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ShadeYou Review

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ShadeYou is constantly improving and it’s shaping up to be a really good VPN service. Find out the good points of ShadeYou and where there is room for improvement.

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  ShadeYouVPN Summary

ShadeYouVPN is a surprisingly good VPN despite it’s small status and cheap prices. While there are some definite areas of improvement, overall they provide a great core service with great positive peaks in some areas of operation.

Pricing & Plans

Like many VPN providers ShadeYouVPN has one set plan with increasing discounts the longer you sign up for. It is definitely a very cheap – if not the cheapest – VPN service that we have come across. Unfortunately, this price does come with a few downsides but you get what you pay for.


It is very rare to see a company that provides both a free trial and a money back guarantee – but ShadeYouVPN does. In a few clicks (and without entering any private information) you can get a 24 hour free trial. We’re a bit less impressed with their 7 day money back guarantee as the details of it are slightly hazy and it’s only valid if your dissatisfaction is due to a technical error on their side – so make sure you fully test their service using the free trial before purchasing.


ShadeYouVPN is a small Ukranian company but with it’s main servers  and registration in the Netherlands in order to help provide extra privacy.  They also have some great security and a competent support team.

ShadeYouVPN provides a basic service which comes at the positive of a low cost but and the negative that there is a no frills feel to it. Suprisingly but fantastically they allow 5 simultaneous connections, which is a lot more then you get with other providers and is definitely enough to get protection on all of your devices.

At the moment they provide servers in 8 different countries but are soon to be expanding this to have even more.

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Security & Privacy

ShadeYouVPN provides PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN encryption protocols. The PPTP and L2TP connections are the standard that providers give but for their OpenVPN they use an extra secure 256 bit AES encryption. Alongside this they employ shared IPs (like most providers) in order to help protect your identity.

As mentioned above they are based in Ukraine but their primary servers are based in the Netherlands meaning that their data is protected from most prying eyes and P2P is allowed.

Both their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are very brief and do not contain a lot of information, which is a bit annoying as clarity is always appreciated. On the upside, they cover the basics and promise a 100% zero logs service.

The website

The ShadeYouVPN website is a very simple and no thrills affair. While this does mean that most things are easy to find, it also means there could be a bit more information available (especially with regards to ToS and PP as mentioned above). It is also clear that English is not the companies first language and there are  few areas where the text is still Cyrillic, while this doesn’t cause any major issues it does make a few areas a bit hard to understand.



ShadeYouVPN has four types of support: FAQ on their website, Ticket, Chat and even remote support!

Their website FAQ is very basic but as the name suggests covers the important aspects relating to the service. The Ticket support is very knowledgeable though can take over 24 hours to reply. The live chat is a bit of an oddity with regards to availability.
“If we got a lot of tickets – our support isn’t available to reply via live chat. In such cases we switch off it.”

While we didn’t get a chance to test their remote support we have learnt that they use TeamViewer for this. While this is great and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they provide remote support, you are required to install TeamViewer.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up to ShadeYouVPN is very easy. All you require is a username, password and email (which of course can be a fake one). They allow payment via a large number of methods but most important of these is PayPal and Bitcoin, the latter of these means that you’ll further protect your identity.

The Windows VPN client

There is not much to say about the ShadeYouVPN Windows client as it is very simple and like the rest of it, it is very no frills. The good thing is that you are able to select from a number of TCP and UDP protocols (though this could be implemented better) in order to provide a service that is able to overcome most blocking as well as optimizing speed and performance.

On the positive side, it doesn’t require administrator access to launch and is therefore less of annoyance to use compared to others.


Unfortunately, we did notice a small problem with the client on our Win 8.1 with the text not displaying properly with no clear solution for this. ShadeYouVPN says they will have a new client shortly that should solve this problem.

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

We gave ShadeYouVPN our normal performance tests to see how it performed. The IP tests were fine and there was no DNS leaks – they use Google DNS. The speed tests weren’t very fast with any server or protocol but always remained adequate enough to stream and surf, even when connected to the US.

 ShadeYouVPN_Pure_Speed  ShadeYouVPN_OpenVPN_Speed
 Pure Speed ShadeYouVPN OpenVPN Speed

Other Platforms

ShadeYouVPN has only the Windows proprietary client which works from XP up to Windows 8. They provide set up guides for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN on Android, iOS and Windows (OpenVPN GUI) as well as an OpenVPN setup guide for Ubuntu.

Other/ Free Services

ShadeYouVPN provide a free proxy (‘Anonymizer’) for anyone that visits their website. We gave this a test and while basic, it is well implemented and the speeds are fine. For this they use the source viewable Glype.


Overall ShadeYouVPN provide a great core service at a great low price. Though their customer support and security are fantastic, their software and platform support definitely needs to be improved and implemented to become a full fledged VPN. If the latter two do not worry you, then we fully recommend giving them a try and even signing up.

We liked

  • Free Trial AND money back guarantee
  • Good customer support with plenty of types
  • Registered in NL

We weren’t so sure about

  • Software issues
  • Website could do with a few improvements
  • Brief ToS and Privacy Policy

We hated

  • Not much


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Peter Selmeczy

I am an engineer by trade and tech geek by night, who's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the people. Find me on Google+.

8 responses to “ShadeYouVPN Review

  1. It is a shame that this VPN service is trapped in a time warp.
    They seem oblivious of the ever changing Internet with absolutely no idea that over 50% of users are now connecting via mobile devices – no app.

    They still use separate crt/key/cert files instead of integrating them in the .ovpn config files – cause some issues with mail servers bouncing emails that contain the above files.

    Their web site is showing it’s age with gray hairs now apparent which are obscuring the content.

    If someone knows the operators then please send them a wake up call.

    Not recommended, there are much better VPN services with dynamic operators who do care about their subscribers.

    Because of an miscommunication and lack of info on there website.
    They refuse to refund 6 months service.

    7 days payback grantee.

    Was working pretty good for month to month, then I bought a year package and it’s been pretty hit and miss since then. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything but month to month and if it’s not performing, cancel. I’d like to cancel right now and sign up elsewhere, but I feel locked in having paid in advance. argh!

    The website has basically no account interface.. the website is ridiculously basic and is really just a sales pitch to sign up. I can’t even figure out how to ask them a question!

    When it works, the speeds are pretty good.. but it’s been giving me a ton of trouble lately.

    I signed up with shadeyouvpn, and was having alot of problems with it disconnecting randomly and with many servers not connecting, asked for my money back as per their guarantee, and after they tried resolving the issue and couldn’t they said they’d refund me, asked for my paypal, gave it to them….but they never responded or refunded the money.

    Shadeyou vpn is not anonymous. The users activity is logged in the vpn connection and linked back to individual users. Not obvious who they share their logs with. Their customer service is non-existing, lots of the documentation is in russian. The network speed is low.

    1. What do you mean exactly by “the users activity is logged in the vpn connection and linked back to individual users”? Do you mean that users activity can be traced to individual users (something possible anytime we connect to a site, especially when all our network activity is directed through a specific site such as a VPN), or do you mean they actually log your activity, which would be contrary to their commitments?
      Also, when you write “not obvious who they share their logs with”, you imply they breach their commitment (“no logs”). Any evidence of such a trust-damaging activity?

      Choice of a VPN is a lot a matter of trust and confidence: using a VPN is not an absolute protection against threats to privacy, it is first a contract of exclusivity: only the VPN provider may be able to spy on us and all our activities.

      Finally, when you say “lots of their documentation is in Russian”, do you actually mean Russian (that would be odd, although many Ukrainian speak Russian), or a cyrillic language, such as Ukrainian?

      Thank you for clarifying.

    I have this VPN and signed up for it when i first found out about it. I have no regrets! I have only 7MB down from my ISP and when the VPN is connected, Thru OpenVPN, the decrease in speed is very minimal. At least for me. To me the support is awesome as well. They went above and beyond when i needed help as this was the first VPN i have ever purchased. I will be staying with them as long as i can.

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