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We have shared our love for Popcorn Time (the Netfix for pirates app) before. This fantastically elegant and easy to use software allows you to seamlessly stream movies from torrent sites to your desktop, and is a copyright Nazi's worst nightmare.

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Popcorn Time has unsurprisingly had a bit of a rocky time of it since it was first released, but a couple of weeks ago we reported that a two new forks have been released, although the website for one of them (Popcorn-Time.tv) has now shut down (although the app still works).

Well, there is now another contender on the block, and although it is not based on the open source Popcorn Time code, it offers very similar functionality, plus sports number of funky new features. The developers explain,

Flixtor was made in 5 days with barely any sleep. That's right! We were in a hurry to create an awesome app for you guys. Even though we had already planned to make this application for more than a year, we never had enough resources to even consider starting the project. Well, time goes by and we finally achieved a good start for creating any kind of torrent applications. It was just one month ago we were actually talking about how we could implement this application and then we saw the PopcornTime application and we froze. Literally! At this point, we decided to make one of our own.

Interestingly, the devs are the same team as those behind torrent search engine torrentlookup.com, which Flixtor uses to find and stream movies from a wide range of torrent sources.

Flixtor Desktop

The desktop app (we tried the Windows version) looks very much Popcorn Time, but allows you choose the torrent source (and therefore movie quality), allows you open the movies in VLC rather than the built-in player (which means that it should be able to play anything you throw at it), and features a good selection of TV series (as does Time4Popcorn of course).

The main screen looks very similar to Popcorn Time

You can choose the movie torrent source and open it in VLC (great for movies that don’t play ball with the built-in player)

There is good support for TV shows, although there is no support for ‘queuing’ episodes

Flixtor is free (donations requested), is now completely open source (code available on Github), and you can download it from here.

Android App

One of the most exciting things about Flixtor is that it is available for Android (with full Chromecast support on the Pro version!). Time4Popcorn has been promising an Android app (with Chromecast support), but Flixtor has beats them to it. We will note however that subtitles are not supported on Chromecast.

The free version is ad supported (with adult content), although this is removed in the paid version

As with the desktop version, you can chose which torrent to stream or you can download the entire move to your device for offline viewing

The ‘Qualities’ window provides a simplified way of choosing movie quality and file size

Movies can be viewed using the built-in player, or played in an external app (we favour BSPlayer, which plays everything we have ever thrown at it), and as noted earlier, with the Pro version movies can also be played using Chromecast.


Flixtor is the most fully featured torrent movie streaming app yet, and is the first one with an Android app and Chromecast support. However the game is afoot, and we expect to see even greater things appear in the near future from rivals such as Time4Popcorn. We can’t wait!

If your asking "Is Popcorn Time Safe" take a look at our Popcorntime VPN guide.


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