Katrina Power

Katrina Power

June 19, 2018

Founded in 2009, proXPN is a seasoned VPN provider, but doesn’t have a lot to show for it. Server locations are somewhat limited, its free account is more than a little lacking, and its encryption is embarrassingly bare-bones. However, it does try to make up for it with intuitive software and excellent customer service. Sign up now or read BestVPN.com’s proXPN review below!

  • Excellent customer service
  • Intuitive software
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Limited server locations
  • Terrible encryption
  • Unimpressive free plan

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Pricing & Plans

proXPN keeps things simple by only offering two plans: Basic and Premium.

proXPN plans

Basic is the proXPN free plan. While it boasts the same level of security, privacy, and usability as the paid plan, it’s severely lacking in terms of features. I will I go into further detail about this, later on in this proXPN review.

The proXPN Premium plan, meanwhile, starts at $6.25 per month. This small sum gives customers access to advanced features such as mobile support, unlimited VPN speed, and access to servers worldwide.

If you do decide to opt for a proXPN Premium account, you can choose between $6.25 per month for a 12-month subscription, $8.33 per month for a six-month subscription, and $9.98 per month for a three-month subscription.

proXPN premium plans

You can pay for these plans with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or check. Or, if you want to go the more anonymous route, you can pay via Bitcoin or cash sent by mail.

However, if you decide that proXPN is not the VPN provider for you after having signed up for a Premium subscription, don’t fret. proXPN grants anyone who signs up for its paid services a 30-day risk-free trial.

Video Review

To introduce potential and new users to its service, proXPN put together this short video review:


proXPN was founded in 2009 and is based in the Netherlands. The Dutch provider has 18 server locations, with the majority being found in nearby European cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, and London. However, its locations in more far-flung locales such as San Jose, Sydney, Hong Kong, Toronto, and New York suggest that it has global coverage in mind.

proXPN server locations

Its benefits section explains the basics of what a good VPN service can do for you, such as concealing your location, keeping your online activities private by masking your IP address, and offering protection for a variety of devices.

proXPN benefits

What special features you’ll get with proXPN depends entirely on whether you sign up for a free plan or paid plan.

proXPN Basic Account Features

The proXPN free account doesn’t offer a whole heck of a lot in terms of features. What limited offerings it does have – including encrypted web browsing, unlimited data transfer and connection time, and OpenVPN connectivity – won’t be enough to satisfy the majority of VPN customers. Especially given its limitations:

  • One measly server (located in the US)
  • Terrible speeds – limited to 300kbps
  • No mobile support
  • No torrenting support
  • Limited customer support.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend the Basic account.

proXPN Premium Account Features

The proXPN premium account offers everything that its free counterpart does. However, with a whole bunch of extra bells and whistles added in.

proXPN premium features

Shelling out a few dollars per month gives you access to unlimited bandwidth, a kill switch, and access to worldwide VPN servers. Moreover, it allows you to secure your mobile devices with proXPN’s PPTP VPN.

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Security & Privacy

proXPN supports the OpenVPN protocol for both Basic and Premium users and PPTP for Premium users. However, I don’t think that users with free accounts are missing out on much where protocols are concerned, as OpenVPN is without a doubt the more secure – and therefore superior – of the two.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between these protocols (as well as others), you can check out BestVPN.com’s in-depth comparative guide on the subject.

Where encryption is concerned, proXPN says on its website that it uses a 2408-bit encryption key and a 512-bit encryption tunnel. For my customer service test – which you can read about in one of the following sections – I decided to ask them for more details regarding proXPN’s encryption. I received this response:

proXPN encryption

Unlike some providers that side-step around the topic of what encryption protocols it uses, proXPN left nothing unexplained. We here at BestVPN.com always respect a transparent provider, so I was more than pleased with proXPN’s honesty. However, ultimately their types of encryption is unimpressing. It is rather basic and nowhere near as strong as what other security-conscious VPN providers have on offer. Not to mention, a 512-bit key is a serious liability!

There is some good news, however. When searching for details regarding their logging policy, proXPN had this to say on its privacy policy page:

Our logging policy is quite simple, we don’t log anything. We don’t log any activity of our users at any time. proXPN = NO LOGS.


I found the proXPN website to be so-so. I will admit that it has a nice, simple layout that’s both easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. However, the majority of information is crammed on the front page, instead of being neatly organized on dedicated pages. I think that proXPN would benefit from doing this, as it would make it for a cleaner design, and would give it space to add a lot of extra detail regarding its company, features, and plans.

proXPN review

I was also confused by the blog linked to its landing page. While the blog features some helpful company updates and interesting interviews, it is very obviously no longer active. The last blog entry was written way back in early 2014.


proXPN takes its customer service very seriously – for its Premium users, that is. Its Contact Us section hints at 24/7 customer support, and supplies both existing and potential customers with three ways to contact the company: phone, Twitter, and email.

proXPN customer service

I was a bit disappointed that there was no live chat or contact form available, but proXPN still offers a nice number of support options. I was especially happy to see a phone number listed for those who have pressing technical issues and don’t have the time to wait hours for an email response.

If you’re signed up, you also have access to proXPN’s members-only Knowledgebase.

proXPN knowledgebase

In the Knowledgebase, you can find both general information (such as how to cancel your account or update your credit card information) and tech information. The tech information section was particularly well done, with separate sections for issues that arise when setting up software, and for fixes for common issues. All answers are explained in simple terms and are easy to follow.

To test out its customer service, I decided to send the aforementioned query regarding encryption to its support email. Just seconds after sending my question, I received a ticketed response letting me know that my email was received and being reviewed by support staff, and to reply to the email if I had any additional comments to add.

I received a response from a proXPN support staff member within four hours. The response was courteous and completely answered our question. Color me impressed!

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up for proXPN is a simple process. If you opt for the Basic plan, all you have to do is supply an email address, password, and mobile number for account activation.

If you sign up for a Premium plan, however, there are some extra steps. First you will have to decide which of the three sub-plans you want to sign-up for. Afterwards, in addition to all the aforementioned information required for the Basic plan, you will also have to choose your preferred method of payment.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you will have to activate your account via an SMS message. I was quite displeased to see that activating your account in this manner is mandatory for proXPN plans, as mobile phone numbers are incredibly sensitive pieces of information. Furthermore, which conducting this proXPN review, I was able to use the account without ever receiving the mention SMS message, so it ended up seeming rather pointless that I had to provide it in the first place. proXPN should respect the privacy of its customers and send out email activation codes or links instead.

Setting Up

Setting up your proXPN account is a snap. Once in the members-only section, you simply have to click on the Downloads tab and you’ll be presented with step-by-step instructions for your platform of choice. The instructions are accompanied by screenshots to make the setup that much more straightforward.

proXPN setup wizard

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, though. After going through the standard setup wizard you’re prompted to login to your proXPN account, and voila! You’re all set and ready to go.

Windows VPN client

The proXPN Windows client is fairly basic, with the majority of the configuration options being found in the client’s General section. Here, you can select your location, choose between OpenVPN and PPTP, and manually connect. There are also options to both start proXPN at system setup and auto-connect.

proXPN client

After choosing our location, we pressed Connect and our Internet connection was safeguarded within seconds.

As the name suggests, under VPN Guard you can enable or disable the proXPN VPN Guard, a safety feature essentially appears to be an application specific kill switch. I would recommend you keep it enabled so that your online activities remain private even in the event that your connection drops.

proXPN vpn guard

Under the Location tab you can see where exactly you are connected to on a map.

proXPN client review

Finally, under the Log tab you can see logs of your session. This is a feature commonly found in VPN providers that serves mainly to help support troubleshoot any issues that you may have.

proXPN logs

All in all, I found the proXPN Windows client to be very easy to configure and navigate. This makes it a good fit for VPN novices, but more advanced users may find the client lacking.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

proXPN downloadproXPN upload
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

Speed tests were conducted using a 30 Mbps connection in central Europe as a baseline. As you can see in the graphs, the download and upload speeds of proXPN’s free client are pretty damn pitiful. The results of its Premium account, however, are fairly adequate. While not lightning fast, you shouldn’t experience any significant lag.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t detect any DNS leaks during testing for this proXPN review. If you’d like to test for yourself, can use ipleak.net to check for both DNS and WebRTC leaks, while test-ipv6.com will detect any vulnerability to IPv6 leaks. doileak.net, meanwhile, is a mix of all the aforementioned tests. We at BestVPN.com strongly recommend that you run these tests every so often to make sure that the strength and security of your VPN is in working order.

Other Platforms

In addition to Windows 10, proXPN supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP SP3. It also supports Mac OS X 10.6 and above, Linux, Chromebook, as well as iOS 6.0 and above and Android 4.0 and above.

It is worth mentioning that mobile support is only offered to users with Premium subscriptions. I took particular offense to this, when I carried out my proXPN review, as there are plenty of free mobile VPN options. I also had an issue with the limited selection of supported platforms. Hopefully proXPN will expand in the future to include support for other widely used platforms such as Windows Mobile, DD-WRT and Tomato.


I liked

  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Accepts Bitcoin as payment
  • Requires next-to-no personal details when signing up for an account
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Free subscription option
  • Great customer service

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Limited features in both Basic and Premium plans
  • Supports limited platforms
  • Low number of server locations
  • Speeds were just okay

I hated

  • Terrible encryption
  • Requires phone number for registration
  • No free App for mobile users
  • Terrible speeds for Basic account

My proXPN review left me divided over the service. On one hand, the Dutch provider has intuitive software, great customer service, and complete transparency when it comes to its product. However, the truth is that the product is just not that good in comparison to what else is available on the market. Its encryption is as simple (and therefore unsafe) as they come, there’s no mobile support for Basic users, and it’s limited in regards to features, platform support, and server locations. proXPN is a decent provider, but at a similar price point, you could sign up for a VPN provider that has superior security and a more well-rounded service.

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Katrina Power

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Published on: June 19, 2018.

June 19th, 2018

Canadian freelance writer and social media marketer currently living in France. Avid lover of solo travel, new technology, fashion, international affairs, and French music.

8 responses to “proXPN Review 2018

  1. I managed to find a lifetime membership on Black Friday 2015 and having never used VPN before still found it easy to set up and use on Windows 7. I rarely use it on my home network, but it is always on at McDonald’s and Starbucks type locations. I have experience no discrimination as a “lifetime” subscriber and improvement have been made over time.

    I never investigated the VPN guard feature until I heard about it here.

  2. I see they do provide a free app in the (iOS) App Store. They don’t do a good job of advertising the 30-day money back offer; is that still legit?
    Can any proXPN customers confirm if / how many cocurrent devices I can connect (I presume a Premium plan is required). By contrast, ExpressVPN clearly states a money back guarantee, and that I could use 3 devices simultaneously, for a competitive monthly rate.

  3. I’ve been using proXPN since 2015. I had to use the proXPN 24/7 support only 3 times and each time they responded very fast so I could fix the problem. IMO well worth the price.

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