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To be honest, we have never heard of before, and only discovered this Romanian VPN provider when looking for a company to try a Bitcoin purchase out on. However, despite not being entirely happy with some technical aspects of the service (most notably its speed performance), we like it. Scroll down for our review to see why!
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Packages and Pricing offers a simple ‘all-in-one’ package for $9 per month (with discounts for block bookings), and although not as long as that offered by some companies, the 7 day ‘risk free’ money back guarantee is very welcome.  There is also a trial account available for just $2 which is valid for one week, and which seems like a very good deal to us!

vpnac 1

The package includes access to servers in 12 counties (in Europe, North America and one in Hong Kong), the choice between PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN (both TCP and UDP) VPN protocols, and ‘virtually unlimited’ traffic (i.e. there is a 1TB per month cap, which we think is entirely reasonable, and exceeds what even dedicated downloaders are ever likely to need).

P2P downloading is permitted  in ever location but it’s recommended you use on of the optimised locations- NL, RO, SE, CH, LU, FR, SG, HK. Up to 3 devices can be used with the service at the same time (this is something we particularly like, as it is often neglected by VPN providers).


We Liked

  • Very good privacy policy
  • Based in Romania
  • P2P downloading ok (from NL and Romania servers)
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • Great customer support
  • Uses shared IP’s
  • Allows up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • Good website

We weren’t so sure about

  • No port forwarding (a problem if you need it, not if you don’t)
  • Encryption is not as good as we would like in this NSA-ridden age
  • results were meh at best
  • As a company, are an unknown quantity

We hated

  • Nothing (depending on how you feel about the performance results)

The website and technical support

The website design is understated, perhaps even to point of being boring, but is well laid out and provides pretty much all the information you need. The FAQ is better than usual, answering most things we wanted to know in some detail, the Blog section has some genuinely interesting articles, and the VPN Node Status, which displays server load information, is very welcome.

Customer service comes in the form of Live Chat (not always online), a ticket system, email or Skype chat. We contacted support using the ticket system, and received a detailed response within minutes, so top marks.

There is also a ‘Knowledgebase’ wiki section, but this is sparsely populated at the present time.

Privacy Policy and Security

In general we are very happy with’s privacy policy. It keeps no logs of user’s activities, although it does keep some connection logs which are ‘kept on a separate, encrypted server (located in a non-disclosed location) and are automatically erased on a daily basis.’ These ‘log your real IP address, connection start & end time, total traffic transferred during the session’. Although we prefer a ‘no logs whatever’ policy, these basic connection logs are not much of a threat to privacy, and are anyway deleted every day, so we reckon everything is a-ok in this department. It should also be noted that is based in Romania, where the EU Data Retention Directive has been ruled to not apply to VPN providers, so is in no way legally required to keep logs.

On the technical security side, they are pretty good too. OpenVPN encryption is 256-bit AES (with some technologies not implemented much elsewhere), L2TP/IPsec encryption is 256-bit. Now, until recently we would have been more than happy with this, but Edward Snowden’s revelations about the extent to which the NSA has undermined and compromised VPN protocols means we would now prefer to see at least 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, and avoid L2TP/IPsec altogether.

However for most people’s needs, 128-bit OpenVPN and 256-bit L2TP/IPsec are probably more than enough, so we won’t make too big a song and dance over it. also makes up for it a great deal  by using shared IP addresses. This means that multiple users are assigned the same IP address to access the internet from, making it very hard (and all but impossible if, as is claimed, no usage logs are kept) to correlate an individual with any online behaviour.

The Process

Signing up

Signing up is easy enough, and you need only provide your real name if you pay using PayPal. We paid using Bitcoins, so just used a Mickey Mouse name and disposable email address. Alongside this they accept over 70 types of payments including many prepaid cards.

 vpnac 2

Confirmation emails will supply your account details and links to setup instructions.

The Windows client uses generic open source software on all platforms. This means that that you get a more a much more ‘bare bones’ experience than you do with providers who have fancy custom clients featuring things like DNS leak protection, port forwarding and VPN kill switches. The upside however, is that this  code is freely available for inspection, making it less likely to contain backdoors and suchlike, which can be more easily concealed in proprietary software. However they also supply their own software for Windows, Mac and Android if you want something easier to use.

1. Download and install the OpenVPN client.


2. Download the configuration files, and unzip them into the OpenVPN config folder. We chose the default UDP files, although individual profiles and archives can be downloaded from’s repository.


3. Start OpenVPN GUI (double-click icon on the Desktop), right-click it’s icon in notification bar, select the server you wish to connect to, and click ‘connect’.


4. Enter your username and password ( will have sent you an email with them), and the icon will turn green to show that you are connected to the VPN.

 ovpn 2

 Other Platforms provides detailed setup guides (plus in many cases video tutorials) for the various VPN configurations in Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. In all cases it makes use of the OS’s built-in VPN capabilities (PPTP and L2TP), or for OpenVPN, free and open source (FOSS) third party software.

Although no guide is provided for setting up DD-WRT routers, when we contacted technical support they provided detailed text instructions.

In their FAQ, states that it is working on a proprietary VPN client, so we look forward to having a look at it when it becomes available.


We put the VPN connection through its paces with using our 20 meg UK broadband connection.

st none
Without VPN

 st uk 2

With VPN to UK server. Note that we also tested the second UK server and got much more disappointing results, so it’s worth playing around. We decided to be generous and have gone with the more favourable result, but it is point worth bearing in mind

st nl
With VPN to the Netherlands server (useful for P2P)

As you can see, the results are not fantastic, but are liveable with if you start with a reasonably fast connection. If you start with a slow connection however, this level of speed loss will likely be unacceptable. does say that its service is optimised to use L2TP/IPsec for fastest performance, but as we do not consider the protocol to be secure anymore, we will confine ourselves to OpenVPN (L2TP/IPsec may still be secure if properly implemented, but it is so often poorly implemented that we  can longer trust it).

dnsleakWe also checked for DNS leaks at, and passed with flying colors

Other Services also provides a proxy plugin for people using the Chrome browser. The proxy allows just your internet traffic to be encrypted and the rest of your activities to be coming from your normal IP. The proxy allows you to browse using 5 different locations: US, UK, JP, DE and CA. Unlike the speeds of the VPN, the speed of the proxy was great and there was no issues with IP location. The DNS leaks were all over the place unfortunately but this didn’t impact on the performance of the system but it can have minor security implications.



We Liked

  • Very good privacy policy
  • Based in Romania
  • P2P downloading ok (from NL and Romania servers)
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • Great customer support
  • Uses shared IP’s
  • Allows up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • Good website

We weren’t so sure about

  • No port forwarding (a problem if you need it, not if you don’t)
  • Encryption is not as good as we would like in this NSA-ridden age
  • results were meh at best
  • As a company, are an unknown quantity

We hated

  • Nothing (depending on how you feel about the performance results)

We have never heard of before, but overall we are reasonably impressed. On the human / policy side it does very well, and we particularly like the robust privacy policy (always a way to get into our good books), the great customer support, and the fact that we can connect up to three devices at once. Accepting anonymous Bitcoin payments is also a good sign.

However, does falter somewhat on the technical side of things. The use of shared IPs is excellent, but these days we really do prefer to see stronger encryption standards used. Although we can live with this, we are less sure about whether we can live with the speed hit the service caused to our connection speeds.

Nevertheless, we always think that a good attitude is more important than any technical issues, as technical issues can be resolved, but a bad attitude rarely so. seems to have a very good attitude, and if it can sort out the technical side of things, is shaping up to be an excellent VPN provider.

Douglas Crawford I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

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39 responses to “ review

  1. Looks like I have found some odd errors in the “Due Date” info of my account as none of the dates are correct and this includes the initial first trial, one month, and now the one year subscription. The incorrect expiration dates must obviously have been computer generated errors and am now waiting to see if support can correct this manually. Otherwise, the errors do not reflect on a service and client that has been working very well.

    1. There’s no error there, it’s just the date format you’re likely not used to. It can be confusing if you are familiar only with the US date format.

      1. Hi user and VPN user,

        Differences between the US (mm/dd/yyyy) and UK (dd/mm/yyyy) way of formatting dates can certainly lead to confusion at times.

    Have started using and I must say I am impressed with it so far (as connections are working well on my Mac with no other issues) and it has many great security features but I believe its greatest asset is being based in Romania. Connection speed appears to be okay for the locations I have tried. They obviously have an excellent and transparent privacy policy as keeping a few connection logs are not a problem in my opinion since they delete them, later. Another big plus is that the website does not track you like a most all other VPN sites as I have confirmed this in using Privacy Badger. There are “0” potential trackers and that is good for privacy. Most of the other top rated VPN’s all appear to track their visitors which includes “Google Analytics” and/or tracking cookies and beacons, etc. It is nice to know cares about not tracking customers at the website. Also, contacted support via a ticket and received a prompt reply within a few hours regarding my additional payment in which the expiration date needed to be manually adjusted to reflect the correct day. Do give them a big thumbs up assuming no other issues are encountered.

  2. It would be great to see a re-review of this provider as a lot has changed since 2013. General request for this (great) site would be to move the review dates to the top as they are an important factor to keep in mind when reading a review and checking the results.

    1. Hi Obelix,

      I agree that this review is very old, and is direly in need of a rewrite. I have passed both of your requests on to our content team.

  3. The worst, horrible customer service ever! Extremely slow speed about 2-4 mbps. The only one answer is: its your ISP problem. They never want to help anything! One year ago it was a good company and good service, now is worth nothing. Stay away!!!

    1. Sam jesteś dupa. I have been using VPN.AC for three years now; great technical support (and they know what they are talking about), fast, extremely reliable, many servers. Couldn’t be happier.

    2. what are you talking about? I’m getting over 100 Mbps all the time and I’ve been a user of for over 3 years. Your problem is your ISP, like they said.

    They have promised that multihop connections will be offered, but they didn’t execute their task for 1.5 year. It says more than all fake ‘nice’ comments here. so, I don’t want to buy their service.

    1. Hi BanjaGood,

      Admittedly I feel that “mulithop” connections are over-rated. The VPN still routes the signal, and so a) adversaries will be easily able to trace a user to the the VPN provider, and b) the provider still does the routing, so knows exactly who is connected to what.

    I am using this VPN in China for almost a year. It was a good VPN provider, and considering the price – a real value deal!

    Then about 2 months ago it turned to be impossible to stay connected on Android devices. It is still dropping the connection frequently and quickly. It is much slower than it used to be. Maybe 3 months ago I recommended this VPN provider to my friend (also in China), but he gave up quickly because nothing worked and, to be honest, it is not really easy to install software in China since there are some manual steps you have to take in order to install it. Customer service responds but blames internet in China because of, from my point of view, their failure. Because works OK on the PC. Not very fast, but it is reliable and stable.

    Anyway, I am searching for another VPN service because I use it on Android too, and dislike when they point at my ISP like a cause of trouble.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Are you encountering slowness on your phone when connected to a mobile network, or the same WiFi network as your PC?

    all i can say is EXCELLENT services,i have used it for a week without issues while others cant be used for two days b4 u need to contact customer service for help .AWESOME!!!!

    Ha, they use only single-hop connections , their servers (dns also) are named like which allow to end-point to ident you as vpn-user, shitty countries. You may use much more better services

    1. Hi Nintendo,

      It is normal for VPN to be “single hop”, and is not an issue. Also, in most cases people are not trying to hide the fact that they are using a VPN from their ISP (and nor is using a VPN illegal or “dodgy.”) I feel that your criticisms are therefore unfair.

    2. You don’t seem to realize that identifying VPN users relies fully on IP ownership lookups, be it datacenters (virtually all VPN providers) or residential IPs, meaning that reverse records or DNS servers are absolutely irrelevant on this purpose. There are services providing accurate IP databases such as Maxmind, including over 99% of VPN or proxy gateways regardless of hostnames. Whoever use hostnames as probe for VPN vs. residential users doesn’t know how stuff works in the first place. Do some more research on topic.

      1. Hi Gameboy,

        When you use a VPN an outside observer will see the IP address of the VPN server, not your true IP address. If they perform an IP lookup, they will see that the server is owned by your VPN company. Your VPN company will know your true address, but most use shared IPs, and and many keep no logs in order to mitigate this.

        1. Guys, you really think that in our time of business competition some service can attract new customers and their loyality using only 10-years-old features? There a lot of services offering 2-3-4-chained connections, a huge amount of countries – so why do you need to choose this crap?) I don’t know but you may – it’s rightly yours ofcz. anyway, I guess it’s better when end-point side doesn’t know the fact you are using a vpn-connection.

    I come to the end of my subscription with IPVanish , reading this post and I tried it a try for a month with
    I am very satisfied , excellent speed , works great and responsive and professional technical service.
    I think I will subscribe for a year because the price is very good .

    This is the best VPN I’ve come across after testing quite a few. Their speeds our now sorted (I get the maximum on any connection I use) – it’s now 6 sim connections – it’s now max 2 TB instead of 1. Great VPN service.

    This is one of the best VPN i’ve used (and i’ve been in really blocked countries so … i tried a lot).

    No speed issues. I mean really, you can surf with this activated and you will not feel the difference (maybe sometimes, but you really need to get the good server not far from you and your problems will be gone). Plenty of servers and compared to other VPN providers, they have a great service.

    About security, as mentioned earlier, they improved their services a lot. It’s now pretty awesome what you can get for this price.

    Then customer service, no problem about that. I just moved from a Quarterly payment (with -15% coupon) to Semi-Annually with their new -20% coupon and everything was fine. No problems about being already a customer or whatever. Price and customer services are great.

    Looking for a relatively cheap, fully featured, fast and reliable VPN ? Go for it. Really.

    I appreciate this company. I have a Chromebox and I installed their extension ( available in chrome store. The connection is very fast and without interruptions to any available proxy servers in Europe, Asia or US. If you live in Europe, you can choose any proxy server in Europe and you have direct access to Netflix US content. No need to connect only to US servers. I did some tests using and got speeds up to 80Mbps (!!!) for download, enough for streaming at the highest quality. Customer service is faultless. Reading the review of Douglas and the customer comments from 2014, I notice the progress made by this company: more proxy servers, 2TB traffic, etc. Douglas, thank you for your review! It helped me to make the best choice.

    I have been wanting to write my own review/comment on but wanted to wait till I used the service for at least a few months before I did.Now that I have been with for about 7 months I can honestly say that I have had no major issues with them or with connection speeds. I use many of their p2p optimized servers and I have had no problems with speed. I have connected to servers pretty far away from me and I very rarely have any problems. There have been a few times using popcorn time that the connection speed seemed to slow down but all I did was switch the encryption over to L2TP/IPSEC and popcorn time ran like a champ! I love the fact that they let you test drive the service for just 2 bucks to try out the service. I tried it out for a week and signed up for a year .

    But there were 3 key things that made me go with
    1) They offered Elliptic Curve Cryptography. ( the bestvpn review should be updated to include this info) the ECC standard they offer is curve secp256k1 which is the same curve used in bitcoin transactions and not the NIST standard(such as Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman ECDH) which has probably been compromised by the NSA.

    2) They had a very strait froward and detailed privacy policy and ToS . I don’t know how many VPN providers I passed over because their privacy police was either too long and confusing or offered very little info. They also seemed very honest and upfront about their logging polices(connection logs kept for one day only) and other issues in their FAQ sections. They pretty much tell you how it is and not what you want to hear. Which I appreciate.

    3) The price is soooooooooo right. for about 60 bucks a year($5.00 a month) you get more than your moneys worth. And another thing that should be updated in the review as well is the amount of traffic allowed. The amount is now 2TB per month. which even with me and my roommate using p2p and streaming services heavily we don’t even come close to using 2TB.

    the Bottom line? I think they are a very solid VPN service and I highly recommend them.

    I really dont understand the bad reviews about I have been using them for some time now and i never had speed issues with them. Their customer service is one of the best i have ever tried, you are really talking to the technicians, no third party support. I was connected for almost a week without one disconnect, the price is very fair, great new features in the near future, very reliable and Romania based. Sounds very good to me and i highly recommend them.

    Hi vpn,

    FWIW, we have now moved over to using the HTML5 speed tests from, as these are more accurate than the JavaScript-based uncompressed tests.

    1. Actually is terribly inaccurate in all my testing compared to, even with their multi-threading enabled, with or without an active VPN connection.
      Being able to choose testing servers of many hosts on is a key feature when you want to do some serious testing, putting an emphasis on the peering quality between the local ISP, VPN location and different locations. is using very few testing servers (only 7), hosted with Softlayer. For example, I just tested now without a VPN on a 100 Mbps connection in Europe: used a Softlayer server in UK and result was ~50 Mbps. Running raw tests (not in browsers) using curl, axel, aria2 and iperf on a server located in the same Softlayer UK DC, the result came close to 100 Mbps all the time – and this is the accurate result.

      1. is not using JS as you suggest, but either Flash if you use it in a browser or raw data if used from a terminal using speedtest-cli (which is preferred, and is what I’m using). Actual testing on is done using Netgauge socket connections with support for multi-threading. Multi-threading is essential in any modern-based testing. All browsers support it, torrent clients are always multi-threading and the scope of testing is to try maxing out the connection, right?

      2. compression is relevant if the OpenVPN connection has LZO enabled; on LZO is not used for most OpenVPN connection types and the tests I posted earlier have been made using OpenVPN ECC which has no compression enabled.

      Long story short: both and can be inaccurate, it depends on quite a few factors and a torrent download is usually the best measuring tool for the average user.

    2. Hi vpn,

      Thanks for that detailed response. It is clear we will have to re-examine how we conduct speed tests. You might be interested in our article Testing VPN speeds – an overview, which gives our current thinking on the matter (and as you can see from that article I know uses Flash not JS, I simply misremembered when answering your post,) but you raise some excellent points that I will look into in more detail. Nevertheless, the published results are the ones we obtained while testing the service. I should also note that speed results notwithstanding, we basically liked, and have given it a positive review.

    Awesome service. I tried 10 other VPN services before settling with VPN.AC. Small company dedicated to true security. Great speeds, encrypted dns and when you need support you speak directly to one of the engineers. With current coupon code I paid $40.60 for a year of service! Currently running on my DD-WRT router like a champ.

    Unlike stated in your review, the price is not 9$ (please correct your comparison table), but ~5$ with a yearly subscription (not counting discounts…).

    I have this VPN for about a year now, and it is simple to use, cheap (I had a 50% discount…) and with good speeds. This is all one needs.
    Best reaction time to support tickets, and a new Client-Dialer software to make your life even easier.

    I recommend it to everyone that needs US/Eu access. Far-east-bound VPN is a bit more limited…

    1. Hi Rafi,

      We always base our quoted prices on the price for one month’s subscription, so $9 is correct, and is a fair comparison with other services. It is true (as clearly explained in the review) that discounts are available for longer subscriptions, but this is also true of just about every other VPN service too. We do however agree with you that is pretty good.

    While this will depend a great deal on many factors, I have seen the best speed tests I can get from – far less slowdown than other providers create. Some of their servers (US-Seattle, I’m calling you out) are mediocre, but for the most part, it’s great. That likely depends a lot on datacentres and peering paths, and each person’s experience will be different.

    They do now offer 256-bit OpenVPN, a custom client, and they continue to have the best customer service of any company I have ever done business will. Is there room for improvement? Sure, but I can’t think of much they could do to improve! I’d love to see a server in Japan, but talking to them – so would they. They claim it’s too hard to get good hosting in Japan, and I can believe them on that.

    Oh, and the price is very right.

    1. About They looks like a good VPN-service, but just my 2 cents:
      1. They don’t have multihop connections
      2. Their openvpn-obfuscating is a proprietary and no capabilities for using Obfus3 or something else that open-sourced and checked by sec.communities.
      3.They are using skype for conversations with customers (NSA are seeing all Skype/Yahoo/Gmail connections, you know)
      4. They need more countries like Panama, Venezuela and so on.
      If they will fix these troubles – they will look like the one of the best VPN-providers)

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