5 Best VPNs for Mac in 2019

We've tested every VPN for Mac to find the very best. 

With hundreds of VPN providers on the market today, it can be a difficult task choosing the best VPN for MacBook, iMac and other macOS systems. We’ve thoroughly reviewed and tested over 100 of the most popular to find the best VPN downloads for Mac users.

Best VPN for Mac - 2019

1. CyberGhost

The best value VPN for Mac

CyberGhost for Mac: Key Features
Kill Switch | Ad Blocking | HTTPS Redirect | Online Tracking Block | Data Compression | DNS Leak Protection

BestVPN.com Score 9.8 out of 10


CyberGhost is our top pick, with an excellent all round client for Mac VPN users. It offers everything that you would expect to find from a top tier VPN, including:

  • A robust no-logs policy
  • Strong encryption
  • 3,000 servers in 60 locations around the world
  • The longest money-back guarantee we've ever seen

For those new to the world of VPNs, CyberGhost also offers around the clock support through live chat on their website.

So, let's take a look at CyberGhost in more depth:

Is CyberGhost secure on Mac?

As far as security goes, CyberGhost is up there with the best of them. Signing up to this service gets you access to OpenVPN and strong AES 256-bit encryption.

For the privacy-conscious Mac user, CyberGhost also has a no-logging policy according to their privacy policy, which means that they keep no identifying records of your activities when you're connected to their service.

CyberGhost is based in Romania, which has no ties to the UK and US governments.

If the main reason you are looking for a VPN is to improve your online privacy when using Mac, then CyberGhost really offers everything that you need.

Get CyberGhost VPN

How fast is CyberGhost on Mac?

At BestVPN.com we run hundreds of VPN speed tests weekly and we find that CyberGhost offers excellent connection speeds and was a runner up in our annual Best VPN for Speed Award.

This means that most Mac users will not notice a difference in performance when connected to the service, which is good if you’re looking to stream video with your Mac VPN.

CyberGhost feature regularly in our VPN speed test table, demonstrating that they don't just offer fast speeds, they offer consistently fast speeds - and let's be honest - that's what we're all looking for.

To find out how fast CyberGhost is compared to the other providers in our list, click here.

Is CyberGhost easy to use?

The short answer here is - yes... very!

CyberGhost for Mac

We have tested CyberGhost across all the different platforms and found there to be only minor differences between the Mac client and the Windows client.

The CyberGhost Mac VPN software is super easy to use and comes loaded with a bunch of server side features, which means they don’t require your processor power - bonus! 

Servers are labelled based on use case (streaming, torrenting etc.) making it super simple to connect and start enjoying your new-found freedom.

Can CyberGhost unblock Netflix?

Yes. CyberGhost puts a lot of effort into ensuring that certain servers are able to unblock the US Netflix library (the one that 99% of people are after). However, if you want to unblock a Netflix library from another country, you’re out of luck.

If you are just interested in US Netflix, CyberGhost is more than capable and even has some Smart DNS black magic that can change your IP if they detect Netflix has cottoned on. To top it all off, they offer a whopping 7 simultaneous VPN connections, which means you can unblock Netflix on multiple devices - all at the same time!

Get CyberGhost VPN

How much does CyberGhost cost?

To say that CyberGhost is cheap feels like we’re doing it a disservice. Given the quality of service that you get, we like to think of it more as great value… really great value! In fact, we were so impressed, CyberGhost won our Best Value VPN Award at the BestVPN.com Awards 2019.

To get the best possible price, you need to sign up to the 18-month plan, which means you’re getting a great service for just $2.75 a month! See what we mean?

If you didn’t want to commit to 18-months, they also offer 6 and 1 month options as well.

CyberGhost Pricing

VPN Stats

  • Server Locations 60
  • Average Speed 61.97 Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections 7
  • Jurisdiction Romania


  • Special Offer: 79% OFF!
  • Private: Strong no logs policy
  • Based in Romania so no government spying!
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting allowed
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks US Netflix + BBC iPlayer


  • WebRTC IPv6 leak in macOS

2. NordVPN

Great all-round VPN for Mac

NordVPN for Mac: Key Features
Kill Switch | DNS Leak Protection | Client for OpenVPN & IKEv2 | Onion over VPN (Tor) | Double VPN

BestVPN.com Score 9.5 out of 10


NordVPN is a great VPN option for any Mac user, but particularly the privacy-conscious. With excellent encryption, a super slick app for macOS, a whole host of useful privacy features, Netflix unblocking and torrenting! It’s hard to see a downside with this service.

If all this doesn’t pique your interest, they also offer a helpful 24/7 support service or a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

For those who want to know more, let’s take a closer look at NordVPN for Mac!

Is NordVPN secure on Mac?

Yes. However, it’s important to note that NordVPN do offer two different apps for Mac users. If you download NordVPN through the Apple App Store the protocol used is IKEv2, which isn’t bad. But, the best protocol in terms of balancing security and performance is OpenVPN and to get this, you need to download the Mac software from the provider's site (or using one of the buttons on this page). We strongly recommend you do this because it enables many of the features outlined below...

Now that’s out the way, we can talk about the whole host of goodies that come with NordVPN for Mac. Obfuscated (stealth) servers? Got ‘em, Custom DNS settings? Got ‘em, ad and malware protection? Yep. You can even choose between TCP and UDP (rare functionality for macOS clients).

And, for those who frequent the murkier side of the web, you’ll be pleased to know that it also supports VPN over Tor for that extra protection.

Get NordVPN

How fast is NordVPN on Mac?

First, NordVPN is great for privacy, as we’ve just discussed, but this is at the expense of some speed. This isn’t to say that NordVPN is the slowest VPN to use on Mac, but there are certainly quicker providers available. Still, you should have no problems using Nord to stream in HD or other data intensive tasks, assuming your raw broadband connection speed is up to the task.

Remember, speed isn’t everything with a VPN, and what NordVPN somewhat lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in other areas, so it all comes down to what you feel is more important.

To find out how fast NordVPN's speed compares to the other providers in our list, click here.

Is NordVPN easy to use?

As far as the NordVPN Mac client goes - it’s super slick and intuitive. After installing, all you need to do is select a country, or server based on what you want to do, and click 'connect'. NordVPN even has a feature that will optimise the server selection for you depending on what you want to do.

The only confusing thing is the fact that NordVPN offer two different Mac apps. As we previously covered, if you opt to download from the App Store, you are limiting yourself to the IKEv2 protocol with reduced security features (although it does offer a kill switch). Download from the website (or the buttons below for ease) and you not only get stronger encryption, but a whole load more features to play with.

nordvpn for mac

Can NordVPN unblock Netflix?

Yes, NordVPN can unblock Netflix, provided you download the OpenVPN mac client and not the IKEv2 app from the Apple App Store.

Unlike some other providers on the market, NordVPN has servers all over the world that are capable of cracking the lock on most Netflix libraries, not just the US. So, if you’re in the mood for a French movie, or some authentic Japanese anime, NordVPN has you covered.

Another cool party trick that NordVPN has is the ability unblock BBC iPlayer - something of a rarity amongst VPNs nowadays.

Get NordVPN

How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN can be a good value VPN if you are willing to commit to a longer plan with them. There flat one month fee is typical of any top tier VPN on the market. But if you are willing to sign up to a one, two or even three year plan, you stand to get some serious bang for your buck. Doing so sees your monthly cost drop from $11.95 down to as little as $2.99 a month for the three-year plan.

nordvpn pricing

VPN Stats

  • Server Locations 62
  • Average Speed 59.23 Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections 6
  • Jurisdiction Panama


  • Special Offer: 75% OFF!
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Based in Panama (great for privacy)
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Dedicated IPs (cost extra)


  • IPv6 leak in macOS IKEv2 app
  • No port forwarding

3. ExpressVPN

The most feature packed VPN for Mac

ExpressVPN for Mac Features:
Firewall Kill Switch | DNS Leak Protection | TCP/UDP Selection | OpenVPN & L2TP - IPsec Switching | Split Tunneling

BestVPN.com Score 9.3 out of 10


Another great choice for those looking to protect their Mac with a VPN is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN excel in both privacy and speed, and their Mac offering is no exception.

Offering a super slick and fully featured Mac client, ExpressVPN customers can enjoy access to 148 high speed servers all around the globe. Coupled with this is a fantastic level of encryption, and the ability to unblock sites like Netflix. And, if that wasn’t enough they even allow P2P torrenting.

If you ever run into trouble, there’s no need to fret, ExpressVPN offer round the clock support through their knowledgeable live chat team, and even a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. So, even if you’re not sure, they are certainly worth a try.

Let’s take a close look at why ExpressVPN deserve a spot on our best VPNs for Mac list.

Is ExpressVPN secure?

Unlike with some other providers, ExpressVPN’s Mac customer base can enjoy the same level of privacy that Windows customers have access to. These features include a kill switch, IPv4 and IPv6 leak protection, stealth servers and smart DNS to name but a few.

One thing to note, however, is that there have been some instances of WebRTC leaks during our testing. We've been in touch with ExpressVPN and they've patched the issue. To be extra safe, we'd recommend installing ExpressVPN's open source browser extension.

Overall, we are big fans of ExpressVPN at BestVPN.com. 

Get ExpressVPN

How fast is ExpressVPN on Mac?

When it comes to speed, ExpressVPN is no stranger to our fastest VPNs leaderboard. They are consistently fast. This means that you should never have any problem streaming in HD, torrenting, or playing online with your buddies while connected to an ExpressVPN server.

Overall, ExpressVPN has managed to strike a fine balance between providing a secure network and a fast service. So really, you get the best of both worlds… very impressive!

To find out how fast ExpressVPN is compared to the other providers in our list, click here.

Is ExpressVPN easy to use?

ExpressVPN's Mac client is a dream to use. Often you find that VPN clients aren’t as developed or as fully featured for Mac as they are for Windows. But this certainly isn’t the case for ExpressVPN.

The boffins over at ExpressVPN recently took steps to update their offering for Mac users, so now they enjoy the exact same experience as Windows users - features and all!

The result of this extra effort is a sublime Mac app that simply requires you to select a country and click a connect button - something Apple users (who like things to "just work") will appreciate. However, if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to delve a little deeper, you can. The ExpressVPN Mac client allows you to select the protocol you want to use and even set up a firewall kill switch without ever feeling like you’re in over your head!

ExpressVPN for Mac

Can ExpressVPN unblock Netflix?

In a word, yes.

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs available that is able to break through The Great Firewall of China, so it stands to reason, that unblocking Netflix is not going to be too much of a challenge.

ExpressVPN runs their own private DNS on each server, which means that no third-party will ever be able to catch a whiff of what you’re up to online. This means they are capable of not only unblocking the coveted US Netflix library, but also most other libraries around the world that might take your fancy.

And, thanks to their customer support team, if a VPN server ever does get blocked, a simple message on live chat or a tweet will usually yield an alternative solution for you.

Get ExpressVPN

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

ExpressVPN is one of the most fully-featured services on the market and is priced as such. But, if you’re looking for a Mac VPN that can do everything you need and more, you might feel the premium price tag is worth coughing up for.

There is good news if you’re on a budget. If you’re willing to sign up for longer terms with ExpressVPN, then there are some savings to be had. For example, signing up for a 12-month plan will see the monthly cost drop from $12.95 to just $6.67 per month.

ExpressVPN pricing

VPN Stats

  • Server Locations 94
  • Average Speed 77.14 Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections 3
  • Jurisdiction British Virgin Islands


  • Super fast - great for streaming!
  • Very secure 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5* 24/7 customer support
  • Special Deal: Save 49% Today


  • IPv6 WebRTC leaks (fixed by browser extension)
  • Not the cheapest VPN provider

4. PrivateVPN

A VPN for Mac that can unblock just about anything

PrivateVPN for Mac: Key Features
Stealth Servers | Unique Unblocking Capabilities | IPv6 Leak Protection | Change Encryption Strength

BestVPN.com Score 9.2 out of 10


If you’re after more from your VPN service, other than protecting your privacy online, then you might be pleasantly surprised by what PrivateVPN offers Mac users. To kick off, you get access to a number of handy features, including port forwarding and DNS leak protection. On top of this, they have an ever growing server network (currently in 60 different locations). But the real showstopper is their ability to unblock streaming services. Almost nobody unblocks Netflix as well as PrivateVPN.

And when you consider that they also were a runner up in the BestVPN.com Awards 2019 for Customer Service and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s easy to see why they made our best Mac VPN list.

But let’s take a dive into how PrivateVPN performs on Mac.

Is PrivateVPN secure?

We consider PrivateVPN to be relatively secure. In fact, you can find all of the advanced security features that you would need from a VPN, including a strict no-logs policy (as outlined in their privacy policies), stealth VPN servers and a self-hosted proxy. However, the Mac app doesn't currently feature a kill switch although we've been promised one is coming.

Get PrivateVPN

How fast is PrivateVPN on Mac?

In the speed department, PrivateVPN does alright. But, when you frame the speeds that the service can offer around the price that you pay for it, PrivateVPN starts to look like a really good deal.

Based on recent speed test results (accurate speeds further down the page), PrivateVPN is certainly comparable to some of the premium priced VPNs on the market. With these sorts of speeds you should have no issues when it comes to streaming in HD or gaming online.

To find out how fast PrivateVPN is compared to the other providers in our list, click here.

Is PrivateVPN easy to use?

At BestVPN.com, we found the PrivateVPN Mac app extremely easy to both install and use. And to top it off, if you do encounter any issues, the PrivateVPN support team are on hand to provide remote assistance!

The Mac client’s interface resembles the Windows client mostly. However, it does not come with a kill switch natively built in. It is possible to add a kill switch functionality in, and again PrivateVPN are always on hand to offer assistance.

To get started it’s as simple as selecting a VPN server and clicking connect… that’s it!

privatevpn for mac

Can PrivateVPN unblock Netflix?

Boy, can they! The folks at PrivateVPN are artists when it comes to unblocking services like Netflix, hulu and even BBC iPlayer!

This is down to the fact that when you connect your Mac to a PrivateVPN server you are assigned a dynamic dedicated IP address. This makes it incredibly difficult for any services you use to identify that you are using a VPN. Again, when you consider the price of this service, this is pretty incredible, really.

Get PrivateVPN

How much does PrivateVPN cost?

We have mentioned a few times now that PrivateVPN is a steal considering the features you get. But, how much does it cost? Well, for a one month package you’re looking at a monthly cost of $7.12 - pretty decent!

But, if you sign up for a 24-month deal this drops the monthly price to as little as $1.89 (yeah, we couldn’t believe it either!). So, for as little as a cup of coffee, you can have access to most Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer and all the features you would expect to find on a premium priced VPN. We told you it was good value!

privatevpn pricing

VPN Stats

  • Server Locations 60
  • Average Speed 58.97 Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections 6
  • Jurisdiction Sweden


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Servers in 56 countries
  • Strong OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Not much

5. VyprVPN

A VPN for Mac with unique features

PrivateVPN for Mac: Key Features
Kill Switch | Chameleon Technology | Malware Blocking | OpenVPN/L2TP - IPSec Selector | Customizable DNS

BestVPN.com Score 8.9 out of 10


Like the other Mac VPNs in our list, VyprVPN is a feature packed VPN that offers excellent privacy.

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service that would excel as your macOS VPN. When signing up to this service, you get five simultaneous VPN connections, the ability to unblock content from around the globe and strong encryption protocols.

On top of this, you also get the support of VyprVPN’s 24/7 customer service in case you run into any issues.

So, let’s dive right in, and see what else VyprVPN has to offer Mac users.

Is VyprVPN secure?

VyprVPN is very secure. In fact, thanks to their proprietary Chameleon technology, they are able to do what a lot of other providers can’t when it comes to privacy. Chameleon is their own stealth technology that disguises your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic, allowing you to browse online in a truly uncensored way.

On top of this unique offering, you also get access to a number of other useful privacy features with VyprVPN on Mac, such as a kill switch and DNS service.

Get VyprVPN

How fast is VyprVPN on Mac?

VyprVPN is fast...ish. That is to say, it isn't slow. It can certainly handle most data intensive tasks like streaming or downloading without an issue. 

Based on our lab tests, you can expect speeds that will easily allow you to stream a movie in HD or game online, assuming your raw broadband speeds are up to the challenge.

So, it’s fast enough, but there are faster VPNs on the list if that is a core concern.

To find out how fast VyprVPN is compared to the other providers in our list, click here.

Is VyprVPN easy to use?

As far as VyprVPN's Mac client goes, it is super simple to use. It’s as easy as selecting a VPN server, clicking connect and you’re done! You can quickly access  VyprVPN's handy security features, such as the kill switch and blocking malicious sites right from the client with the click of a button.

You can even get a real time view of your connection speeds, so you can understand precisely what speeds you’re getting. Perfect for anyone who likes to tinker and optimise for the best speeds possible.

VyprVPN for Mac

Can VyprVPN unblock Netflix?

Yes, thanks to their Chameleon technology. Chameleon allows VyprVPN to disguise any traffic from their VPN servers as regular HTTPS traffic. This means any website monitoring traffic will not be able to distinguish your VPN connection from any other connection accessing its servers.

The result of this cleverly implemented technology means that with VyprVPN you shouldn’t have too many issues unblocking most Netflix libraries and even BBC iPlayer if you wish.

In the event that things don’t go to plan for you, VyprVPN offer a knowledgeable team of experts through live chat on their website who can help you out of a pinch and get you back streaming in no time.

Get VyprVPN

How much does VyprVPN cost?

When it comes down to cost, VyprVPN are not the cheapest VPN on our list, but they are not the most expensive either. Finding a happy medium, with a solid service, it would be hard to argue that you aren’t getting value for money from this provider.

A one month plan will set you back $12.95 which is towards the top end that you can expect to pay for a VPN. However, if you sign up for a longer term deal, the price really tumbles down! For example, on the 24-month plan you can expect to pay $4.17, which is a bargain when you consider all of the features that you get with VyprVPN.

VyprVPN Pricing

VPN Stats

  • Server Locations 70
  • Average Speed 30.5 Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections 5
  • Jurisdiction Switzerland


  • Strong encryption protocols and policies
  • Worldwide server network
  • 24/7 customer support
  • PayPal now a payment method
  • Proprietary Technology & exclusive features


  • Basic plan does not come with stealth (Chameleon) so if you need this get premium
  • WebRTC leak in Windows

Fastest VPN for Mac

At BestVPN.com we run hundreds of VPN speed tests each week. The chart below shows the average speeds of the 5 best VPNs for Mac over the last 7-days.

The Best VPNs - Comparison Table

With the table below you can easily compare the best VPNs for Mac.

1. From $2.75 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.8 out of 10
Visit Site   Read Review
2. From $2.99 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.5 out of 10
Visit Site   Read Review
3. From $6.67 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.3 out of 10
Visit Site   Read Review
4. From $1.89 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.2 out of 10
Visit Site   Read Review
5. From $4.17 / month
BestVPN.com Score 8.9 out of 10
Visit Site   Read Review

Why are these the best VPNs for Mac?

We put each of these providers through our in-depth review process. We believe these are the best VPN apps for Mac on the market today because each of them offer: 

  • A dedicated Apple Mac VPN client that is optimized for any macOS system
  • Like-for-like features compared to Windows VPNs 
  • World-class security and outstanding reliability 
  • A large global network of server locations 

Below, we’ve put together a more in-depth list detailing each of the 5 best apps for Mac on the market today.

Free VPN for Mac

As you can see from the table below, all of the VPNs in our best Mac VPN list offer free trials of varying lengths. However, none offer a free plan as an option.

ProviderFree Trial?Free Subscription
CyberGhostYes - 7 daysNo
NordVPNYes - 3 daysNo
ExpressVPNYes (mobile only) - 7 daysNo
PrivateVPNYes - 7 daysNo
VyprVPNYes - 3 daysNo

Historically, we have always recommended that Mac users stay away from free VPNs to protect their Mac, but the times they are a'changin'. With new providers like ProtonVPN entering the market and other established providers upping their game, you can find some genuinely great free VPNs for Mac... if you know where to look. That said, they will always fall short of a premium providers in terms of the number of servers on offer, the speeds they offer and how much data allowance you get access to.

For any Mac user that is looking for a truly unlimited VPN for Mac with access to a tonne of servers and speeds that will allow seamless streaming and downloading, our advice remains the same - stick with our best VPN for Mac list above. Otherwise, you can check out our best Free VPN list for more information on finding the right free Mac VPN.

VPNs for MacBooks you should you avoid

While there are many VPN providers that are compatible and work with Mac, there are a few that we recommend Mac users avoid outright for the reasons listed below.


Hola scores very low for overall privacy and security due primarily to the fact that they turn their users’ connections on their network into individual VPN nodes for other users to connect through. Essentially, this means that you are technically held liable for any activity being transmitted through your connection. We wouldn’t recommend using Hola under any circumstance


We wouldn’t recommend using Unlocator on your Mac because they are essentially a SmartDNS service first, and a VPN service second. Unlocator’s VPN service playing second fiddle to their SmartDNS service doesn’t particularly give us much faith that they direct any of the necessary resources into making their VPN worthwhile. On top of that, they do not offer a dedicated client app, they only offer access to their servers. The setup needs to be done manually on your computer, which is not ideal for VPN neophytes.


An otherwise decent VPN service, we cannot recommend OkayFreedom for Mac simply because they only offer Windows compatibility at this time.

As illustrated with the examples above, there are a few reasons why certain VPN providers do not make the cut for Mac. To be safe, we strongly advise sticking with one of the recommended VPNs for Mac in this article.

Written by: Attila Tomaschek

Attila is a Hungarian-American currently living in Budapest. Being in the VPN game for several years, he brings a deep knowledge of the industry to share with BestVPN readers. When he's not writing about VPNs and digital privacy, Attila enjoys listening to music, cooking, and road-tripping through Europe.


  1. gramic

    on September 18, 2017

    I looked at NordVPN - it is good in that it has servers everywhere, but, when the VPN server drops, unless you set up the app to kill with it, you're left connected with no VPN security. It's the same when you first connect - you have to open your browser, so if you restore previous session, every website you were visiting, now gets to know your IP address, until you connect and establish a VPN connection to NordVPN servers. I use AirVPN and prefer that it locks your network immediately if the VPN connection drops, and because the network is locked, you can continue to look at your browser.

    1. Douglas Crawford replied to gramic

      on September 18, 2017

      Hi gramic, Well... The NordVPN client does have a per-app kill switch. You can choose which apps will be shut down in the event of a VPN disconnection. This is very handy, but it is not a firewall-based kill switch like AirVPN's. So if the NordVPN client itself crashes, the specified apps will not shut down and can continue to access the internet. I'm not sure what you mean by having to open your browser. You can run the client before you open your browser...

  2. Anna

    on September 15, 2017

    I'm confused because I've read and experienced inability to use the BBC iPlayer, Netflix, (and Hulu) with a VPN yet this article says the opposite. Years past one could use a VPN with the BBC Player and Netflix without problem but now I receive a Proxy error for Netflix and a similar error for the iPlayer. Please explain if I'm missing something.

    1. Douglas Crawford replied to Anna

      on September 18, 2017

      Hi Anna, Netflix, iPlayer and Hulu are actively trying to block VPN users from using their services. They do this simply by blocking IP addresses that are known to belong to VPN providers. There are ways around these blocks (such as a provider regularly recycling its IP addresses), however, and some providers are better at it than others. In our reviews we always test to see if we can access US Netflix and iPlayer. At present I know that NordVPN and ExpresVPN work with these services (you may need to contact ExpressVPN to ask which servers they recommend using). We are currently working on a system to regularly check which VPN serverces do and don't work with Netflix and iPlayer (and hopefully other services going forward).

    2. Anna replied to Anna

      on September 29, 2017

      Thank you for your helpful reply. I'll have to try out one of the 2 VPNs you suggested. I look forward to when you're able to say which VPNs are currently working with US Netflix and the BBC Player. On a similar note I live in the US and I'd love to be able to access UK Netflix shows. Is that also possible with these VPNS do you know? Thanks again

      1. Douglas Crawford replied to Anna

        on October 3, 2017

        Hi Anna, If you have problems, please let me know, but they should work (and come with 30-day money-back guarantees, so you'll have plenty of time to check). Not sure about UK Netflix, but since you are trying those services anyway, there is no harm in checking for yourself.

  3. Ariel G

    on August 5, 2017

    Would like to configure our Apple Extreme to have VPN capability or service that will block our location. Is there anything out there that we can try? Appreciate the feedback.

    1. Douglas Crawford replied to Ariel G

      on August 23, 2017

      Hi Ariel G, I'm afraid that running a VPN on an Airport Extreme router is not easy. Check out this article from Flashrouters on the subject.

  4. JJ

    on May 29, 2017

    After in-depth reading reviews on VPNs to use in Canada, Friends suggest Hotspot Shield being #1 and others have crappy service...(Free vs Paid) . Should I go with ExpressVPN (despite Buffered is Best)? Its a split 50/50 for torrenting US shows + streaming online tv from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea using my MacBook Pro (Sierra) + looking into Kodi for Asia programs / Soccer Games for the elderly + using Android for Asia radio, etc... What are your suggestions? Is it 100% completely safe from Spys, cyber security? I was told CISCO has a way around that can hack into our internet even the Gov't can't. Originally I partly installed OpenVPNGate than deleted after running into problems with Sierra. Will having VPN affect Hardware Upgrades on Mac? Thanks.

    1. Douglas Crawford replied to JJ

      on May 29, 2017

      Hi JJ, - Both ExpressVPN and Buffered are good for torrenting US shows. -To stream shows from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea, you will need a service with servers in those countries. Buffered has a server in South Korea, but ExpresdsVPN has servers in all these countries. - Nothing can be 100% guaranteed. Both Buffered (Gibraltar) and ExpressVPN (British Virgin Islands) are based in British Overseas Territories. How this might or might not affect vulnerability to UK spying is unclear. For most purposes, though, I'd say both services are fine in this regard. - If you run the VPN in software, then all data will be encrypted as it passes through the router. So it doesn't matter if the router has a backdoor. - Running a VPN will have no effect Mac hardware upgrades.

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