5 Best VPNs for FIFA That Work in 2019

Since 2010, EA Sports’ FIFA has been the bestselling sports video game franchise in history. If you’re reading this article, then you must be one of the 100 million or so owners of a version of the game or a prospective buyer. If so, then there are several reasons why using a fast FIFA VPN can be to your benefit.

These include being able to purchase the newest version of the game before it’s actually available in your region as well as taking advantage of more competitive prices for the game that may exist in other parts of the world. Additionally, if you are using any of the online features of the game, our FIFA VPNs could solve many issues for you.

Whatever your reason, our experts have compiled this list of the best FIFA VPNs that deliver the best bang for your buck, and to get that bang before others in your area.

List of the Best VPNs for FIFA

If you’re wanting a quick answer, take a look at the table below to see what our experts rated as the best VPNs to use for FIFA. You can scroll down further for more information.

1. From $2.99 / month
BestVPN.com Score 10 out of 10
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2. From $2.75 / month
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3. From $2.25 / month
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4. From $1.89 / month
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5. From $6.67 / month
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A note to readers

When searching the Internet for the use of a VPN with EA Sports’ FIFA, you may find many references to what is known as FIFA Virtual Pro Network (VPN). Because the acronym is the same, search engines will also serve up pages related to this service. This has nothing to do with Virtual Private Networks, which is the topic of this article.

Fifa VPNs FAQs

Why use a VPN for FIFA?

Like many online services, where you are geographically will affect what services and benefits you can buy and enjoy from the FIFA franchise of video games. EA Sports controls the usage and purchasing of its software and services based on your perceived geographic location.

For this reason, VPNs can be useful in overcoming these geographical restrictions for both purchasing FIFA games as well as for using their online gameplay facilities.

Using a VPN to purchase FIFA

EA Sports, like all businesses, wants to maximize its profits from the sale of its products. For items like video games, it has been found that these profits can be maximized by adjusting release dates and by varying the cost of the product from region to region. VPNs let you pretend to be in a different country to overcome these issues.

Staggered Fifa release dates

North America will often have a different official release date than Europe for new video games, as do various other regions of the world. Occasionally, publishers will provide special pre-release offers several days before the official publication. Access to these staggered release dates and pre-releases are usually enforced based on the region of the world potential buyers reside in.

Reasons for staggered release dates

There are compelling reasons for staggering release dates of video games in this way. Several sources cite explanations such as varying licensing procedures in different countries, streamlining local supply chains, or even to suppress attempts at piracy (duh?). But the most compelling reason, especially for the publisher’s pockets, is to maximize profits.

Detailed market research has shown that based on the customs and routines of different areas of the world, things like the date, the day of the week, the season and even the weather can have an effect on the number of people that purchase the product. In some countries, releasing on Friday will increase sales due to a generally happier populace. In other countries, releasing when the weather is better (or worse) may increase sales, so a release date later or earlier in the season is preferable.

Even such small advantages in boosting sales are important for large companies like EA Sports. For FIFA 18 for example, with purchases exceeding 10 million units in just 13 weeks, even an increase of 0.1% in sales resulting from a slightly adjusted regional release date will bring in substantial revenue.

FIFA Release Dates

Most of the previously released versions all the way back to FIFA 10 had launch dates that were anywhere between a few days to a few months apart for varying regions of the world.

Even though FIFA 18 was released worldwide on September 29th 2017, it was available as early as September 21st for people with access to Xbox One or Origin Access services. Both of these services have restrictions as to the region of the world from which you can successfully connect and take advantage of such offers.

Thus regional release dates for FIFA, as well as pre-release options, are all subject to the region of the world in which the buyer is located.

Overcoming staggered release dates

Most video games can be purchased online and downloaded directly, and FIFA is no exception. Thus, official release dates per region and the availability of special pre-release offers of FIFA products are controlled solely on the basis of the online buyer’s geographic location as perceived by the publisher’s servers.

In order to overcome these restrictions, you can use a FIFA VPN to mask your actual geographical location from the publisher’s servers and replace it with the location of the VPN server through which you have connected. Just make sure to choose a provider that has servers within a country without restrictions prohibiting your intended purchase. More on this later.

Unit Prices vary by region

Another little trick businesses use to maximize their income involves tweaking the price of the product for different countries and regions. If a product is prohibitively expensive, fewer people will buy it; if it’s too cheap, revenue may go down. If the price is just right, then income is maximized. Marketing experts try to find the right balance so that the product will be financially accessible to the largest possible population.

This balance, however, is not the same everywhere in the world. It is closely related to the purchasing power of each region. Put more simply, it depends on how much money the average video game player makes.

In regions where average wages are generally heftier like Europe, North America or Australia, it stands to reason that this sweet spot price will be higher than in areas such as Southeast Asia or some parts of South America.

Although average income is one of the more significant reasons for price fluctuations between regions, there are additional variables that can affect the cost such as currency exchange rates, marketing research, product demand, as well as licensing. This is why sometimes prices may vary counterintuitively.

For example, at the time of this writing, FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition for Windows was available for the following prices in countries indicated:

  • €79.99 (US $98.72) in Greece, Ireland and other European countries

Unblock Fifa

  • NT$2,499.00 (US $85.19) in Taiwan

get fifa cheaper

  • 4,799.00 (US $73.42) in India | Check out our Indian VPN guide for more.

get fifa for cheap

  • US $79.99 in the United States

Unblock Fifa

  • CAD $99.99 (US $79.32) in Canada

Get Fifa cheap

The question is, how can you benefit from the lower prices that may be available in other regions of the world? Read on.

Overcoming regional price variations

Similar to controlling staggered release dates, online geolocation is the primary method by which companies like EA Sports regulate the cost of the product you are going to buy. The screenshots shown in the previous section are from the Origin website, EA Sports’ online gaming, digital distribution and digital rights management platform. In each screenshot, connectivity was established using a VPN server found within the country in question. The prices of the product changed depending on the country of the VPN server used in each instance. The Origin platform was detecting that country from which the page was being viewed.

In this way, it is very simple to connect to the site from multiple VPN servers and determine the country with the cheapest cost… and then buy it at that cost.

Using a VPN to play FIFA

Another important benefit of using a VPN for FIFA is especially practical if you use some of the online features of FIFA, including those available in FIFA 18, as well as FIFA Online 3, and FIFA mobile. If you travel abroad often, or if you want to access region-specific features, a VPN is just right for you.

FIFA Online series

FIFA Online video games are a series of online-only video games based on FIFA that is released specifically for the Asian market. At the time of this writing, FIFA Online 3, the currently available version, was reported to be offered on servers in countries including South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and China. Connecting to a VPN server in one of these countries would give direct and local access to the game no matter where you are in the world.

FIFA Ultimate Teams

FIFA’s newest and most popular online gaming feature is FIFA Ultimate Team, also known as FUT. When you register on FUT, you must indicate your region of origin. Once this is done, your account is locked into that region. It has been reported by users that problems do arise concerning geolocation issues if moving to another region and attempting to connect from there. In such a case, to continue playing you would require a VPN to mask your real location and maintain your original region of registration.

Additionally, depending upon the region you choose, when playing online you are pegged up against players in that region. If you want to compete against users from another region of the world, using a VPN provides that possibility as well.

Other FIFA online services

It has also been reported within the user support forum that for people traveling from region to region, playing FIFA 18 online can be problematic. Offline play is not an issue, as support staff has indicated that in such a case “there should be nearly no problems.” However, if you want to purchase FIFA 18 Points or renew your PlayStation Plus membership, for example, you may run into some trouble as these would have to be purchased from your original geographical region.

This is very simply remedied by using a VPN connection to a server in your original region, regardless of where you currently are in the world.

Features needed for a FIFA VPN

When making your choice of VPN provider, there are several things to keep in mind while evaluating the candidate VPN services.

VPN server locations for Fifa

As can be determined from the examples in this article, the most useful feature that a VPN can provide a user or a potential buyer of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise software is the ability to appear to be physically located in various countries around the world. For this reason, the preferred VPN provider should have VPN servers in as many countries as possible.

Specifically, you should evaluate:

  • The total number of countries available for connection – The more countries that a VPN provider has servers in, the more options you will have available for obtaining early releases and especially for doing comparison shopping between prices in different regions.
  • The specific countries that you will most likely wish to appear to connect from – If traveling frequently you’ll probably want to take your FIFA teams with you; make sure that your home country is included in the list of VPN servers. This way, you will be able to purchase FIFA Points and play as if never leaving home.
  • The number of servers within each country – A VPN provider may claim to have almost worldwide coverage with VPN servers in a large number of countries, but, if each country has only one or two servers, this is not ideal. Make sure the provider offers multiple servers in each country so that if for whatever reason some go down, you will always have alternative choices.
  • Whether VPN provider plans only have a single country or multiple countries to connect to – Some VPN providers have plans only allowing connection to a single destination country. Make sure the plan permits changing VPN servers at any time, as it is beneficial to connect to EA Sports’ services from various countries whenever you like.


The speed of your VPN connection is not that important for purchasing the product and for the relevant online financial transactions. Nevertheless, for the use of FIFA’s online gaming options such as FIFA Online 3, FIFA Mobile, and FUT, fast connection speeds are essential.

All of the above-mentioned options allow users to have some interaction online. Of these, FUT has several online gaming modes allowing play in real time against players all over the world. Needless to say, if you are using a VPN, speed is vital for such a setup. Make sure you choose the fastest VPN available to be sure that your connection is still quick. For more information about VPN speed testing, take a look at our VPN Speed Testing Done Right article.


We can’t talk about the benefits of VPNs without at least mentioning the issues of security. Although security may not be crucial for your gameplay (for some even that might be of utmost importance), security and confidentiality is definitely essential for any online financial transactions that you may perform.

For this reason, using a VPN to actually purchase the game, FIFA Points and any other FIFA related product is definitely a plus. Look for the highest level of encryption offered always preferring protocols such as OpenVPN with strong control and data channel ciphers. You can read our detailed reviews of each of the recommended VPN providers to gain a more complete picture of which VPN provides the most comprehensive security suites.

For more information about encryption protocols and parameters, see our Complete Guide to VPN Encryption.

Other important features for a VPN for Fifa

Additional features that should be evaluated when choosing a VPN provider for FIFA franchise products, as well as for all applications in general, include:

  • Availability of free trial periods
  • Money back guarantees
  • Multiple simultaneous connections using the same account
  • Gaming oriented services
  • Comprehensive online knowledgebase
  • Exceptional online and live support

Best VPNs for FIFA: Conclusion

In this article, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why employing a VPN is advantageous for using with the FIFA series of video games. Whether it’s to obtain the next generation of the game as early as possible or to shop around to find the best price worldwide, a VPN will do the trick in both cases.

FIFA’s online gaming facilities can also be enhanced by using VPNs, once again, primarily to overcome the geolocation restrictions that the company employs on some of its gaming features.

One thing to look forward to, is the fact that FIFA 2019 slated to come out some time in September of this year. As we are already a quarter of the way into 2019, the time is fast approaching for the next and most exciting release of this phenomenally successful franchise. If you want to get in on FIFA 2019 early and cheap, be prepared by equipping yourself with the best VPN provider.

Our intention is to give you a very solid understanding of what to look for when choosing a VPN provider, including the subscription plan that ultimately best suits your FIFA gameplay needs.

1. From $2.99 / month
BestVPN.com Score 10 out of 10
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2. From $2.75 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.8 out of 10
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3. From $2.25 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.7 out of 10
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4. From $1.89 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.3 out of 10
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5. From $6.67 / month
BestVPN.com Score 9.2 out of 10
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For more information about using VPN for other games and platforms, take a look at the guides below:

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