their offer. Immediately I started having connection issues and timeouts. Being a network engineer and an MCSE I started troubleshooting things myself and it was clear the issue was with PureVPN and their servers. Several chats with their CS team later (robots) I requested a refund and cancellation 2 days after signing up. I immediately received an email response stating that they are sorry for the trouble but before I go could I try new DNS settings which I did. Still had connection issues so emailed again requesting a cancellation and a refund and again received a response apologising but asking me to stay with them and offering me 50% off my next invoice. So their service doesn’t work and they want me to stay with them?

    I emailed back demanding a refund and received a response saying that I had now exceeded their 3GB data limit and as per their T&Cs I could now not have a refund. I can see from above that this is a tactic they are using with a lot of people to prevent giving them refunds which makes you wonder why they feel the need to employ shoddy tactics to deceive people into staying with them if their service is so good!

    I have now opened a PayPal case against them and am contacting my bank to see if they will charge back the payment taken.

    I am hoping that my experience will help prevent others from falling foul of these con artists – cause that is exactly what they are. Avoid them no matter how cheap they offer you their services for!

  86. Theresa S says:

    SCAM! They say there is a 7 day trial period but when I tried to cancel on the third day because my internet speed tanked to 3mbps when using their service (and after four times of them trying to “convince” me to keep the service) they said I went over their usage limits (3GB of data) and now refuse to refund my money. I am denying the charge to my credit card! Do not use!

  87. Mark Gorman says:

    PureVPN is a complete garbage. My internet provider official speed is 150Mbps and actual speed is about 170Mbps. PureVPN connection slows it down to 10-15MBps. Technical support is a joke. And I mean literally, a joke. They use the same half dozen fake western names, LOL. Stay away from this ripoff.

  88. Kathy says:

    I got to this website via google, and in google this review shows as one star.
    But it is 4 stars when I open the article.
    Two questions:
    1) was the review changed from one star to four stars?
    2) With all of the problems, how could this VPN have four stars?

    1. Ben Taylor says:

      Hi Kathy

      This was an error that has now been corrected. While the service is polished on the surface, DNS and IP leaks mean it simply cannot be recommended for privacy.

  89. Joe says:

    Hi, Are DNS-Leaks the norm for PureVPN, or have they effectively addressed this, yet?

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Joe,

      Yes, and not to my knowledge (although we no longer have a PureVPN account to check this with).

  90. belgie says:

    stay away from this vpn !
    your speed 3 times slower always dns leaks even with safe dns enable
    totaly no ip6 coverage you must find out this after using monts there shitty service .
    they never repay you even after 12hours using ther service you never get your money back . they keep you more then 30 days on hold and then they say that you use the product so it is not possible to get your money back .

    they offer manny protocols but only one or 2 work propper somethimes only connect with dedicated ip works .

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi belgie,

      I’ll just note that the only VPN service I know of to properly handle IPv6 is Mullvad. At best, most others simply disable IPv6, which is not ideal. Please see

  91. Kenyon says:

    I bought a lifetime subscription to purevpn. So I’m stuck with them. but that is not a bad thing. I look on this website and see a lot of negativity. sure pure isn’t perfect and I have had issues but I’m always able to get around them. once the connection wasn’t working so I switched to the old software for a month or two and now I am back on the updated software and it works great. I use it for privacy and security it works great. Speed could be faster you just kind of have to find which servers are the quickest.
    I love all the features. I don’t know why but I find it fun to look through the features and see what they are adding to keep me secure. they have added better DNS leak protection. Also the ability to choose your protocol is awesome.

    finally this is one vpn service that doesn’t store any logs. ok well that is a little wrong. They store logs of when you connected and disconnected, bandwith, and your name. But they do not store what you are doing. and if in some scenario they were ordered by a court to give over what you were doing they would however since they don’t store those things all they could give is how long you were on and how much bandwith you used. Pretty sweet. You can read about their policies on their website. since they are based in Hong Kong they are not required to store data logs.


    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Kenyon,

      I am glad you are happy with PureVPN’s service. I will just note that connection logs of the kind PureVPN keeps can be used to perform an end-to-end timing attack.

      1. Joe says:

        I bought the subscription in March 2016 and never got it working on either mac mini, iPhone 6, iPad Pro or iPad 3. The agents were clueless and just followed their scripts without actually understanding the problem. When they ran out of answers, they just sent me a link. Anyway, the VPN never worked. They had even tricked me into buying a dedicated IP address in the US so that I could access Netflix US (they included the Netflix us server address). Needless to say, i paid more but it never worked. I have asked for a refund due to their false advertising.

  92. Larry Vincent says:

    Pure VPN did not work on my router. I could only discover this after buying the service. They set so many traps regards keeping the ‘customer service’ loop going round and round. Now, I’m trying to get my money back after 3 days of no luck. They’re throwing every trick in the book at me extending their non-refund position. Total waste of time and money.. And they should all have an ethics seminar.

    1. belgie says:

      yes and they get away with it for years now . I try after 12 hours for my year repay but never get something . always talks talks talks ………
      they must be banned in the sceen with there lies all the time for as manny sold accounds

  93. Michael says:

    Totally scam. Never worked. Bogus claim of server location. Avoid at all cost.

  94. kethouse says:

    they promis 7 days repay if you dont like it .
    after 12 hours I claime my repay and they dont wanna give it back .
    this is the worst vpn ever ! dns leaks all the time and slowwwwww

  95. Radek says:

    * Very unprofessional. PureVPN has inform as on Friday about an IP update after… weekend.
    * Our account data was lost – we received an invoice to -/- in Afghanistan…
    * The ticket system doesn’t work

  96. John Smith says:

    Bad. They are ripoffs. After signing them up for a week for the one year plan ($49), they dropped the price and offered lifetime deals @$69(5years). Told them i want to top up the difference and upgrade they said no. They said i can subscribe anytime to the lifetime plan. After one year when my current plan ends, they said the deal is over. Sudden price changes!! And now Customer service referred me to other Vpn services . Their Vpn servers were mostly slow and connection quality kept changing if you connect and disconnect on the same server. I strongly DO NOT recommend purevpn and decided to try IP vanish next.

  97. Monte says:

    What a waste of money!!! PureVPN is a P.O.S.

    I paid for this garbage and it has never worked on my Android device. After upgrading my MAC client, the app crashes every time I attempt to login. Please avoid this product.

    I give this crap 0 stars.

  98. Matt says:

    I signed up to purevpn 6 months ago, using it mainly for file sharing. Teething problems with windows 10 and purevpn software never went away and have now just got worse. Connection dropping, not auto connecting on startup, random errors, refusing to connect, favourites list adding 10 extra countries (on every startup!) and getting help from them is useless. Just get copied and pasted stock answers about reinstalling the software (which I have done at least a dozen times). Live chat support, they just say they are aware of the problem and are working on it. Had paid for a years subscription but i’m going to have to take the loss and go elsewhere.

  99. DD says:

    They use RSA256 for handshake and SHA1 for hashing with AES256 for cipher. They have no bandwidth limit. They claim they are planning to upgrade their algorithms, but didn’t have specifics. Also, there are connection issues, but it’s not that significant.

    I have a discounted lifetime subscription, but I wouldn’t recommend paying full price owing to the lower quality algorithms they currently use.

    I have no idea why the author had such a hard time getting this info, but his chat reads quite combative to me. So, maybe that had something to do with it. Their customer service is actually very good, and the people are very courteous.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi DD,

      Dmitri is no longer with BestVPN, but I suspect his opinion of PureVPN was colored by the huge number of complaints we have received about this service (and I really mean huge!). I have updated the review with the information you have kindly provided, and contacted PureVPN over whether it uses Perfect Forward Secrecy for OpenVPN connections (as failure to implement PFS effectively undermines the encryption used,no matter how good it looks on paper). Its response was “At the moment we aren’t using the PFS mechanism.” I agree, however, that its customer service was good, and although the Live Chat staff member asked me to email tech support instead, I received a timely answer.

  100. michael says:

    I would highly suggest that you heed this review and take a look at the 1 star review by all the users here. The review by this webpage is based off advertised features and not real to life experience. Absolutely stay away from this company.

    I tried it out for the 7 day with 100% refund option, but you must purchase first to get it. They do not tell you that there are more limitations. Like a 3gb bandwidth limit. If you exceed that they will not refund.

    Reason for Cancellation:
    Terrible stability, extremely low bandwidth. I could not stay connected to them for any amount of time, and speeds ranged from 3 kb/s to less than 1 mb/s. Here is the error log from my router, it is a sniplet but the entire screen was filled with this error for several hours on multiple occasions.

    Aug 22 06:04:19 openvpn[3210]: RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: de1-ovpn-udp.purevpn.net: Name or service not known
    Aug 22 06:05:24 openvpn[3210]: RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: de1-ovpn-udp.purevpn.net: Name or service not known
    Aug 22 06:06:29 openvpn[3210]: RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: de1-ovpn-udp.purevpn.net: Name or service not known
    Aug 22 06:07:34 openvpn[3210]: RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: de1-ovpn-udp.purevpn.net: Name or service not known

    Refund Process: I sent them an email, I contacted the Live Chat, who told me to send an email. I get an email back with a link stating I had to go to to request a refund. Once there I learn of the 3gb Limit.

    They seem like a legit company, they are nice until you want the refund. Even after showing them proof of the issues they ignored me. Look to another company to save yourself some money, headache, frustration, and time. These guys are by far one of the worst I have come across

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi micheal,

      “The review by this webpage is based off advertised features and not real to life experience.” Um.. this review completely slates PureVPN…

    2. B. Aebersold says:

      Just decided not to buy this…thanks for your input!

    3. Don says:

      Hi Michael, I feel you. My experience with PureVPN sucks as well. I am glad I decided to drop them and go to Astrill instead.

  101. Ralph Ellis says:

    It is curious how we have had such a different experiences. My connections on multiple servers with PureVPN have been fast and reliable on a wired and LTE network for Windows 10, Blackberry and Microsoft Phone. Occasionally, a server will not like a particular protocol for connection but switching to a different protocol with similar security solves the problem. For the home computer, I generally prefer SSTP which seems to be the most stable and fastest encrypted connection.
    I have used PureVPN for torrents and general security and now I pretty much leave it turned on for everything. The speed penalty for encryption is maybe 5% of my maximum speed. Occasionally on my smartphones, I will turn the VPN off and on again if I hit an issue with a page loading. If I am traveling, I will select a default VPN server closest to my travel destination.
    A major factor in my decision to pick PureVPN was its ability to work with all computer and mobile platforms. In that area, the service has been a really winner.

  102. Peter Selmeczy says:

    Leave your ratings and comments here.

    1. Jean Luc says:

      Globally very disappointing, in particular as far as using the service through a router is concerned.

      It is not flexible, it does not work as advertised and the speed is agonisingly slow.
      The technical support suggests explorations and tweaks that are really technical, time consuming and complicate the use of the service.

      I can not recommend PureVPN at all.

      Do not succumb to attractive promotions and get stuck like me for long term, because after the short 7 days refund window you will discover that the service is really not up to the level advertised and they will refuse to refund even after acknowledging they let you down…

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