Pete Zaborszky

Pete Zaborszky

March 2, 2013


VPNTunnel has its headquarters in Stockholm Sweden.  It is slowly but surely building its reputation as one of the most reliable VPN in the industry. At the moment their servers are hosted in five countries namely Sweden, France, Germany, Russia and Romania. VPNTunnel is definitely a VPN to watch out for in the near future.

It offers a wide pool of pricing plans and features. If you are looking for a VPN to use then the VPNTunnel is worth trying. This review is going to explore some of its features that make it stand out.

Packages and Pricing


VPNTunnel services are divided into three categories namely OpenVPN, PPTP and the Premium services. The pricing of the three services has been further subdivided into 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. It is not possible to try out any their services before making a purchase. The company however, provides for the money back guarantee in the event that you are not satisfied with any of the services being offered. For review purposes, we decided to purchase the Premium Package.

PPTP Package

The PPTP package has different pricing. The pricing ranges from 4 Euros for one month to 48 Euros for 2 years. Offers the 128 bit encryption. Users of this package enjoy unlimited bandwidth, a dynamic and anonymous public IP. All the traffic is encrypted including P2P, FTP and HTTP. Works with Linux, Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It also works perfectly well with Android and iOS.

OpenVPN Package

The OpenVPN package provides the 2048-bit encryption. The pricing ranges from 5 Euros for 1 month to 62 Euros for 24 months. The other features are similar to what the PPTP package provides.


Premium Package

The Premium package provides both the 128 and the 2048-bit encryption. It only costs 7 Euros a month. This package includes both the OpenVPN and PPTP. It is important to note that this package is cheaper than buying the PPTP and OpenVPN separately. You can connect your Smartphone or tablet and computer at the same time with this package. Their servers are located in the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Romania and Germany.


Customer Service

VPNTunnel offers one of the best customer services in the industry. There is the live chat icon that is located on the left side of the website which you can use to raise various queries. Whenever online, the technical staff will gladly respond to your queries in real time. You can contact them by writing them an email.



VPNTunnel provides robust encryption across the three services it provides. The 128-bit PPTP protocol, the 2048-bit OpenVPN protocol and the 128 and 2048-bit Premium package protocol provides enough protection for most of the internet users. Users who need stronger security requirements will find the 256 to the 2048-bit protocol reliable.

VPNTunnel keeps record of the users, online activity, logs, the personal details and provides their client with IP addresses from the countries that they choose. This therefore implies that there is no privacy policy.

The Process


For the purpose of this review, I decided to test the 1 month Premium Package. I filled a form with my desired username and personal details and was immediately to the Payment form. I was provided with a number of payment options like PayPal, Credit Card and Wire Transfer just but to mention a few. As soon as I completed the payment details, I was provided with my login details. I was really impressed with the speed at which I was provided with my login details as soon as I completed the payment.


Installing and connecting the software

Once we got verified, we used our username and the password generated to log into the system. We were will be directed to the page below:


Once directed to the above page, we proceeded to download the software which was about 2.7MB. On the page above we were also able to check our IP address. There is a guide to using the VPNTunnel on this page. The VPNTunnel users can also be able upgrade their accounts once they get access to this page.



We tested it on a computer with Windows 7 and realized that the internet connection was flawless in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. We did not have a chance to test the VPNTunnel on the other platforms like Android.

Connection Speeds and Reliability

We were able to test our speeds with and without the VPN at

Connection without VPN


Connection with VPN


We found out that with the VPN connection the internet connection was very fast. This applied to the 5 servers as provided by the VPNTunnel. The internet connection was really impressive. It is expected that there will be lower levels of latency if the VPNTunnel users connect to servers that are closer to them.

We also found out that with the VPN connection the internet connection was very reliable. We did not experience dropped connection within the 24 hours that we tested.

Customer area

You can be able to change your email address and password on the user’s dashboard. You can also upgrade your account in this section. There is also the Live Chat option for customers who want solutions in real time.


We liked:

  • The live chat option
  • The easy to download and install software
  • The speeds have not been capped
  • Competitive pricing

What we didn’t like

  • VPNTunnel had a connection problem from time and again.
  • The live chat option is not available for 24/7
  • Paying for the software before using it
  • Limited number of servers
  • There is no privacy policy on the VPNTunnel
  • Keeps the logs activities of the users
  • Limited number of servers


We were not really sure if the money would be refunded in the event that the VPNTunnel failed to work.

We found out that VPNTunnel service is technically accomplished and comprehensive. We really liked how fast the customer support responded to various issues raised. We however hope that they will have more servers in future to suite clients in the various geographical areas of the globe.

Pete Zaborszky

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Published on: March 2, 2013.

March 3rd, 2013

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4 responses to “VPNTunnel Review

    I’ve been using VPNTunnel for over two years now, and I have little to no issues with it.

    Additionally, as the first review stated they have a privacy policy. At the time that I signed up for it I read in depth what information they stored. The information available was not enough so I asked them straight up. They informed me that they are required to operate within the laws of where their servers are located, thus in all countries besides Sweden they would have maintain originating IP and time stamps for connection and disconnect, for 30 days.

    Thus, I have only used their Sweden servers and have had great experience with them, including >1mb/sec realized download rate with torrents. Streaming services such as Netflix also operate fine. Keep in mind, with Netflix specifically, it was interesting to note that when you connect to Netflix from a different country, different media is available.

    Horrible support and service availability!!! Do not pay any money for this!!!! The Support does not answer any questions nor is the service permanantely available. I wasn’t able to connect for a whole week due to some issues on their side and getting connected to their server still is pretty hard. Waste of money and time!

    Sorry to counter that but after using the “service” for more than 6 months I must say their service is just crap. First few months it was OK, speeds rather low, but fine for my use, and then their client stop working from one day to the next. I sent a message to their support address… Nothing came, month went through nothing not even an automated mail to say they were working on it. Posted on their forums. no answer, and in fact if you get to the vpn tunnel forum that is the trend, unanswered mails all over the place. Support? nothing. Refund? haven’t try myself discouraged by previous experiences as posted in those same forums.. claims that also go unanswered… stay away

    You said they have no privacy policy.

    This from their website:

    We offer anonymous surfing and our policy is to safeguard our users’ privacy. The only details we save are your username and email address. This means that we never log IP addresses, times or any other details like that. This is always valid for our servers in Sweden. Have a look at our Privacy Policy/TOS to see the specific terms for other countries.

    Your traffic remains anonymous, even to your internet service provider or employer

    We cannot give out information to third parties

    As regards our servers in Sweden and other countries where we keep no traffic logs, it is impossible to provide details that can, for example, connect a specific user to a specific activity at a specific time for the simple reason that we do not store this data. In other words, it is not an issue we have to consider anytime such a request is made. For countries where logs have to be kept, we will only ever provide information when legally required to do.

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