Switzerland could be hosting Edward Snowden very soon

Ever since Edward Snowden hit the news back June 2013, he has hardly been outside of it. Since the end of June he has been residing in Russia but has looked for refuge elsewhere. Now it seems that he might soon be travelling to Switzerland.

An article that appeared in the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung suggests that they received documents from the Swiss attorney general, which state that if Snowden was to testify against the NSA, then the possibility of him being moved is very likely. He had already provided testimony in Europe so this shouldn’t come as a major hurdle in the road, but of course it’s unclear exactly what he would be required to do.

If the plans for this do go ahead it will most likely be kept under 100% secrecy, since Snowden was only supposed to pass through Russia, but due to US intervention of his flight plans, he got stuck there. Luckily for him he has been welcomed by the Russians, so much so that his stay has now been extended by three years. So while he has plenty of time, in the long term it is not ideal for him. Not only because he is currently getting accusations of being a Russia spy but also because the Swiss are a more diplomatic and neutral country on the whole.

So in summary don’t be surprised if one day you’re reading this space and he has ‘magically’ appeared in Switzerland.

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One response to “Switzerland could be hosting Edward Snowden very soon

  1. I am an American citizen with a degree in Software Engineering. I am a White Hat hacker and do security research for local businesses. Snowden is a HERO here among most of us, including the black hat hackers.

    What the NSA did AND IS doing is simply WRONG and most Americans KNOW this.

    I wish the best for Snowden, but I doubt he will actually testify against the NSA. It is one thing to blow the whistle on wrong-doing by any American security agency (even though I believe they are ALL corrupt AND use their info AGAINST law-abiding citizens) in a basic way, but to actually TESTIFY against them in the national courts, I doubt Snowden will do this.

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