The real reason why Microsoft purchased Minecraft -

The real reason why Microsoft purchased Minecraft

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

October 1, 2014

Unless you have been living under a block, you’ll know that Microsoft has purchased Minecraft for a whopping $2.5Billion! You’ll never believe the real reason why!

Many users are worried about this move, not only due to Notch [Markus Persson] leaving the team, but also because of the unspecified direction it could be heading. While Microsoft is expected to continue developing the game, there are worries that they will direct focus on their own devices, thereby not only alienating some existing users, but also plenty of future hopefuls. While we do not have any information on this, we have obtained secret papers [through unnamed sources] that outline the real reason for this purchase.

The paper that we have received indicates that Microsoft will be using the Minecraft platform to create an ultra secure backup solution using the most complicated and surprisingly funny, ‘onion layered’ encryption technologies we have ever seen! The essence of this project lies in the fact that using ‘redstone’ or in some cases ‘mine carts’ it is possible to create fully functioning computers within the game. While the processing power and storage memory of these computers is limited for the moment, Microsoft aims to put a large team behind it’s development so that it can develop at an exponential rate.

With these systems they will be able to input data into the computer on Minecraft (using a randomly generated computer system). This computer [which now stores your data] will then be exported to a standard data format, and encrypted again – probably using a new generation of BitLocker. This computer with in a computer, encryption within an encryption system, is pretty much unheard of at the moment. We imagine that it will be the modern version of WW2 enigma machines.

We’re unsure if this system will be OpenSourced or not, but either way it promises to become the most secure backup system in the world – so definitely watch this space!

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