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This VPN offers a run-of-the mill service but keeps no logs.

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Our SpyOff review found a provider aiming for quality service, but falling short on a few counts which further transparency would readily clarify. Performance is slightly above average with a decent VPN client. Give the free trial a look using the link below, or read on for further considerations.

  • Decent Speeds
  • Few Performance Fluctuations
  • Good Client
  • Little Encryption Suite Info
  • Layered Company Trail

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Pricing & Plans

SpyOff has threee pricing tiers similarly to most other providers. $11.10 will buy you a month-to-month Starter service while the price drops down to a year with the $7.77 monthly Premium plan. Each plan comes with all available servers. The difference is in savings. Alternatively, you may opt for the $12.22 Premium Plus plan – also billed once per year – which includes Premium Support and more VPN tricks. It’s slightly odd to charge extra for unclear benefits, as we’ll discuss in more detail.

SpyOff Pricing

SpyOff isn’t the most economical VPN on the market, but it does deliver an above average service, though the inability to pay with anything other than a (major) credit card does raise some concern as to how worried about SpyOff company is. Either way, there’s a a f money-back guarantee to see for yourself.

Video Review

The SpyOff review video demonstrates the service relatively well, though, it’s entirely in German.


Sareta S.r.l (SpyOff’s parent company) is based in San Marino, (but has German ties since several members of the team had German affiliations). That said, San Merino isn’t in any way bound to the DRD or other surveillance directives. As such, the website and service is available fully mirrored in both languages, making this provider a great choice for German folks. Up to three simultaneous connections are allowed to the service at any given time. There are currently over 21,000 IP addresses in 21 countries and counting.

SpyOFF Servers

Try out SpyOff’s speedy network and free trial a look below.

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Security & Privacy

SpyOff ReviewWhen you are surfing online while using a VPN you are completely anonymous. No one knows your activities including SpyOFF. SpyOFF does not restrict or log any of your activities. What you are doing while you are connected to the VPN is your own responsibility.”

The quote above taken from my anonymous email to the SpyOff support team reads well, as the privacy message is one all VPN providers would do well to operate on on principle, if nothing else. Unfortunately, my request for exact information as to what encryption suite (encryption protocols, authentication, and so on), was rebuffed as seen below. The SSL security likely refers to website access – but there’s no way of knowing with such limited feedback. SpyOff will hopefully come forth with full details on the matter soon.

“The connection with SpyOFF is secured via  SSL encryption on every system. We can not provide you with a full encryption suite.”

SpyOff Protocols

Instead, we’re left with this image depicting protocols, which may well be confusing to less techy people not used to VPNs (though there is slightly mor information if you scroll down the page). It’s always reccomended to go with the Ultra Secure option, as this is the only choice using OpenVPN. Balanced mode uses L2TP, and highspeed uses PPTP. Both  have been proven insecure, and should be avoided where possible – save maybe streaming – if you’re in any way concerned about anonymity. There isn’t any official word on P2P, though the earlier quote would imply a ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ attitude in place.

The website

The SpyOff website is well laid out on most counts, with pricing, features, trial signup and contact links clearly denoted in the top banner. The only point which could be improved is to have the English/Geman language toggle at the top of the screen, instead of all the way at the bottom.

SpyOff Website 829

Walls of German text (not pictured here) threw me for a loop when I first visited the SpyOff website!SpyOff Homepage Bottom

The bottom banner has more useful links to the glossary of terms (pseudo FAQ section that’s in certain ways a bit more useful), as well as links to SpyOff’s oft-updated social media accounts.

SpyOFF Blog

Spyoff’s blog is fully in German without a native translation option (just run Google translate). There’s an even mic of content ranging from service updates to news from around the global privacy and broader IT spheres.


Support is something of a mixed bag. The resources on the site are adequate, but SpyOff could do well by streamlining and amalgamating the two disparate (one long, one short) FAQ sections into one, and by possibly instituting a user forum to encourage an open flow of ideas and engagement. LiveChat support would also be useful as is isn’t currently available due to limited staff – which might change moving forward.

SpyOff Support

That said, the email responses I received to opening up a ticket such as the one pictured above were courteous and timely.

The Process

Signing Up

Registering for SpyOff requires a username, working email address, and paying by credit card. You’ll subsequently receive an email or how to get started, or jut follow the prompts from the Client Area to download an install the VPN app relevant to your device(s).

The VPNProvider Windows VPN client

The SpyOff Windows VPN client looked and felt intuitive, and was clearly given ample design attention. There’s a side by side server menu with the left half showing server location while the right side portion displays the various servers to pick from in each country.

SpyOff Windows Client

You should always stick with the Ultra Secure OpenVPN – though High Speed is visibly selected here – based option whenever possible, for maximum security and anonymity. Connecting is simple, just click on the button and wait for it to turn green as shown above.

SpyOff Windows Client Settings

Opening up the setting menu in the bottom left of the client brings up some handy features, like auto startup with Windows, and a popup blurb that’ll show you if your VPN connection drops, or alert you in the situations wherein you click disconnect and hastily click outside the app on your device. You may set the killswitch to block all web traffic from the moment you start your computer, or instruct the SpyOff app to continually attempt a rec-connection. I was positively impressed with the Windows client, and the performance testing below only served to back those feelings up.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Speeds were excellent on our 30 Mbps test connection, with UK and French servers both averaging a shade under 10 Mbps. Meanwhile, US severs showed a similar curve of about 9 Mbps, though it’s worth noting that the geographical proximity also dropped the baseline average to 12 Mbps, as you rightly expect.

SpyOff Download

SpyOff Upload

Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

No IP leaks whatsoever came up during testing. It’s always satisfying – though it shouldn’t be much more than matter of course – as DNS leaks make using a VPN even more dangerous than an unecrypted connection (seeing as how you’re then falsely operating on the basis of being protected).

Check for DNS leaks, including the WebRTC bug. For IPv6 leaks, use A third option that mixes the two prior ones is found using It’s a good idea to run some of these tests from time to time, even if you have little to worry about.

Other Platforms

In addition to dedicated Windows, Android, OSX, and iOS apps, SpyOff has setup guides for Linux, or a router if you wish to encrypt your entire network. The guides aren’t extremely detailed and lack pictures, but they are well-written and easy enough to follow provided you have a base technical understanding about VPNs (which you can quickly dive into using our VPN for Beginners Guide).

SpyOff Setup Guides

Android, iOS, Linux, etc

The SpyOff Android app looked and felt the same as it Windows cousin did. It was smooth to use and quite speed for being a mobile app, both in connecting to a server, and maintaining decent speeds while streaming and browsing.

SpyOff Android

SpyOff Review Conclusion

I liked

  • High Speed
  • Reliable Performance
  • Sleek Windows App (& Android)
  • Logless Policy

I wasn’t so sure about

  • A Bit Pricy

I hated

  • Full Encryption Specs A Mystery

SpyOff’s overall service is a tad on the pricier side of the fence and some valid concerns on encryption detract from the existing solid foundations for a quality VPN service. Speeds are in the upper range out, with reliability to match. A few additional tweaks could well catapult this expanding provider into the elite. Take a look at SpyOff’s free trial offer below.

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Dimitri M

Expat in Europe - pathos for good conversation and Italia's Grande Juventus.

18 responses to “SpyOff Review

    I’m using spyoffvpn now for over 6 months. The website does look a bit different now but the client still does look like this. The speed of their service is amazing and i can only recommend it. I used the trial for their service and was convinced.

    So i found SpyOFF on some random website and thought that since i can test them for free, to give them a chance. And i decided to stick to them. The client is really straighforward and easy to use. The biggest plus is the speed of their servers. I really did not expect that speed but it was amazing. The only thing that i am wondering is, that they are that hard to find.
    I can only recommend using their free trial to see on your own!

  1. I really like SpyOFF because it’s a VPN-Client which is very easy to use. If you have any problems you will get answers from the great customer service within a few hours . Generally it’s a fast and reliable VPN-Client. Maybe the price could be a little cheaper….but you can test this service without paying anything (15 days free trial)! 🙂

    • Not Rated

    What do I like about SpyOFF? Definitely the simplicity! Downloaded the software, logged in and connected to a server. Works like a charm 😉 What do I not like about SpyOFF? I probably have to agree with the author: the price. However, it’s not really expensive, as there are several big VPN providers who charge a similar amount, or even more (like ExpressVPN, 12.95 USD/month). So that was not really an issue for me. I got a 30-day free trial from one of their partner sites and decided to continue the subscription after I noticed how many times I’ve actually needed a VPN since then. The speed is great (read: awesome), I don’t really notice any difference in speed when I’m connected to a VPN server, so streaming videos is not a problem at all. That was one of the major reasons why I decided to use their service permanently. I haven’t had the need to contact the support team yet, so I can’t say anything about their customer service.
    As someone who has worked in customer service before, I cannot stress enough, how important it is to cancel unwanted subscriptions within the given time! You don’t want to be charged? Cancel before that happens! Simple as that 🙂

    I am satisfied with Spyoff. What I like the most is, that the software is very easy to handle and user friendly + You have a lot of options to adjust Spyoff to your personal needs. The setup/ installation is very straight forward. Everything works well and i absolutely recommend my friends + family to test Spyoff themselves during the free trial.
    In this time we live in data encryption gets more and more important.

    I am currently using their trial. Works like a charm. Speedloss is at a minimum and the whole signup process felt very easy. Although they might seem a bit pricy, i think that the amount of speed jusitfies every single penny. I can not tell you anything about their support since i did not need them yet.

    When you search for VPN often this “SpyOFF” appears. On the Internet you can find contradictory statements about this. Some say, their Support isn´t that good, or too slow and that their servers are sometimes too slow. Because I can get a free trial there I thought I could try it for my self. So I signed up for their service and tried a few things. On the first day, I had some connection errors, what was because of my antivirus (Norton), what they fixed on the same day. After that I had no more problems and I am happy with that service. It is the only VPN I know where you can connect as much devices as you wish without limitations. And that for a decent price. Pretty unique. I think its fair to say, that this service is highly recommendable.

    I am completely new to the whole VPN topic. Spyoff was really easy to use for me and it helped me to stream my desired movie. I chose to keep them after their free test.

  2. I really recommend SpyOFF because you can choose between a lot of countries and servers. This VPN Client is very fast and you can log in with more than one device.
    Until now I’m really happy with this service. It’s really worth to test SpyOFF because of the free trial.

    Thanks to you Dimitri, your colleague Katrina Power and Douglas Crawford I now found a VPN for me. I was searching since quite a while, because I am not a master with computers. But with all of your help I now found a good solution for me. I wanted to have something that is easy to use, not too expensive and located in a country that is not connected to the USA. With SpyOFF I hope, I have found the perfect solution. I am still in trial, because I found a 3 Months free offer in the Internet, so I did not have paid anything yet. But so far spyoff satisfies all my needs. Even my questions got answered quick. (Because as I mentioned I am not too good with computers, so I had several problems with installation). So thanks again to You really helped me.

    Spyoff is pretty cool VPN. I’m living in Europe and I’m having great speed on other european servers.The US servers have a slightly lower download rate but it’s still ok when you consider there’s an ocean between it.
    There are no traffic restrictions if you know what I mean 😉
    Even the streaming of regional content works on two different services which I’m using.
    I got an answer from the support within some hours when I had some technical problems. In the beginning you can try it for free. I also ried two services which wanted to have mymoney on the first day and when I took the money back guarantee it took a lot of time until I got it back. So I definitely recommend using SpyOFF!

    1. Hi Felmon,

      I’m afraid you will need to contact SpyOff about this. We are just a review website.

    Requested support during trial due to slow and unreliable connections, took 2 days for a response.
    Cancelled trial hours before trial complete, but they still debited my card for a years subscription.
    Did not realise for 2 months, despite having not logged in they refused to refund.

    1. Spy off offers marginal vpn services.
      There is absolutely no customer service. I did the trial and cancelled 1
      day after the 15 day trial had expired
      and was charged for a year subscription. I understand that is their policy, however, I have sent 15
      texts to cancel my year subscription
      & refund my money minus $6.99 for one month. They have failed to honor my requests to cancel or give
      me a refund, and now they have stopped responding to my texts.
      I have pointed out that there is nothing in their policy stating that cancellations are not allowed or
      no refunds. So now Iam going to
      have to contact my bank & file a dispute claim. Do not sign on with
      service. The vpn services provided by spy off are marginal. Other providers that offer much better vpn
      services and are much more accommodating to their subscribers.
      Do not even sign up for the free trial
      because it is not worth the headaches
      of having to deal with these people.
      They are rude. unaccomodating,
      and do not give a damn about their
      subscribers. Do not sign on with
      spy off.

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