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Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

July 1, 2014

We often review VPNs, routers and firmware related to DD-WRT (Tomato, Sabai OS) so we have decided to gather all the information in one spot to provide you with ease of access. Make sure you bookmark this page as we will be bringing plenty of helpful write ups and reviews.

If you don’t know what DD-WRT is then check out the Installing DD-WRT link below for more information. If you want help with getting a DD-WRT without having to risk bricking your router then check out FlashRouters (they also provide Tomato based routers). We have also included some router reviews and some other interesting links for your viewing pleasure.

Note: Please bare in mind that all information is provided ‘as is’ and we can’t take any responsibility for any damage or problems you cause to your router.


  1. 5 Best VPN providers for DD-WRT
  2. Definitive DD-WRT Guide
  3. 5 Best VPN providers for Tomato
  4. Sabai Technology Review – an innovative custom router firmware company
  5. Custom Router Software Overview – this explains the differences between the different firmwares to help you chose the best one for you. We like DD-WRT due to it’s relative simplicity and ease of use.
  6. Custom Router Firmware: In-depth – a full comparison between Stock, Tomato, DD-WRT and Sabai OS


  1. The ‘5 Best Router’ review – if you’re looking to buy a new router this should help
  2. Asus RT-AC66U Review
  3. Cisco Linksys E1200 Review
  4. TP-Link WDR3600 Review
  5. Asus RT-N66U Review

Flashed Router Companies:

  • RouterSource – An offstem of Sabai Technology (mentioned above) who sells Sabai OS, JaiRo and DD-WRT routers. Update: RouterSourc has merged back into SabaiOS now.
  • FlashRouters – Sells DD-WRT and Tomato Routers
  • Sabai Technology – Mentioned above, sells great custom OS routers


Here we explain in detail how to set up important settings on your router so that you can get the most out of it

  1. Setting up a VPN on your router
  2. Installing DD-WRT – the starting block
  3. NAS Storage – so you can use an external drive as a network drive
  4. Printer Sharing – so everyone on your network can use the same printer
  5. Network Repeater – so you can extended the range of your wireless network instead of your old router gathering dust
  6. FTP Access – Accessing your router connected storage through FTP


Here you can find information about router firmware related news that we have posted

  1. DD-WRT Backdoor Issue – a security issue for some models
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