Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

September 11, 2014

Buffered is a relatively new VPN company based in Hungary. They are one of the fastest developing VPN companies we’ve seen, with innovations not seen in other providers, alongside a great VPN product. Their software and website is really easy to use and works well. They are highly recommended.

Pricing & Plans

Like with most other providers Buffered offers the same package but with increasing discounts the longer you sign up for. The price is very mid priced, not too expensive but not the cheapest either. For the level of service they offer this is great value for money.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.28.12


The company is based in Hungary which is a big plus, they are away from the jurisdiction of the US and UK authorities, not to mention the EU has recently declared that data retention is not required by ISPs, meaning Hungary is not either.

The company website does seem to be geared a bit more towards freedom and taking back control from governments and corporations, which is a nice touch. Buffered really believe in what they are doing, privacy.

The company definitely gives of the aura of being a startup and we really like the stuff they are working on. One of the features they’ve added is called discovery which at its core helps you break the firewalls of password protected wifi like hotels and companies. On the technical side, it can find open ports and use those as the OpenVPN port, meaning the VPN can potentially bypass any wifi password protected area where they have ports open. Most often this is the DNS port by the way.

We know that Buffered are also working on some other exciting innovations as well.

Not only that but they allow 3 simultaneous connections which is more than most providers out there. Clearly this is because they wish for you to use your VPN as much as you can. They also have servers in 14 countries all around the world, with top level speeds.

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Security & Privacy

Buffered understand the need for security and privacy in the modern world and therefore they have done the best they can, as much as the law allows them.  The biggest difference we see from other VPN providers is they’ve done away with the insecure PPTP and L2TP and only support OpenVPN. While this is fine for most devices it does have some limitations on older devices (see below).

Along side this they use shared IPs which means that even if they receive a take down request they can’t pinpoint the user.

The website

Buffered’s website is very nicely designed, as you can see below, and it’s extremely easy to use.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.39.09


Buffered has a ticketing mechanism which depending on when we tried it had a response time from 20 minutes to 2 hours. There is no live support although they do say that they have plans to implement this.

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The Process

Signing Up

Signing up is a seamless process, as with most other providers. We were able to complete our registration and start using the software in under five minutes.

The Windows VPN client

There are client available for all three major PC platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. We gave the Windows client, which is based on the OpenVPN client, a test.

The client is very simple and supports no bells and whistle (though some to come in the future). Connecting to a server is simple as clicking the relevant flag, and within a few second you’re good to carry out your internet activity securely.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.32.59Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.33.10Screenshot 2016-03-29 16.33.30

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

We gave Buffered the usual speed, DNS Leak and IP tests, that we carry out for every other VPN provider. We found no issues with the IP tests or DNS leak at all. We were very happily surprised with the speed tests as these outperformed most providers out there and put them in line with the big dogs.

 PureSpeed Buffered_OpenVPN_Speed
 No VPN Speed OpenVPN Speed

Other Platforms

As mentioned it is also available for Linux and Mac. However, since they provide the .ovpn config file, you can also use it on any other devices that accepts this. The biggest issue we can think of wit this, is if you are using Android older than 4.x. We gave it a test on our Android 4.3 Phone as well as a tablet and we found the speeds to be in the same order as those we achieved with our computer.


We liked

  • Amazing innovations
  • Great Speed
  • Great Security
  • Based in Hungary (no DRD, DMCA)

We weren’t so sure about

  • No Android 2.x support

We hated

  • Not much

Overall, while still in early stages, Buffered looks like it could be making a spectacular splash in the VPN world so we’d definitely recommend keeping an eye on them.

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Published on: September 11, 2014.

June 12th, 2018

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24 responses to “Buffered Review

  1. Not so very reliable, at least in my area. Wanted my money back after I tested them for 10 days and it turned out that their “30 day money back guarantee no questions asked” are just 10 hours of service within those 30 days. I made the mistake that I subscribed a year because of the savings

    Really happy I went with this provider. Speeds are outstanding, which is my major requirement. I had an issue with connecting initially but contacted their support and got a reply within 10 minutes 😮 resolving the problem (my antivirus is stupid). Recently, I set the service up on my router, so I can have all my stuff routing through the VPN, and the thing has been running uninterrupted since January, which is outstanding. A VPN should be something you don’t think about too much, just runs in the background and doesn’t cause any problems. Buffered so far has been very good at that.

    I’m not really sure why some of the people in these comments are complaining, seems like they’re talking about a different service entirely. Maybe Buffered’s competitors;)?

    In any case, I recommend Buffered to anyone reading this. These guys are good.

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