Tip of the Day: Use Opera Turbo to bypass website blocks

Alternative web browser Opera receives a lot of love from tech-heads, even if few people actually use it (the desktop version anyway, Opera has established a sizable following on mobile devices).

One of Opera’s coolest features (particularly for mobile users) is its Turbo Mode, which aims to speed up slow connections by compressing web pages on its own servers (thus reducing their size) before sending them the user.

Effectively acting as a form of proxy, Turbo Mode allows users to bypass websites that have been blocked at the IP level, either by college or work network administrators or government filters.

 oper turbo 2
Here at BestVPN HQ we of course always use VPN religiously. However, to test this tip we turned it off, fired up Opera, enabled Turbo Mode, and tried to access The Pirate Bay (blocked by ISPs here in the UK). The result as you can see, was resounding success!

opera turbo
Turbo Mode is available in all Opera desktop, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers from versions 10 onwards. The screenshot above demonstrates how to turn it on in the desktop browser.

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