Racist Facebook moron in NFC conspiracy fail

It is a somewhat unfortunate fact that far too many people these days get their news from Facebook. We have to break it to those out you out there guilty of this that Facebook is not the most reliable of sources when it comes to things such… you know … facts.

The latest example of this is a video that has gone viral, with almost 320,000 Facebook shares at the time of writing. In it, in-between making a very nasty racial comment, a conspiracy theorist accuses technology manufacturer Samsung of adding a chip to their changeable batteries (in the video he appears to takes apart the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone) that records every photo taken and conversation made using the phone.


What he is in fact finding when he takes the battery apart is the Near field communication (NFC) antenna that allows NFC capable devices (NFC is now an industry standard adopted by most smart phone manufactures, not just Samsung) to communicate with other similar devices and systems.

Using NFC, phones can make contactless payments, transfer photos and files by touching devices together, perform simple actions when presented to user-programmable NFC tags, and more. If the NFC antenna is removed from the battery (or if a cheap third-part replacement battery is used that does not include an antenna), then the phone will work just fine, except that it won’t be able to use its NFC features.

Basically, the maker of the Facebook video is a blethering idiot, and an antisemetic one at that. The fact that his racist comment was directed at a company based in South Korea (not known for its large Jewish community) only serves to reinforce his obvious stupidity.

Unfortunately, however, mere facts do not seem to have prevented Facebook users spreading this ridiculous (and offensive) piece of garbage far and wide…

If you really feel the need to watch this idiocy then it be found here, but you are warned that it contains deeply offensive language.

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