5 Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S5

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

June 11, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest phone to be released under the Galaxy range and builds upon the success of it’s predecessors. Though unbeknown to many Samsung has the largest smart  phone market share in the world. At the top of it’s range the Galaxy series has had a fantastic track record and is undoubtedly one of the best phones available today.

Though the S5 has received some negative reviews for not improving much from the S4, one of the most notable change to the S5 is its finger print reading ability. Though this can increase security there is also a perpetual number of risks that come with this making it ever more important to protect your identity and as part of this protect your internet connections. Not wanting to sound biased but it is in our opinion that the best way of doing this is by using a VPN service.

With it’s improved display and speeds it is also more likely that you will be using it for plenty of web browsing and streaming. Since you do not want to sacrifice speeds in this case (especially if you are on a mobile network) you may consider using a PPTP or L2TP connection. Most providers provide you with set-up instructions for this using the default Android interface. However we do not recommend using PPTP in any case and only recommend L2TP if the default applications provided by the below companies do not meet your expectations (as these use OpenVPN), you can find out more in our previous Top 5 for Android list.

Since no VPN provider is alike we have made the process of selecting the best one easier for you. Below is a summary of the top 5 VPN providers we would recommend followed by a detail comparison and description of each.

Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S5 Summary

Editor’s Choice

Winner – VyprVPN

VyprVPN Logo

Positives: great software, 700+ servers, 256 bit encryption, based in Switzerland

Negatives: keeps logs for 90 days

VyprVPN which is part of the Golden Frog internet freedom consortium has been around for a long time and it shows by the fantastic service they provide. Firstly and very importantly they provide top notch security without a sacrifice in speed. In order to manage this they have invested heavily and run and own all their network making it that much more secure. It is therefore a shame that they carry out some basic logging.

On top of their speeds they provide great customer service and servers in 36 countries meaning that not only can you solve any issues quickly and efficiently but you can have a reliable connection wherever you may be in the world.

Most importantly however they have their own intuitive Android software. Unlike most providers this doesn’t just dress up the standard OpenVPN client but adds plenty of settings and options that you can change to suit your needs.

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2. ExpressVPN


Positives: easy-to-use software, excellent speeds, good customer service

Negatives: US based, bit pricey

ExpressVPN often ranks highly in our ratings and this is without surprise. Just like VyprVPN they provide great speeds and security coupled with fantastic customer support. It is a shame that they are based in the US but as of yet no issues have arisen due to this fact.

With hundreds of servers in over 78countries they have a great network and they have fantastic apps and software available across all major platforms for no additional costs.

» Visit ExpressVPN

3. TorGuard

Torguard logo

Positives: very fast, no logs, secure, accepts Bitcoins

Negatives: asks for too much information – some of which they use for marketing, no free trial, tempermental customer service

Though TorGuard asks a few too many questions at start and there have been some connection issues in the past overall it offers a great service with no logs and accepts anonymous payments via Bitcoins.

They have a very good VPN package with a nice OpenVPN Android application ready to use and they provide a large range of extras (free and paid) that can prove useful in maintaining good connection speeds as well as anonymity.

» Visit Torguard

4. Kepard

Kepard Logo

Positives: great VPN client (especially for Android), 15 day free trial, allows P2P, very cheap

Negatives: logs kept for 3 days, average speeds

Though Kepard is a small Moldovan no frills company it provides a great service. They seem to focus on Windows and Android primarily and it shows through their elegant applications with a nice range of configuration availability and good speeds.

Surprisingly they offer a 15 day free trial (one of the longest on the market) which provides you access to everything you may need. It is therefore a slight shame that they keep logs for 3 days and would co-operate with the authorities if required but because of it’s briefness we aren’t too worried about this.

» Visit Kepard

5. VortexVPN

VortexVPN logo

Positives: great speeds, saves on data use

Negatives: only really for Android, server in only 5 countries

VortexVPN is the only company that we know of that is solely dedicated to providing a VPN service for Android. This means that not only do they charge you only for the data use but they run an algorithm that compresses the files/webpages you view and thereby reducing your data use – though at a sacrifice of quality.

They also provide great customer support and an easy to navigate website. However, since it is not very good across different platforms it comes in last in our “Top 5 VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S5” list.

» Visit VortexVPN


Overall with the increased technology comes increased security concerns and so we definitely recommend using a VPN to protect your identity while browsing on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. As frequently if you don’t mind the money the we recommend VyprVPN due to it’s customisability and great performance or Express/TorGuard for their speeds and security. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper then Kepard is your choice and if you’re looking for something a bit different then check out VortexVPN. See below for a recap of our list:

Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S5 Summary

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