Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

June 15, 2018

Summary   Blockless is a Canada based SmartDNS provider that aims to bring you great streaming speeds with simplicity of use. While there are a few problematic things, overall they provide a good value for money service.

Note: We’ve recently launched an entire website about SmartDNS. Please check that for more detailed information about SmartDNS services.

Pricing & Plans

Like every other VPN out there Blockless provides three different plans, with increasing price discounts the longer you sign up for. Compared to a traditional VPN service, they are cheap, however compared to SmartDNS and streaming services [their target market] they are similarly priced. Slightly annoyingly they do not display this information until you sign up for an account. When you sign up you also receive a 7 day free trial (without having to enter any credit card details), which can be extended to 10 if you like them on Facebook.



Canada based Blockless bases it’s main operation around it’s SmartDNS service, so we will discuss this first. They provide well rounded support and set-up for this and as shown below there is virtually no speed loss. It provides a great service if you wish to be constantly connected to a streaming service, though (like most other SmartDNS) it can be a bit of a nuisance if you wish to keep changing back to your standard internet settings and properties.

The SmartVPN service (which they recommend when you’re on the go) helps bypass the above mentioned problems, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work – though the issues seem to be reserved for BBC iPlayer. Luckily for Blockless, their service hasn’t been blocked by Hulu yet (like with many other providers) and you can use other streaming services such as Netflix, Pandora, etc.

The Blockless service allows streaming from 17 different countries. While no Asian or African connections, these locations were clearly well thought out and are the countries where major streaming services are based and available from. They allow 1 IP to be used for the SmartDNS service and 1 connection to be used for their SmartVPN.

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Security & Privacy

Since Blockless is aimed at providing high end streaming and uses SmartDNS technology, it does not provide much in terms of security but it understands this and makes no claims on this – which is great. Their SmartDNS does not provide any security what-so-ever but this means you can have the best streaming speeds possible. They also have a service called SmartVPN, but we believe this is wording to be slightly misleading as it is not a private network in reality. The reason for this opinion is as follows:

  • It uses a PPTP connection, which as we have mentioned numerous times before, is not very secure.
  • The settings they use for this PPTP connection also means that it is not encrypted in any way.

Their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are clearly displayed on the website. Unfortunately, while clear on collection and use of information through their website, it does not mention any information with regards to logging through their  service. Their support was great at filling in this gap and told us that the only thing they log is connection errors.

Blockless also offers an Ad Blocker service through their DNS set-up so you do not need to worry about all those annoying advertisement lurking around on website. Though a number of VPNs do this, as far as we’re aware they are the only one implementing it for their SmartDNS connection.

The website

The Blockless website is really nice and clearly laid out. It is well design and functions as required. The important information is easy to find and it’s easy to see and change the details of your account, as well as finding any required support.



Blockless has two kinds of support: an FAQ and ticket support. Their FAQ covers the basic topics while the ticket support is available for solving the more complicated problems. The ticket support replied in a reasonable amount of time and seemed knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately they weren’t able to solve our issue with the SmartVPN but we won’t hold this against them as they tried their very best and in the end its the developers fault, and not the support teams.


The Process

Signing Up

The initial sign up to Blockless is very easy. Just enter your email address and your preferred password. This will give you a 7 day trial account as mentioned above. Of course if you wish to extend this after your trial period you will need to enter your details for payment – for this all major methods are possible.

The clients

Blockless has apps available for Chrome, Windows and Android. For Windows there are two different options as outlined below:

Proprietary App

While Blockless does have it’s own proprietary app, we have a small problem with. There are a number of bugs in the software which doesn’t allow it to function as required and you still need to set up the DNS manually – a large mistake in our eyes . The biggest concern we have with it is that it is an unsigned piece of software. The plus of this software is that it allows you to change your location without having to go to the website, and it keeps your IP synced.


PPTP Set-up

We set up the PPTP connection as per the instructions (which were very clear). Firstly, as mentioned, the PPTP connection is not secure in any way and it’s aim is to simplify repetitive connections (changing DNS settings can be hassle some). We had a problem with it connecting but support solved this for us quickly.


Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

We gave Blockless our standard performance test to see how it faired. Unsurprisingly, there was hardly any speed loss with either the SmartDNS or PPTP connection. With regards to IP test, we always obtained our own IP since there is no security implemented in either system. The DNS results weren’t exactly what we were expecting, since most of the time it pointed towards the US/Canada and Germany but the service and their system worked so we shan’t worry about this.

Blockless_PureSpeed Blockless_DNS_Speed Blockless_PPTP_Speed
 Pure Internet Speed SmartDNS Speed PPTP Speed

Other Platforms

Since Blockless’ main service is SmartDNS it is possible to use it on 99.9% of all internet connected technology. We gave it a test across a number of devices (phones, Linux, Win8,etc) and found the speeds to b in correlation with those on the computer .

Blockless App

The Blockless proprietary app that is mentioned above is also available for Google Chrome and Android. We gave them a test and they work just as the Windows App but, similarly, our big problem with it is that it doesn’t manage DNS settings by itself, and you’re still required to do that manually. The Chrome plug in is especially useful when browsing different mixes of streaming websites.


Overall, while there are some things that could be ironed out, Blockless is a well rounded service. They score plenty of ticks in the right boxes and  their service is well targeted and fulfils that target market well. There are a few large competitors that Blockless can be compared to but due to their lower pricing and determination they stand their ground well.

We liked

  • Great speeds
  • Fantastic support
  • Good value for money

We weren’t so sure about

  • Proprietary apps aren’t very impressive

We hated

  • Not much

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Published on: June 15, 2018.

June 15th, 2018

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16 responses to “Blockless Review 2018

  1. Do not like this service, they automatically charged me $50 US for the year without my consent using my VISA. I had previously told them I no longer wished to have the service because of how slow it made my internet. They charged me a month later anyway and will not refund my money! DO NOT TRUST THEM!

    1. I had terrible internet because of your services and it no longer works for Netflix. If you charge people for a service and it does not work .. that is stealing. I will be contacting Consumer Canada Bureau, it seems I am one of many. I will be making great efforts to impact Blockless in anyway I can as I have been charged for a service that does not work, I can not use and will not treat its customers properly. The proper way to take care of this issue would be to charge me a ONE month fee for this month and return the remainder of my money and close my account out. I am not asking for a refund for services already rendered. Your company’s actions leave me to believe this is not a Canadian Company.

  2. Garbage!!!! The service is terrible and I have wasted a subscription because they don’t call you back. AND BE CAREFUL I TOOK A OFFER FOR 6 MONTH TO TRY I CANCEL AND CHARME AGAIN “THIEVES”, They only communicate via email, and this can be very frustrating. I truly believe this is a SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I TRY BECAUSE SOPORT MEXICO AND SPAIN, AFTER 1 MOTH SERVICE THEY REMOVE AND FOR THE LAS 3 MTHS ALWAYS SAID WE ARE WORKING IN IT, LAYER!!!

    Horrible!!!! The service is terrible and I have wasted a subscription because they don’t call you back. They only communicate via email, and this can be very frustrating. I truly believe this is a SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  3. Blockless will ONLY REFUND WITHIN 7 DAYS. I took the annual package paying for a year in advance. I cancelled after 5 months and they will .not refund me any money. Had nothing but problems.

    1. Hi Da,

      I find it difficult to believe that you are being serious. You purchased an annual subscription and used the service for 5 months, then expect a refund? Wow. I will also note that Blockless makes it very clear that its free trial is for 7 days only (“Try it FREE for a week.”)

      1. Hi Luis,

        I assure you that I have zero connection to Blockless, and to be honest, know very little about the company. My earlier comment was simply based on the notion that if you pay for a subscription,and then use it for months, asking for a refund seems a bit much. I do agree, however, that if the company specifically sold you the product based on claims that would allow you to access Netflix (and now you can’t), then you should be able to claim a refund. I wish you luck in this.

    Anyone who is considering Blockless please do not, I repeat, do not send them any money. See all of the comments here and I will post everywhere else I can. If you pay up front for a year, and then cannot use their service they will not refund you any of your money. They put out a promo in December to get people to pay for a year knowing that Netflix was going to be blocking everyone out. Very shady tactics from a company that I used to recommend to friends and family. Have now gone ahead and told everyone I know not to use them.

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