The PirateBrowser reaches 5 million downloads -

The PirateBrowser reaches 5 million downloads

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

May 23, 2014

We have discussed The Pirate Bay’s censorship-busting browser before. Based on the portable version of the Firefox bowser, and utilizing the Tor anonymity network, the PirateBrowser allows users to bypass the blocks that many counties, such as Iran, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland have placed on websites (most notably on websites deemed to enable or promote copyright infringement, such as TPB itself).


Although connections from the browser are routed through the Tor anonymity network, TPB is at pains to emphasize that it is a censorship evasion tool, not an anonymity tool.

The browser has proved a big hit, and this week hit a new milestone – 5 million downloads. This works out to half a million downloads per month.

At present the PirateBrowser is unchanged from its original incarnation, but the Pirate Bay team told TorrentFreak that an update will be pushed out in the coming weeks. This will provide support for social media sites, allowing access to services that are blocked in some countries (such as Twitter in Iran), and will include a list of sites blocked by country, so the connection is only routed through Tor (which is much slower than a regular connection) when necessary.

We also reported that TPB was working on a revolutionary new peer-to-peer Pirate Bay client that would once and for all remove the need to be hosted on a domain (as these keep getting shut down).

Work on this continues, but development is expected to take at least a few more months before it is ready.