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If you haven’t heard of Silk Road then you’ve probably been in a coma or living at the North Pole, because for the last few years Silk Road has been a hot topic for anyone discussing Tor browser, the deep web and even Bitcoins.

Silk Road is the infamous trafficking platform set up by Ross Ulbricht, AKA Dread Pirate Roberts, who is at the moment awaiting trial after being caught by the FBI.  The site (which was kept going for some time as Silk Road 2.0 by Blake Benthall) allowed users to anonymously buy and sell illegal items (mainly drugs and weapons) in relative safety. With more than a million transactions totalling around $1.2 billion,  it is believed that Ulbricht managed to gather a staggering $80 million in commissions during its reign of terror.

Now Silk Road is back under the guise of Silk Road Reloaded, not on Tor but instead on the lesser known I2P anonymity software.  I2P was built using open source tools and has itself  been around since 2003. The software allows for anonymous peer-to-peer communications making it perfect for anyone who cares about anonymity, whether they be a  journalist,  whistleblower, activist or criminal.  If you’re interested in I2P then you can read more about it,  in our article here.

Silk Road Reloaded which has been in development for a year, accepts a much wider range of currencies than any of the other copycat marketplaces that have popped up since Silk Road’s demise (Hydra, Pandora and Evolution for example). In order to make the most of the lucrative illegal market  Anoncoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are all accepted, simply being converted into Bitcoins before being processed, a feature which the owner(s)? of  Silk Road Reloaded are sure to profit from.

Silk Road Reloaded has  been advertised on the popular entertainment, social networking and news website Reddit, where it has received criticism for its outright theft of the original website’s name, which many Reddit users feel is too risky and obvious to be taken seriously.

While here at BestVPN your privacy is of utmost importance to us, we also like to give you a balanced and fair portrayal of internet security issues, and while we want you to be able to protect your personal data  from possible spies, we also want to promote a healthy crime free internet where your children are safe from possible harm. Issues such as drug trafficking have always been a problem in this world and its not unusual for criminals to be at the forefront of technology when it comes to finding ways to profit from these illegal trades. That is why here at BestVPN we bring you all of the news so that you can stay well informed and make good decisions.