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VPN.Asia Review VPN.Asia Review Summary

With excellent support, plenty of servers and good connection speeds, not to mention strong encryption and a good Windows client, VPN.Asia is a well-rounded VPN service with plenty on offer to justify its average price point.

Pricing & Plans

VPN.Asia has three subscription plans offering the same service for different subscription periods. A year-long VPN.Asia subscription works out at around $6 a month, whereas subscribing on a month-by-month basis puts the monthly cost at $9. This is around average for a VPN provider.

As well as a three-day free trial, the first month of a month-by-month subscription is only $1, and you can cancel this at any time. There is also a seven-day full satisfaction money-back guarantee, but do note that this is only offered to customers who did not make use of the free trial; the assumption is that if you’ve tried the service for three days already you should know what you’re getting into. As the free trial is limited to ten servers in three countries, it’s up to users to decide whether to try the no-strings-attached free trial, or go with the one-dollar first month and money-back guarantee.

Payment can be made using a credit card via 2CheckOut, by PayPal, or through Paymentwall which supports bank transfers or a variety of prepaid cards. BitCoin is supported, and a fair degree of anonymity is also possible through Paymentwall’s prepaid cards.


VPN.Asia is part of Virtual Performance Group Inc., and is registered in Belize. At the time of writing, they offer more than 24,000 dynamic IPs across 142 servers in 17 countries. Most of these are located in Europe and North America, though there are several in Asia and one in South America as well. The client can be installed on any number of devices at once, but only two simultaneous connections are permitted per user.

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Security & Privacy

VPN.Asia offer connections using OpenVPN (with TCP and UDP options), L2TP and PPTP. On OpenVPN, users can expect AES-256 data encryption with SHA256 hash authentication and 2048-bit RSA for handshaking; this is a good level of security and better than the OpenVPN default. L2TP connections are also secured with 256-bit encryption, while PPTP is just 128-bit – but in general we’d recommend against using PPTP anyway.

No logs whatsoever are kept by VPN.Asia, and being based in Belize puts it outside the jurisdiction of agencies like the NSA or GCHQ.

According to support, use of BitTorrent is allowed on all of VPN.Asia’s servers, but we were unable to find any reference to this on the website – it’d be nice if this was made explicit.

The website

VPN.Asia have a good-looking website with a sensible layout and a colour scheme which is easy on the eyes. It’s welcome to visitors, information is easy to find, and there’s a friendly vibe to proceedings – enhanced by the nice animations and big colourful icons. Once logged in, users can see announcements of new servers or features as well as a list of all currently active VPN servers and their load; we noticed Japan seems particularly popular. The privacy policy and terms of use are easy to find and relatively easy to understand.



We found support for VPN.Asia to be excellent. There’s a ticket system which is easy to use, doesn’t require you to be logged in, and from which we received consistently fast and helpful responses; only a technical question about a tricky client glitch left us waiting any longer than about an hour. Live chat is even better, with operatives on-site 24/7 and response times well under a minute. We found support agents consistently friendly, polite and helpful at all times, and they weren’t shy about jumping onto TeamViewer for remote desktop support if there was an issue that needed a more hands-on approach – it’s great to see remote desktop support available at no extra charge.

There’s also a knowledge base on the website, though we found it to be a little sparse on topics and the setup guides were wordy and lacked illustration. Generally, though, with such a high quality of live support, most users shouldn’t find themselves needing to wade into the knowledge base – though we would like to see more technical information on the VPN made easily available.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up for the free trial is relatively easy, with the site asking for your ‘name’ – yes, they put it in quotes like that, so presumably they aren’t too bothered whether it’s a real name or not – and an email address to associate with your account. Going one step further to a paid account may require further information depending on how you choose to pay, but this is handled through third-party providers and not submitted to VPN.Asia itself.

The VPN.Asia Windows VPN client

VPN.Asia’s client is functional and looks pretty good. Upon installation, users are walked through their choices to important options such as whether the client (and VPN) should start with Windows, and it’s nice to see there’s even an option to choose what server to automatically connect to in such a case. Once the client is up and running, a list of currently available servers is displayed along with ping, and available protocols are placed conveniently next to the big ‘Connect’ button.

DNS leak protection is solid, though we were surprised at the lack of kill switch. It’s also a little odd there’s no option to automatically choose the best server and connect, given the functionality already exists if the client is configured to connect on startup. While the comprehensive list of servers is good – and it can be sorted by city, country, or ping – we did feel that usability could be further enhanced by making country selection a little bit easier and less time-consuming than scrolling through a long list of 142 servers. These are, however, minor niggles in an otherwise very solid user experience, and we particularly liked that there was an option to view connection logs if desired.

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

We found VPN.Asia’s performance to be excellent across the board, with every server we tested giving similar results: high speeds and not much variance. We did have occasional issues with the VPN losing Internet connection while conducting speed tests, but this was fixed by reconnecting to the server – no traffic escaped the VPN during these dropouts. Streaming HD video content over the VPN was consistently smooth and effortless.

Graphs show highest, lowest and average results for connection speed tests with axes adjusted for clarity. Check out our news post for more information on our new speed tests.

DNS protection was rock-solid with our Windows 8.1 test machine experiencing no leaks, and there were no issues with IP checks (other than a New York server geolocating to a slightly different part of the USA). VPN.Asia use their own DNS servers.

Other Platforms

VPN.Asia offer bespoke clients for Windows and Mac OSX, have just released an Android app which we’ll look at below, and are planning to launch an iOS app in the next few weeks. Manual setup guides for L2TP or PPTP are provided for most major platforms including Ubuntu Linux and Chromebook. OpenVPN configuration files are also available to download for use with any supporting client or app, such as OpenVPN Connect, though we didn’t notice these until support sent us a link to them.

Android App

VPN.Asia’s Android app is, if anything, slicker than the Windows desktop client. It looks good and is easy to use, with a front page where users log in and choose which OpenVPN port and protocol to connect with, then a server list colour-coded by performance. A really nice feature is the ability to save servers to favourites by touching the star next to the server information, which promotes it to the top of the server list for easy future access. Connecting is as simple as tapping the desired server, and connection information is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

As with the Windows app, we found speeds to be excellent, connection times to be short, and reliability to be good. What’s more, it uses the same strong OpenVPN cipher as the Windows client, ensuring your mobile’s Internet security is as good as your desktop’s.

VPN.Asia Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Strong encryption across platforms
  • Good clients
  • Fast servers
  • No logs
  • High anonymity plus anonymous payment options
  • Great support
  • Good number of servers and IPs
  • Good range of protocol options

We weren’t so sure about

  • Could host more technical info on website
  • Sparse knowledge base

We hated

  • Nothing

VPN.Asia is a really strong contender in the VPN space, with high speeds and great user support as particular feathers in its cap. We were impressed by the Android app and look forward to seeing what they can offer on iOS. It’d be nice to see a little bit more of that sleekness and usability rub off on the Windows client, and, given the name and the fact that Skype unblocking is listed as a major feature, we might want to see a few more servers in Asia itself. Ultimately, though, any criticisms we could level at VPN.Asia are just nitpicks: it’s an excellent service for a fair price, and one that’s well worth checking out.

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Charles Tosh
September 7th, 2015

I'm a freelance writer and English teacher who loves travel, technology and mushy movies.

15 responses to “VPN.Asia Review

  1. phr126 says:

    this is a con job site and scam stay way from VPN asia it’s no good
    their rating is not 8.5 more like 1.12

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi phr126,

      Reviewer Charles is no longer with BestVPN.com, but I respect his judgment. Note that VPNAsia does not work with us as an affiliate, so we do not benefit in any way from publishing a favorable review of its service. I persoanlly have never used VPN.Asia. Perhaps you can leave a detailed explanation of your problem so that other readers can make up their own minds in an informed way? That is, after all, the purpose of these comments sections!

  2. Ben says:

    Attention! This is the worst VPN service! It doesnt work on Android 6 and above. This is a statement from their support guy Perry from Dec’16. They try to fix it since I contacted them at that time, it still doesnt work. It seems they just dont know ho to do it.

    I wasted all my money, dont do the same. I asked the seller for money back.

  3. Marcos says:

    Worst service ever. Simply does not work
    I’ve bought their lifetime subscription in on of those XDA-Developers Depot promotions. It doesn’t work since day one, and it seems this kind of subscription conveniently does not qualify for whatever refund/money back guarantee they might offer: very slow speeds using their fastest servers (35% of named speed); IP leaks no matter what you do or their support suggests; 72 hours to get a reply for any ticket open with their support; the android app doesn’t even connect to any server. Don’t even bother. Pity I can’t give 0 stars in all review items.

    1. R says:

      I also bought an inexpensive lifetime subscription and, after a few minor hiccups at the start, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the service. I have not experienced any of the issues you mention. Speed is comparable to my other VPN, no leaks, support responded fairly quickly…One thing I’ve learned generally..all issues are resolvable. I hope you resolve yours.

  4. CD says:

    I don’t know where my ‘star rating’ went…so I am trying again.

  5. fitch says:

    it seems they have updated their software and website.. everything works fine for me! very satisfied and would recommend to my friends.

  6. James says:

    It has been awesome so far. The only thing is that the client (for Windows at least) looks outdated. Something awesome that I think may be unique to only this VPN, is that you can buy it with almost any gift card out there, so you can buy it anonymously — all you need is an email to use this VPN.

  7. emily says:

    I enjoyed testing VPN.asia and recommend you give their service a try. You will find that their network is quite responsive and the service is reliable. You can use the “Response Time” column in their Windows and Mac software to help you choose the fastest server. You can connect with OpenVPN, L2TP, or PPTP protocol. VPN.asia also has a custom mobile app for Android and manual setup guide for L2TP connections on iOS devices. You can even configure their service to run through your router.

  8. jake says:

    If you really want a real protection against NSA spying you should use this vpn.
    They really care about people privacy and they make anything they can to protect people from NSA spying they post the latest blog spot you should check it out.


  9. bill says:

    well how to start.

    Good support
    Not too pricey
    Good speed

  10. Yong Wang says:

    I first had to think a long time before picking a vpn provider. I am happy VPN.asia offered a free trial, this made me try it out easy. I love it now and bought a yearly VPN. Its works great here in hong kong.

  11. just check them out says:

    Fast support private DNS.

  12. Charles Tosh says:

    Leave your thoughts and feedback here!

    1. CD says:

      I will quote some of the information, that I consider very important when evaluating a VPN service, which is available on the VPN.Asia website:

      [1] All of your data is fully invisible with military grade 256-bit encryption.

      [2] By using OpenVPN for our connections, you’re guaranteed AES-256 data encryption along with SHA-256 hash authentication. It’s like having personal bodyguards online to protect you from Government agencies, corporations and hackers.

      [3] Plus, we NEVER log your information, making Peer2Peer (P2P) sharing like BitTorrent much safer.

      [4] You get 5 star customer service with customized request forms and 24/7 internet chat representatives. Anytime. Anywhere.
      {NOTE: I used the ‘chat’ box two times, no one was there, but they did get back to me in just a few hours.}

      [5] We offer a fast network with 40+ VPN servers in 30 different countries across the world!

      [6] We strategically positioned ourselves in Belize so your information remains anonymous and secure from prying hands. Pick any server available and let VPN.asia do the rest.

      [7] VPN software + OpenVPN; Stealth VPN mode; PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP); Secure and Non-Logging.


      The client software downloaded and installed w/o any problems. It displays all of the available cities, their ‘response time’ (ping) and the percent capacity in use. The only city that I have seen over 3% capacity was Tokyo which seems to range in the mid-50s.

      You can see all of the available cites, or you can click the star to the right side of each city, which makes them a ‘favorite’. Then you can choose to just show the favorites that you have checked.

      Connecting to your choice of server/city (Dallas for me) is quick and speed is great, both up and down. Using the ‘DoILeak’ website gives excellent results.

      My first question to the ‘chat’ box was ‘do you have a killswith’ and they replied ‘disable protection’ which is a large button on the client.

      The only problem that I ran into using VPN.Asia…I couldn’t SEND emails…what the heck?!?!?

      I found this under ‘Solutions’ on their website:

      “To protect our servers against abuse like sending spam we disabled all mail sending ports on the vpn.

      If you wish to send emails on the vpn, please send us your smtp server address and IP and we will whitelist it for you so you are able to send emails over the VPN (no spam)”

      So this was my second contact on ‘chat’. I provided the required information and I was able to send email in just a few hours.

      I rated the ‘price’ of $69/year as 3 stars/average. However I was lucky to be able to get a lifetime subscription for $39.99.

      I rated ‘customer service’ as 4 stars, because it took a few hours to get a response for each of the two times that I contacted them.

      I am no expert, just a VPN user who values privacy and security, but I highly recommend VPN.Asia … it works great for my needs. But I don’t travel all over the world and want to watch Netflix, etc.

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