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SwitchVPN is a provider based in India which offers three packages of service. The servers are located in 17 countries. But you are limited to servers in just one country. In their favor they feature compatibility on all devices, unlimited bandwidth and instantaneous connection. But there are some concerns we will address later.

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Refund Policy: There is a 7 day money back guarantee. They claim it will be given with no questions asked. They suggest that you contact them first to resolve any problems claiming to be able to resolve 99% of them. But it is definitely not a try before you buy proposition. You will get your money refunded within 7 days if there is a failure to connect. However, if you are not happy with the speed of service or the inability to get your favorite apps to work with it, you are not automatically entitled to a refund.

There are some other things to dislike beside the iffy refund policy. There are confusing and contradictory advertising and policy claims. It is difficult to understand exactly what you are purchasing or the actual level of anonymity afforded. Also, the ratio of price to features offered is not favorable and relegates SwitchVPN to a mid-level position among providers.

So, we are conflicted about them. We like the extra strong OpenVPN encryption and the support for SSTP. We don’t like being limited to servers in just one country which is the case except for the expensive plan. By the way, this fact was not explained on the website. As stated, their privacy policy is confusing as to the degree of anonymity.

If you need ultra-strong encryption or need SSTP to bypass VPN blocks you may find their expensive package worthwhile. Everyone else should probably look elsewhere. We believe you can find better.

SwitchVPN Free Trial »

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