The Indie Box is personal web server that aims to protect your data

A recent court ruling in Europe has Google reeling by placing a sharp limit on its ability to retrieve controversial information. Now another development has the potential to negatively affect the search giant’s revenue stream by denying it access of users personal data to sell your shopping habits to advertisers. Enter the Indie Box- a revolutionary but simple product that anyone can use to keep data from being splashed on the Internet.

Johannes Ernst has designed the Indie Box, a personal web server preloaded with open source software that will enable you to run web services from your home network. You no longer have to worry about the NSA spying on your email or online advertisers hawking your buying habits to the highest bidder. Thanks to Indie Box you can opt out the above scenarios and still remain connected to the Internet.

When available (now in pre-order period), it will cost around $500. This may seem steep but it is in line with other hardware. Also, the popularity the device may come down in price. The goal is to eventually be able to download everything to your own hardware. Future add-ons, improvements and innovations by others will further lower the price and increase functionality.

The goal is to make the Indie Box practical enough and affordable enough to grace every home. This may sound extreme- i.e. running a web server from the home. But that’s what everyone said about personal computers and smart phones. They were once relegated to geeks only. Now they’re ubiquitous. Moreover, people are excited about his concept and are lining up to buy.

Apparently, Johannes Ernst isn’t alone in designing servers for mass use. Freedom Box Foundation is working on a similar device for use in countries where the Internet is heavily censored. Also, the French telecommunications company, Cozy Cloud is bent on bringing its personal cloud servers to consumers.

It seems that people are ready for these advances. They are tired of having others share personal information- from their most intimate secrets to mundane things like appointments and errands. The Indie Box is an invention whose time has come. And maybe none too soon.

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