UK to block pornography ‘by default’ -

UK to block pornography ‘by default’

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

July 22, 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron today made a speech in which he announced that agreement had been made with the county’s four major ISP to introduce an ‘opt-in’ system of censorship of pornographic material on the internet.

Under the new system, all new internet subscriptions will have ‘family-friendly filters’ that restrict adult content turned on by default, unless the subscriber chooses to have them switched off. All devices (phones, tablets, computers etc.) linked to an accounts WiFi network will be affected. Existing subscribers can expect to be contacted by their ISPs, and asked to decide on whether they want these filters in place.

The move follows a sustained campaign by popular right wing tabloid The Daily Mail, and is ostensibly aimed at blocking access to pornography that involves child exploitation and ‘rape porn’.

With the ‘big four’ ISPs (O2, Virgin Media, Sky and BT, plus Nomad and Arqiva) on board, more than 90% of internet connected UK households will be affected. Regarding other ISPs and search engine privisers, Cameron said that expected a ‘row’ but that if they did not voluntarily do their ‘moral duty’ then he would ‘force action’ by changing the law.

This last is particularly relevant to search engine providers such as Google, who have been ordered to block certain ‘horrific’ search terms by October.

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