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As you might guess from its name, TorGuard was designed to download torrents. They however provide a full VPN service and rank among the major VPN players. TG does not offer a free trial. But they do have a money back guarantee. Specifically:

  • There is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can have your money refunded if you haven’t exceeded 10GB of usage
  • You are reminded that if you pay for your subscription with Bitcoins, your refunded amount may differ from your purchase amount. This is because Bitcoins are not legal tender by a government or financial institution. The refund will be assessed at the exchange rate to the USD at the time of refund disbursement- not at the amount at time of purchase

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TorGuard is a company based in Panama. They have greatly expanded their range of services. TG has servers in 24 countries and more than 200 Ips and offer a variety of Android apps. They also now feature stealth servers for accessing the internet from behind firewalls. In addition you can install SSH tunneling and a free copy of Viscosity software. There is even a router service.

TorGuard is proud of its 24/7/365 support and a live chat capability. And they keep absolutely no logs. But be prepared to give them lots of information which they state will only be used to promote their services.

Despite having no free trial period the 30 day money back guarantee is solid. So is their overall performance. We had some issues with connections but, in general l their speeds were good and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. As regards refunds, they are competing with providers that offer a range of free trial or free access time. So the inclination might be to try others first. But some providers offering free trial periods don’t have the substance of TG. Give them a try!

Torguard Free Trial »

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