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Turkey removes YouTube ban

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

June 4, 2014

Over two months after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan banned YouTube in Turkey following a leaked audio file, purporting to be of a top secret meeting in which high ranking government officials, military and spy staff discuss possible military action inside Syria being posted on Google’s video sharing website, Turkey’s media regulator yesterday lifted the ban.

This follows a Constitutional Court (the highest court in Turkey) ruling last week that the block was in violation of the right to freedom of speech. It is perhaps significant however that the ruling was made after local elections on 30 March, in which Erdoğan’s party performed well, and which were seen a personal victory for Erdoğan (the ban was imposed on 27 March).

Over the last two months many Turks have used methods such as VPN and changing DNS server to bypass the ban, leading the government at one point to start hijacking DNS requests to overseas DNS services.