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Our 2016 VikingVPN review finds the company having provided few more servers, as well as great privacy and security. Read on to find out more.

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This year’s VikingVPN review finds few alterations, but not in a negative way. They have fixed minor issues and also added a range of new servers. Security and performance are still top notch, and the commitment to ethical privacy is second to none. That said, a few more servers wouldn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Read on for more, or visit VikingVPN to see for yourself.

  • Decent Performance
  • Excellent Encryption
  • Transparency
  • Limited Server Options
  • Higher-End Pricing

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Pricing & Plans

VikingVPN comes in three plan iterations with discounts the longer your registration period. These start at a somewhat steep $14.95 for a single month. It drops to $11.95/month if you signup for a half-year, and a much more reasonable $9.99/mo for an entire year’s duration.

VikingVPN review

Pricing isn’t the cheapest out there, but you tend to get what you pay for, and VikingVPN excels at what it does.

VikingVPN Free TrialThere isn’t any free trial as such offered. However, if you have unacceptable speed or connection issues, VikingVPN will happily provide you with a full refund. Provided that you’re willing to give support a reasonable crack at resolving any problems you have. You can pay in Bitcoin or Dash for maximal anonymity –  and, of course, any major credit card.

VikingVPN Anonymity


VikingVPN comes on every platform you’d want or need a VPN. From Windows, Android, OSX, iOS, and Ubuntu – to DDWRT and Tomato Routers. This comprehensively helps secure and cover your online tracks. The Windows client is a little bit sparse regarding advanced functionality, but it does work well, as we’ll explore further below in this VikingVPN review.VikingVPN Servers

The server count now stands at six server clusters, in 5 cities. These are in the US and Europe: NYC, Phoenix, Chicago, Seattle, Bucharest, and Amsterdam. You may have up to six simultaneous device connections, provided you connect to a different location with each device at any given time. You may freely cycle these as you wish. Additional UK and Asian servers would make a nice addition. A server for BBC iPlayer and other streaming services out of the UK would be welcome in the future and might well expand VikingVPN’s userbase. Visit VikingVPN below, or keep reading this VikingVPN review for further analysis.

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Security & Privacy

VikingVPN uses some of the best security around; AES 256 data encryption, with 4096 RSA for handshaking purposes, all of which are freely visible in the Windows client. Best of all, they only use the OpenVPN protocol, which is the most secure on the market.VikingVPN Logging

It isn’t all rosy, though, concerning company origins. VikingVPN operates from the US. According to the regularly updated Warrant Canary, they’ve never received a court subpoena or any other request for user data. There is server data logging for maintenance. However, the collection of user data is a no go for both usage or connection.  P2P is allowed, but not specifically advertised, for perfectly logical reasons.

The website

VikingVPN’s website is nicely laid out, with links easy to find and uncomplicated navigation. It’s refreshing to find a gimmick-free provider that directly advertises itself within reasonable bounds, without overdoing things.

VikingVPN Website

The VikingVPN blog is also well-populated with relevant privacy news, tips to keep yourself safe, and service updates.


Their support consists of setup guides and ticket-based email. The guides are well detailed and easy enough to follow. I’d suspect a complete novice wouldn’t find much of a problem with getting started.

VikingVPN Setup

The image below shows the ticket form. While LiveChat would be nicer, the length and depth of VikingVPN’s support team’s responses are excellent – so it’s a strength of the service.

VikingVPN Ticket Support

VikingVPN’s reasoning is that they don’t want to dilute the answer quality by outsourcing support. When it’s put like that, who can argue?


VikingVPN also has Twitter and G+ accounts, both of which are updated a couple of times a month with relevant articles and significant legal rulings from around the web.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up and getting registered took about two minutes, and installation took another five. It was just a matter of entering my details – username and password. Then paying, and downloading the client.

The VikingVPN Windows VPN client

VikingVPN Windows Client

The VikingVPN Windows client is pretty straightforward, with all six servers stacked. Just tap a button to connect, and watch the magic happen as the log below shows. Tap disconnect to end your link to any server. That’s it! Let’s delve into performance below.

VikingVPN Windows ClientConnected

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Speeds were consistently good to great, averaging around 7 Mbps downstream for European servers, and closer to 3 Mbps for US servers (which isn’t unexpected on account of location proximity). I had no issues streaming or downloading while browsing, often all at the same time!

VikingVPN DownloadVikingVPN UPload

Be sure to check for most DNS leaks, and the WebRTC Bug. checks for IPv6 leaks, with doing a mixture of both tests. There were happily no DNS leaks to report – top marks!

Other Platforms

VikingVPN Devicesa

The bespoke VikingVPN client is unfortunately currently only out for Windows, though you can easily follow the guides to setup OpenVPN on your other devices. It would be nice to see dedicated clients for other platforms rolled out in the future.

VikingVPN Review Conclusion

I liked

    • Top-notch support
    • Natural signup & setup
    • Excellent privacy & security attitude
    • Leak protection by default

    I wasn’t so sure about

      • Fantastic support though no LiveChat
      • No kill switch
      • A few more servers would be very welcome

      I hated

        • Bespoke client only for Windows

        While VikingVPN doesn’t exactly cover the globe, the servers it does have are fast and reliable. Support is top-notch, if not immediate due to email constraints. With a robustly secured Windows client and above board ethical positioning, now might be the time to make VikingVPN your service of choice. If you use their service after reading VikingVPN review, make sure you let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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