Charles Tosh

Charles Tosh

July 31, 2015

WorldVPN Review WorldVPN Review Summary

WorldVPN is a functional VPN provider offering a range of countries with OpenVPN and PPTP connections, and though they’ve got some work to do in terms of making their service accessible and reliable they have made some improvements in recent months.

Pricing & Plans

WorldVPN offers four pricing plans, two of which are pitched at the average user and two of which are more aimed at businesses. Although this is not advertised on the main website discounts are available for longer subscription periods. This means that the cheapest per-month price is actually $3.50 for an annual subscription to the Budget service which is fairly cheap if you don’t need more than the allowed 15GB of bandwidth. Buying an Unlimited subscription on a recurring monthly basis is somewhat more expensive, at $9.95.


A free trial is available although you might not notice this on the site until clicking through to investigate pricing options. There isn’t much detail given on the free trial but according to support it’s limited to just 60 minutes of connected time. As well as this, new users can request a refund for any reason within seven days of purchasing a subscription. Payment can be made via a variety of means including credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney and – pleasingly – BitCoin.


WorldVPN is registered in Latvia. It offers access to VPN servers in over a hundred locations across 45 countries all around the world. Three or ten simultaneous connections are allowed depending on price plan. There are also plans aimed at business users or website hosts, and WorldVPN also offers a VPN reseller program. P2P is permitted on servers in the Netherlands, Romania and Russia only.

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Security & Privacy

WorldVPN focuses on the OpenVPN protocol, with 256-bit AES data encryption secured with RSA-256 for handshaking and SHA-1 for hash authentication (SHA256 on the control channel). This is an improvement over the default BlowFish-128 cipher. PPTP and L2TP options are also available using 128-bit encryption. Obviously, given the bandwidth limitations of the Budget plan, users’ bandwidth use is logged to their account, and this can be viewed on the account page. According to support nothing else is logged, and no IP addresses are kept.

Some red flags are raised by the general difficulty of obtaining information on the service. We also have concerns about the ease of tracking any customer assigned to one unique dedicated IP as per the “Dedicated” subscription plan.

The website

WorldVPN’s website looks smart and makes some information easily accessible, such as pricing and a list of available countries. It’s easy to find a link to download the client or access your account. There’s a blog at the bottom of the main page which details recently added VPN servers. There’s also a Privacy Policy incorporating Terms of Use which is brief but to the point.


There’s a lot of room for improvement in terms of the information available on the site, though. For example, there doesn’t seem to be any information on the specifics of the free trial, and a little more technical information on the VPN itself also wouldn’t go amiss. We ended up having to go directly to support to answer a lot of our questions about the service.


Support from WorldVPN is available through the live chat feature on the main page as well as through a ticket system accessible to anyone who’s registered on the website. We couldn’t find out what times live chat is available, but it definitely wasn’t 24/7: throughout the day it appeared to go online and offline seemingly at random. Ticket support was much better, and we had fast responses to most of our tickets. The quality of response was variable, with some being very helpful and others feeling more dismissive – we still have some questions to which we would have appreciated more comprehensive answers. There was also the issue of finding where to actually go for support, as there’s no obvious “support” link on the main site.


Setup guides are available for a variety of platforms, though we felt the comprehensibility of these suffered at times from unclear use of English. While there is also a Knowledge Base, this is limited to error codes only, and we didn’t find it to be very helpful when we had issues with the VPN. Links on the main page take you to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages for the VPN, but these merely duplicate the news posts found elsewhere on the website.

The Process

Signing Up

Trying WorldVPN involves entering a name and email address and, when registering for a full account, users are also asked what country they are in. No further personal information is requested during billing.

The WorldVPN Windows VPN client

The WorldVPN client has a simple interface with all the necessary options and functions presented up front. Choosing a server from the list on the right displays your current ping to that server, and your public IP address (i.e. the one used by the VPN) is clearly displayed when connected. There’s an option to choose between 128-bit PPTP or 256-bit OpenVPN over TCP or UDP, and an area at the bottom of the window shows technical information about the current connection.


WorldVPN have recently updated their service to provide full AES-256 data encryption with SHA256 hash authentication on the control channel, and thanks to the connection log displayed in real-time at the bottom of the window, it’s easy to verify this is happening. It’s also nice to be able to refer to this log if anything goes wrong with the connection.

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

We had very mixed results with our tests of WorldVPN’s performance. Using the bespoke client and the account we were provided for testing purposes we found on average around an 80% reduction in bandwidth while connected to the nearest servers in the UK on our first day of testing. Some of our US server tests came with a truly dismal 500Kbps downstream result while connected to the VPN as compared to 25Mbps on our unprotected connection. A few days later our tests were returning much better results with almost no speed loss on the London OpenVPN dedicated IP profile supplied for encryption testing purposes, and UK server speeds generally around the 26Mbps region. We never had great success with the US servers though, with our best result managing a paltry 6.6Mbps.

UK speed test, no VPN. Ostrom speed test UK
UK speed test, UK VPN. worldvpn_speed_uk2
US speed test, no VPN. worldvpn_speed_novpn_us
US speed test, US VPN. worldvpn_speed_us2

We had some issues with the reliability of the VPN: some connection attempts failed to protect our Internet traffic despite the client saying it was connected, and the occasional drop-out or freeze-up was not uncommon. We had no issues with DNS leaks, indicating that the client provides some protection against this. WorldVPN uses Google’s DNS servers.

Other Platforms

WorldVPN provides setup guides for a range of platforms. Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and iOS are all provided for with PPTP and OpenVPN options – this latter available to Android and iOS only through the third-party OpenVPN Connect app. There’s also a guide for setting up the VPN on Ubuntu Linux though this is for PPTP only.

WorldVPN Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Wide range of servers and countries
  • Strong encryption
  • Bespoke client with DNS leak protection
  • Quick responses from support
  • Free trial and money-back guarantee

We weren’t so sure about

  • Poor quality of English language use hampers communication on both website and support services
  • Variable speeds and reliability

We hated

  • General difficulty of obtaining detailed information on the service

It’s nice to see a VPN provider work on its flaws, and WorldVPN has made improvements to its service recently: it’s fixed an issue with inconsistent encryption strengths and added a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to its website. There is, however, further room for improvement: there’s the issue of reliability – especially those worrying times we found the VPN wasn’t protecting our connection at all – as well as confusion when trying to get information about the service. When it works, though, it works well, with no DNS leaks, high potential speeds and a large variety of servers and locations from which to choose. With three devices catered for even in the Budget plan and reasonably cheap prices bolstered by a (brief) free trial and money-back guarantee, it’s up to you whether you want to give WorldVPN a try.

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    I don’t know about the others saying good things.But sincerely I have had nothing but trouble with the VPN. I was missing a file called After several days using the service,I started noticing errors with so many servers! I finally could only use Texas servers.I could say so much more that was wrong,I say it’s the worst VPN I’ve ever used. I’m about to email them that I am not able to use the service.

    I have been using other vpn services but when i got to
    know worldVpn, it was something else. From my first
    time, i earned a free fully secured month of VPN services
    and called it trial period. flexible plan-the Unlimited
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    and their prices are incredibly cheap, I have 100%
    security with worldVpn. mobile apps, customer care
    services at my finger tip….. thanks to worldvpn…

    I have been using other vpn services but when i got to
    know worldVpn, it was something else. From my first
    time, i earned a free fully secured month of VPN services
    and called it trial period. flexible plan-the Unlimited
    package, to about 100 locations to the Dedicated package
    and their prices are incredibly cheap, I have 100%
    security with worldVpn. mobile apps, customer care
    services at my finger tip….. thanks to worldvpn…couldn\’t
    have asked for More

    world vpn is the best software for online security and fast speed, as i tried i was really happy and still i am happy with world vpn services and they already added many more servers and updated software for more sucure and reliable online surfing.

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