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SmartDNSProxy Review

Our summary

SmartDNSProxy is a smart DNS as opposed to a full VPN. It is a good service for unblocking content that does not provide the added privacy benefits of a VPN.

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  Smart DNS Proxy Summary

Smart DNS Proxy is one of best SmartDNS services we have tested so far and are absolutely fantastic for streaming! Be aware that being a SmartDNS service it doesn’t provide any security like a VPN – you can read about the difference between the two types of services here.

Note: We’ve recently launched an entire website about SmartDNS. Please check that for more detailed information about SmartDNS services.

Pricing & Plans

Smart DNS Proxy, similarly to 90% of the VPN and SmartDNS providers out there, has one set plan with increasing discounts the longer you sign up for. Unlike the other providers though they also have a 24 month plan which comes in at only $2.08/month. This is a great price for a SmartDNS service.


Smart DNS Proxy also provides a fantastic 14 day free trial that doesn’t require you to enter any sensitive/payment information. Annual subscriptions also come with a 30 day money back guarantee which is great to hear. The only thing to be careful of is that once an annual subscription expires it will change to a recurring monthly plan.


Smart DNS Proxy provides you with unblocking of 6 popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Vevo and YouTube. Alongside this they provide access to 133 Video and Music streaming services in 32 countries – of course Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer are included in this list.

To be able to achieve all this great unlocking they have 400 servers around the world with 4 DNS IPs which are the load balancers. The servers also help with redundancy and to maintain the reliability of speeds and availability of the service

You are able to use the SmartDNS with any number of devices, as long as you have the same IP address (connected to the same network) but if you want to use it at multiple locations at the same time you will have to purchase another account.

Smart DNS Proxy is a brand of Global Stealth Inc which is based in the Seychelles in order to protect it’s customers. Global Stealth Inc is part of Cakinberk Telekom who previously ran BoxPN and also owns GetFlix – meaning they have plenty of experience in running VPN and DNS networks. 

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Security & Privacy

Since Smart DNS Proxy is only a SmartDNS provider, it is of no surprise that they do not provide any kind of security when it comes to connection of the service.

Both their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are well laid out and give great clarity about the operations of the company. In it they clearly highlights the information they collect and why – payment processing primarily. Interestingly their law firm is based in Canada and that’s where any disputes will be resolved.

The website

The Smart DNS Proxy website is  really well designed – not only is it easy to navigate it is also easy to find all the details. The only thing we can really criticise on it is the animation in the top banner – it’s too slow and distracting. They also keep their social networks up to date with networking information as well as streaming and TV series related news.



Smart DNS Proxy has 2 types of support: live chat and ticket/email.

The live chat is very quick to reply and very helpful, however, they are less knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the company and are mainly there for general questions. The ticket support fills in this gap, by having a multi-tier support system, and is just as helpful and supportive.


The Process

Signing Up

Signing up to Smart DNS Proxy requires your Full name, email address and a password. For the 14 day free trial you do not need to enter any payment information but there after you will need to. It’s no surprise that they do not accept any secure payment types such as Bitcoin since the service is aimed for streaming and not for security.

The Windows VPN client

Unlike some other SmartDNS providers, Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t have it’s own client. This is good because it means your computer doesn’t get clogged up with unnecessary software, but bad because if your IP changes (the frequency of which depends on your ISP) you need to visit their website. In order to solve the latter problem they have a webpage you can bookmark which will update your IP automatically. A great feature of Smart DNS Proxy, that we haven’t seen elsewhere is that once you connect to your chosen server you can watch any streaming services without having to change any settings. As mentioned they have a number of servers around the world in order to help provide you the best speeds.


Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

As discussed, Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t protect your IP address so we saw our own IP when doing the IP test. We were very pleased with the DNS leak test, as unlike some other providers the only result was the DNS that we were required to set up. Since there is no encryption, it was also no surprise that there was virtually no speed drop in the system and this remained consistent no matter what device or streaming service we were using.

 SmartDNSProxy_PureSpeed SmartDNSProxy_SmartDNS_Speed
 Pure Speed SmartDNS Speed

Other Platforms

The big advantage of SmartDNS over a VPN is that it is able to support a larger range of devices due to do it’s every day common use. Smart DNS Proxy fully utilises this fact and therefore has set up guides for a large range of devices including routers, computers, set top boxes, games consoles and even Smart TVs. We gave it a  test on both our SmartTV and Router, both of which were easy to set up, and as expected it caused absolutely no issues and we didn’t notice a difference in internet speed or streaming quality.


Overall Smart DNS Proxy is probably the best SmartDNS company that we have tested so far thanks to it’s low prices, ease of use and great support. While some people may be put off by it’s lack of software/apps with regards to SmartDNS (especially the way they have implemented it) we think this is great.

We liked

  • Extremely easy to set up
  • No need to keep changing settings
  • Good support
  • Great speeds
  • Fantastic Value

We weren’t so sure about

  • A VPN service would also be welcome

We hated

  • Nothing

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Peter Selmeczy

I am an engineer by trade and tech geek by night, who's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the people. Find me on Google+.

22 responses to “Smart DNS Proxy Review

  1. I have been using Smart DNS Proxy for over two years now. It’s probably the best SmartDNS provider on the market. I mainly use it for American Netflix for my AppleTV. Their static routing works very well for my AppleTV. They announced VPN network about a year ago. I think today they have over 200 VPN servers. The good thing is that they also have SmartVPN servers which are very different than other VPNs. I can connect to any SmartVPN server as well as the ones in Europe, and I can stream from American Netflix, BBC or any others from the same server. They announce exceptional prices time to time if you become their subscriber and you can get those deals. I pay about 3 USD a month which is nothing comparing to my benefit.

  2. I’ve been a happy customer of Smart DNS Proxy for over 12 months and over the last 8 years tried pretty much every service.

    However, from late Sept 2017 – BBC iPlayer became unavailable (apart from BBC – Global that is free for anyone globally). Their support team have acknowledged the issue.

    It has been nearly a week now without resolution, so I’m very sad to say that I will need to change providers and do not waste money on these guys if you want to access UK BBC iPlayer, they do not have a working solution at the moment.

    1. BBC iPlayer is working fine for me. Did have a problem earlier in the summer but that has been resolved. Make sure you reboot your router.

  3. I use GetFlix and also have a VPN service by IronSocket. Both are very good. Are GetFlix and Smart DNS proxy in fact the same service so that, other than pricing, is there some advantage of using one over the other.

    1. Hi pmcd,

      Getflix is a brand of Global Stealth, Inc. (Çakınberk Telekominikasyon Internetser.Hiz.Lim.Şti) based in Turkey. Smart DNS Proxy is operated by Global Stealth, Inc.
      (Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti.) which operates out of the Seyshelles. So no, they are not is fact the same service (although the product they offer may be similar).

    1. Hi arturo,

      Smart DNS Proxy claims to support BBC iPlayer. Given that iPlayer is now trying to block VPN users, however, it is very a good idea to take full advantage of its 14-day free trial just to check. You should have no problems accessing other UK streaming services (such as All4 and ITV Player).

    I’m about to sign up on the 12 month discount.

    Whilst I’m really grateful for all the information shared by the other users with regards to smartDNSproxy as I don’t want to leave Unotelly to save money for a lower quality service.
    I’m not sure I really understand what the big deal is about signing up only to discover they aren’t as good as they claim as they also have a 30 day money back guarantee. What’s to beware about? If the service doesn’t work as offered then just get your money back. Which to be honest with the 60% discount hardly amounts to much anyway. However, If I’m missing something then please share your experience as it would be good to know if there are hidden pitfalls or issues when it comes to getting a refund.

    They’re tell they’re will contact back to email, because there was not true chat, but through emails, when they’re start supporting port forwarding, but I’m not sure for that they will contact me at all, will see. Without port forwarding you know VPN are completely useless, if then they’ll not start telling that p2p not much allowed.

    1. Hi rfrf,

      Please be aware that Smart DNS is a SmartDNS service, not a VPN provider!SmartDNS as a technology does not ever protect you when you P2P (its sole purpose is the evade geo-blocks by streaming services).

      1. Sorry, its not, I was successfully used VPN at Smart DNS Proxy, it named SmartVPN in simultaneously conjunction with SmartDNS, there a few VPN-servers that SmartVPN, honestly.

        1. Hi Mya,

          It seems Smart DNS Proxy has added VPN functionality to its service. It is not possible to setup VPN (OpenVPN or otherwise) without a VPN provider (unless you become the provider yourself – see here or here).

          1. Hi sam_sk,

            Yup, Smart DNS Proxy has added VPN to its core service since this review was published.

    tested their service for 14 days using free trial. everything was great during the trial period. but once i became a paid subscriber everything turned upside down. now it affects my streaming and browsing speed. it brought my connection speed to a crawl. connection resets and connection timeouts are very frequent and all support does is keep telling me to do same things over and over again such as reboot your pc, reboot your modem, etc. i tried so much but couldn’t get a refund.

    1. Hi Dean,

      Are you setting up the DNS settings in the router. if yes then I would suggest not to touch the router DNS settings and let it use the ISP default one. Try changing the DNS settings in individual machine or laptop which you are using. I had the same problem and found that the ISP was the culprit. I am able to watch hulu,netflix without any problems.

      One more point is that your internet connection should be more than 1.5 mbbps speed. I have 4 mbbs speed and hence am able to watch without any bufferring.

    2. I really wish I had read this review before I purchased. I have the smartdns proxy version. Most websites are working correctly, except Netflix, which is the main reason I brought the service. The Netflix streaming itself is working ok, but the interface, with the pictures doesn’t work correctly. I can only see 25-50% of the pictures.

      I had this problem during the trial, but I also had a modem and ISP problem, so I thought it was a coincidence and thought it was my ISPs fault. WRONG.

      Support starts off OK. They try to have you do all the basic things, restart modem, try a different browser. Until you tell them that every device in the house is affected. TVs, Ipads the lot. Now I haven’t heard from them for 3 days.

      The previous person says to set the IP addresses in the device itself. I don’t think that is the issue because I tried UN Block US and UN locator. They both worked fine.

      Smart DNS send you 60% Discounts once the trial is over. BEWARE. Its cheap, but in this world, you get what you pay for? Right?

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