Pete Zaborszky

Pete Zaborszky

March 2, 2013

Summary      BoxPN has changed ownership and gone over a number changes since our last review. We will try and bring you an updated review as soon as we can but for the moment we would recommend finding another VPN provider.


Pete Zaborszky

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Published on: March 2, 2013.

June 12th, 2018

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32 responses to “BoxPN Review

  1. AVOID THIS SCAM COMPANY THEY ARE CRIMINALS! I subscribed to boxpn for a couple of years, and then decided to end my membership. They use paypal for recurring payments. I lost access to my paypal account that was linked to my credit card. However, the subscription kept going with unauthorized charges. Once I asked them to manually end my subscription, they REFUSED to do so!! They told me it is my responsibility to make sure that I do not have my paypal account charged by them, and that 1) they REFUSED to tell me even which paypal account is being charged, and 2) they REFUSED to accept my request to end membership. I will surely take legal action against them. Avoid this company, they will charge your credit card FOREVER even if you ask them IN WRITTEN FORM to cancel your subscription! Even though they had my WRITTEN REQUEST to cancel membership, they kept telling me that “It is your obligation to cancel it from within your PayPal account” even though I made it clear to them that I do not have access to paypal anymore. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY, AND YOU’LL HAVE NO WAY TO REACH THEM (they are physically in a random island in the oceans near Africa!).

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