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Update December 2016. VPNGhost is no more. Its website and Facebook page are down, and BestVPN.com has received the following communication from one of its co-founders:

VPNGhost – The truth:

I feel as though its only fair that I inform users why VPNGhost has dissolved. I was an original co founder of VPNGhost. When we started gaining lots of users, “Casper” decided that revenue is more important than UX. I did not agree, after a few arguments over the reliability of the service I was basically cut off my own website so I could not access any accounts or anything. I lost full control of the website and the outcome was the terrible money scam rogue vpn. I would like to personally appoligize to all users for any inconvience “Casper” may have caused you. It was beyond my control and if it were up to me the site would still be going at full functionality I left it with. The truth is, “Casper” is money hungry and never cared about the service or the users to begin with, even now. So my due dilligance is to share this with you.
Public information on “Casper”

Dexter David Tross
1 587 585 9095
16 Spring Haven Close Airdrie T4B 0B5

– Phantom”.

VPNGhost is a burgeoning provider that appears to have the basics of stealth, performance and user-friendliness down. With server locations on the upswing, and highly competitive pricing, coupled with a seemingly reverential attitude toward privacy, we’re excited to see VPNGhost’s further development.

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Pricing & Plans

VPNGhost is available in three price levels, starting at $4 per month, and rising to scale at $9.75 for a half-year’s subscription, or $17.50 for a whole 12 months. An interesting bit is that no plan differs in the included features, just the price and length of commitment, which brings up a crucial matter: there are categorically no refunds once subscribed to a plan after you’ve paid (regardless of payment method), as clearly stated in the VPNGhost Terms of Service.
VPNGhost Pricing Update

Sure, the lack of a refund policy or free plan to try things out might be a deterrent to begin with for many potential users, and that could be understandable. That said, Support was more than adequate and will be covered in the relevant section.

VPNGhost_Refund Policy

On the other circuitous note worth bearing in mind, however, all three plan options are on the lower scale of pricing in the wider VPN market, which is essentially great, if the service is worth the monetary value in practice, which we’ll comprehensively discuss further below. You may pay through PayPal, BitCoin, and impressively Litecoin.


VPNGhost Review

VPNGhost’s server list gives you 16 choices overall, with Amsterdam, London, and the Swiss servers each having a twin. P2P is acceptable, but only on the dedicated two Swiss servers. Unfortunately, there aren’t yet any servers in Africa or South America, but updates are forthcoming. The company is registered in Alberta, Canada, under Ghost INC.

For the benefit of the wider userbase, evidently VPHGhost subscribe to the – ‘don’t drop martial law on everyone, for one individual’s indiscretions’ – principle of transparency in more than one way.

VPNGhost client

They consistently inform their customers, and whoever’s paying attention to any action taken against their service, commonly in the form of DMCA notices. Simultaneous connections of up to two devices per servers are happily allowed, as seen in the Pricing section.

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Security & Privacy

VPNGhost don’t leave the security matter to chance, using a 4096 DH Key, 256-Bit AES encryption, and a quite robust SHA-512 for data authentication – all over the OpenVPN protocol – which we couldn’t be more impressed with. IP addresses are shared. Though the assertion that no logs are kept in any way, shape, or form, is the most pleasing thing to hear (it is worth noting that many providers also make this claim falsely, though nothing leads directly to that idea in this particular case).

While Canada might, unfortunately, part of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance (the other three being the US, UK, AUS, and NZ), the following quote from support succinctly outlines VPNGhost’s commitment to user confidentiality and reaffirms their position in one go.

“We do not data-log whatsoever. We don’t even log IP addresses through our website, the only information we take from our user-base is the payment information that is automatically taken when purchasing (which can be removed at any time by users requests). With that being said, we simply do not have any data to disclose to any legal or corporate authority.”

VPNGhost website accessibility using Tor, and using the Bitcoin or Litecoin payment methods previously mentioned should theoretically secure you from all but the most dedicated and highest level adversaries (think government).

The website

Ghastly! Ghostly is definitely an apt adjective when describing the white and black motif on VPNghost’s website, right in line with the company’s branding. Better still, navigation is a breeze. For perspective clients, the FAQ, Features, and Pricing pages are a click away and accessible through the top banner. Privacy Policy and TOS are findable at the very bottom of any page or through a link in the FAQ section, which is quite pleasant when juxtaposed with many competitors sneakily hiding these fundamental documents through multiple clicks.

VPNGhost_Screenshot Url

Meanwhile, the client are is just as efficiently laid out, with information about your services, billing, support, and VPNGhost’s server status all shifting to a left-hand sidebar. A handy line in the red denotes your (erased) IP address and location while News alerts run on the bottom portion of the screen and can be scrolled down through quite conveniently.


Support wasn’t only adequate – it was excellent. Both interactions, with Casper and Phantom, respectively, left me pleased with their courteous attitude and thorough professionalism. Due to geographical mismatches (which you may or may not experience), we were unable to communicate much through LiveChat. However, the email interactions we had were light and cut effectively at the heart of my issues at the time.


It would be good to see a more detailed and illustrated FAQ section, and perhaps a user forum for an unstymied exchange of ideas, versus one-on-one support exchanges.

In line with the messages you saw in the Facebook update previously shown, VPNGhost use their FB and Twitter accounts to keep users abreast of service outages or updates, and useful, privacy related articles.

The Process

Signing Up

Signup is limited to just an email (and credit card if that’s your payment method) – that’s it. Therefore, near-perfect anonymity is possible when registering for and using the service.

The VPNGhost Windows VPN client

Users will, unfortunately, have to make do with using the OpenVPN GUI for now, as VPNGhost don’t yet have their bespoke client active, though, it is in the works.


Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Speedtest were run on our 30 Mbps test connection, while connected to UK, NL, and US servers – the former two of which were tested against a London server, the latter New York. Testmy.net is where you may do the same speedtesting, whether using a VPN, or just for general curiosity purposes.

Speeds averaged nicely in the medium 10-12 Mbps DL range during testing, with US servers half that amount, though spikes were nonexistent – the VPNGhost OpenVPN software ran like a literal ghost in the background, while streaming videos and playlists concurrent with writing this review.

Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

What’s most impressive, is the service working exactly as advertised, DNS leak free. Checks were performed using ipleak.net and test-ipv6.com and never came back showing the IP address of the test device. Do yourself a favor and check periodically, as some DNS leaks can be caused from forces outside of provider control, and likely catch you unawares.

Other Platforms

VPNGhost plan to release a bespoke VPN client on Windows and Mac – eventually rolling out counterparts for iOS, and Android. DNS leak protection will be built into the software, hopefully along with a killswitch and auto start-up to keep your connection under wraps and intrusion-free at all times.

Other/ Free Services

VPNGhost graciously provide a free proxy server (located in the Netherlands), for those looking for geo-spoofing, and/or minimal privacy benefits (compared to a VPN, which includes encryption), while engaging in online activities.

VPNGhost Review Conclusion

I liked

  • NO logging
  • Forthright Business Model
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • P2P allowed On Swiss Servers
  • Free Proxy
  • Sleek Website

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Limited Knowledgebase
  • Lack of a User Forum

I hated

  • No Bespoke Client

Overall impressions of using VPNGhost were a few small steps aways from fabulous, which is likely a matter of time’s passing to bridge the gap with updates. Add a dedicated VPN client to the reliability, unintrusive, and overall transparent business model, and you may well have a juggernaut of a service, provided the evolution goes as has been intimated. What’s altogether more pertinent, is that the current state of VPNghosts service is still above the much of the competition save the very elite, give them a try to find out.

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Dimitri M
December 5th, 2016

Expat in Europe - pathos for good conversation and Italia's Grande Juventus.

31 responses to “VPNGhost Review

  1. Mona says:

    So sad that VPNGhost no longer exists. I bought a lifetime subscription a few months ago for only $25, and I was surprised how well it actually worked for me. Speeds were pretty good, and the service seemed to be reliable. No DNS leak if set up properly. Now I had to sign up for a new service. I chose ipvanish vpn. I really hope it’s a good one and worth my money. But I really liked VPNGhost, and I was on my way to give it a good rating, when I found out that it was gone.

  2. VPNghost kickstarter backer says:

    VPNGhost – The truth:

    I feel as though its only fair that I inform users why VPNGhost has dissolved. I was an original co founder of VPNGhost. When we started gaining lots of users, “Casper” decided that revenue is more important than UX. I did not agree, after a few arguments over the reliability of the service I was basically cut off my own website so I could not access any accounts or anything. I lost full control of the website and the outcome was the terrible money scam rogue vpn. I would like to personally appoligize to all users for any inconvience “Casper” may have caused you. It was beyond my control and if it were up to me the site would still be going at full functionality I left it with. The truth is, “Casper” is money hungry and never cared about the service or the users to begin with, even now. So my due dilligance is to share this with you.
    Public information on “Casper”

    Dexter David Tross
    1 587 585 9095
    16 Spring Haven Close Airdrie T4B 0B5

    – Phantom

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Dexter,

      Yikes! That sounds like a very messy situation. Thanks for letting us know! I have updated the article with this information.

      1. phantom@vpnghost.net says:

        Thanks for making this information available to the old users. Like I said guys I am deeply sorry and this was way beyond my control. I did my best to make sure the service was a good experience but Dexter AKA Casper was only concerned about money. He did not even know anything about network development, so when the time came I was responsible for making everything functional as well as the website otherwise we would freelance developers. Once again I am deeply sorry to any of the original VPNGhost users that were affected by this.

        Please send your complaints/inquiries to dextertross@hotmail.com or dextertross1@hotmail.com

        1. Douglas Crawford says:

          Hi Dexter,

          No problem, and thanks for getting into contact with us.

  3. Dan says:

    RogueVPN aka GhostVPN has completely shutdown. Website and Facebook disappeared and client are left out with no notice or warning. PLEASE do not give anymore money to these crooks.

  4. bobobo says:

    RogueVPN as they are now called is rubbish. There is no adequate information how to configure OpenVPN.
    There is a single admin on the forum who only uses it for announcement and directs people to support email.
    In order to get OpenVPN credentials for new infrastructure you have to fill in a web form which is *in Comic Sans* If you do something wrong there, you can’t change your credentials.
    I made a mistake on that form. I emailed support – first I got a couple of rude answer like “if you email incorrect address your questions won’t be answered” but no help. For the past week I got no answers at all.

  5. Phantom says:

    They have completely gone under. I was previously employed there. Currently being operated by someone with 0 networking experience. What a shame.

  6. Dan says:

    FYI Ghostvpn.net has now officially moved to RogueVPN.net so that ‘side project’ they were talking about is actually a backup plan I assume. As now all business is done through RogueVPN.net as of now. All existing and new users have to use the new domain and business. Not sure how this is going to affect customers.

  7. Arno says:

    Unfortunately I have quite a negative experience with vpnghost.

    Both the website and the servers are unavailable to connect with for 2 full days now. People complain about it on Twitter, however vpnghost doesn’t reply to any of them.

    It’s not a way to treat customers, especially if you want to make a name as being reliable.

    Also, DNS is not routed through the VPN; the default during set-up is Google (!) DNS. This is DNS leak by default. As a novice user you would be browsing in the assumption of being anonymous while you’re not.

    VPNghost comes across as a little hobby project to me. I’m going back to Mullvad and will be requesting my money back at VPNghost.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Arno,

      Indeed. Reading through Dmitri’s review (he is not longer with us), it is clear that VPNGhost uses the generic open source OpenVPN software. This has no DNS leak protection built-in, so yes, you will suffer from DNS leaks.

  8. Emily says:

    Been using their service for a while now purchased a 6 month subscription. Was a little weary at first looking at some of their reviews but everything has worked for me the entire time so far. Their P2P network has good speeds to.very happy with my purchase.

  9. Jesse says:

    I have been using VPNGhost for some time now, There service was vary bad in the beginning but has become very stable as they had promised their updated would. I am quite satisfied now, speeds have been good and they have had no major downtime as was a constant problem in the beginning, I think they finally got their $h!t together. If things keep up i believe they could become a great service.

  10. Nick60 says:

    I’ve used VPNGhost for several months now, in that time I’ve had to download new keys on average about once a month, which is a pain. Their site does not have a consistent method of providing information. Some of the time they inform you when the most recent keys are available by email, some of the time through a note on their dashboard, some of the time there appears to be no heads up on important info like that. For about 50% of the time I’ve not been able to use my preferred server of the ones they offer, which is a pain when you try to log into sites that expect you to have an IP from a certain country.

    I’m not impressed with their customer service. I’ve provided them with logs and other information when a problem has occurred only to be asked for the very same information, their attention to detail is poor! Ask more than one question and the easiest one to answer is the only one likely to get answered from my experience, its a bit like dealing with a local council on that score. They appear to have a default solution to problems if an initial ‘re-install OpenVPN’ does not work, namely they want to inspect MY computer with remote software. So far the problem has always been at their end, there’s no way that they’re accessing my computer. I’m thinking of requesting to arrange a time to inspect their system remotely the next time I have a problem, (there will be a next time), it would probably solve the issue quicker. That might seem arrogant, it is meant to come across that way, that is exactly how they come across.

    I’ve been on numerous customer service courses due to my public facing employment, at least one of the staff at VPNGhost could improve their service a great deal if they did a basic level customer service course.

    I’ve used other VPNs during this time on the same computers without changing any settings or underlying software, some also use OpenVPN, without any issues. I’ve told them this but they still seem to suspect that all of the problems are at my end, even though this has never once been the case. Their motto appears to be that the customer is always at fault.


    There are better services out there. Judging from a few rave reviews on this site there have apparently been some people who’ve had a far better experience, though I’m relieved to read that I’m not the sole person to have had a bad time, the latter experiences ring very true with me.

    If you want another reason to avoid them, the terms and conditions absolve them of any fault. We have to trust each other, the users and providers, for the service to successful. I trust their T&Cs no more than the distance I can throw a bus!

  11. Valix says:

    then they state
    “….We allow torrenting on all our servers excluding the Northern American servers eg: “Canada, Canada-2, USA, USA-2″. Causing VPNGhost to recieve a DMCA / Copyright Infringment claim will result in your account being suspended indefinitely….”

    HOW THEY KNOW people downloaded via torrents from their homes if they claim to not keep logs not even from IP’s? DMCA claims take weeks to appear, all they send is the IP, how can vpnghost correlate the situation with the specific user?


    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Valix,

      In fairness, this kind of information can be monitored in realtime, but with no logs saved. You may be interested, however, in this.

  12. Stephan says:


    I would avoid VPNGhost at all costs. Every month they change there keys and some other process. Expect to be down a couple days every couple months They keep logs. Here’s a message from them:

    Torrenting Policy Update
    Torrenting & P2P streaming is now permitted on every server except our (North American) servers “Canada, Canada-2, USA, USA-2” These servers will be actively monitord for any P2P protocol.
    Our new service provider allows this under once condition. VPNGhost will abide by DMCA rules.
    Abiding by the DMCA rules means any users that download material that causes VPNGhost to receive a DMCA / Copyright infringement claim will result in the claim being forwarded to said user and your account being deleted from our system & your ip banned, The current torrenting servers do not receive DMCA / Copyright claims so it is recommended to continue using those servers if you believe your download can cause a claim,
    There will be zero appeals for any accounts removed from our system.

    They have one server for torrenting and expect download speeds around 50 kb on that server.

    The latest switch took me down for a few days. When I submitted a ticket, all they did was direct me to the forums…. terrible support.

    In my opinion, there are much better VPN’s for a couple more dollars a month. Such as PrivateInternetAccess (PIA).

  13. Eric says:

    Great Service For P2P, Keep up the good work!

  14. Mark M says:

    I have been following your site for awhile and even took your recommendation for the VPN I currently use. But I have also subscribed to several VPNs that have had lifetime sales on Tweak-town deals, since these were cheap enough for me to experiment with.
    One of those deals was for VPNGhost which I purchased about a month ago, but have yet to use it. You had a decent review on this provider so I was going to give it a shot.
    The trouble is I went to set one of my computers up on this vpn and Firefox blocked this site due to the certificate was not for this provider. When I continued investigating I ended up on RogueVPN.com instead with the note that VPNGhost site was down for maintenance. When looking up RogueVPN it shows it was registered 1 week and 1 day ago. I cannot find any more information on this company.
    As far as FireFox is concerned roguevpn.net has a bad domain certificate.
    Can you help shed light on this? I’m afraid of even trying this provider out until it’s status is made a bit clearer.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Mark,

      Ouch! I just tested this, and you are correct – I get an Insecure Connection from GhostVPN.com in both Firefox and Chrome. I have forwarded this information to our reviewer (Dmitri) and management team to see what action we take. It is almost certainly just a simple error in configuring SSL certs, but as such it does not foster great confidence in the technical abilities of VPNGhost…

  15. mark says:

    Vpnghost is poor. They say it’s no log policy but they are seeing what you are browsing in real time. I expected better

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi mark,

      You should be aware that every VPN provider can see what you are browsing in real time. Its how the technology works. A good no logs provider simply sends this data to a /nulll file so that none of it stored. Any provider can, however, be legally required to start monitoring connections in real-time. Please see 5 Best Logless VPNs for a discussion on this issue.

      1. Mark M says:

        Thank you for your suggestions Douglas, and will take another look. I have been using vpns now for awhile with ExpressVPN being my daily driver which I picked based on the reviews I read here. The interface is easy to use and it works on all my devices including my desktop, cellphones, tablets and routers. And according to your review it has “minimal” logs. As stated many times on this site, there is a certain amount of “trust” we are forced into when it comes what any vpn actually logs. Just look at the disaster HideMyAssvpn has turned into. My concern here is, how is it I “bought” VPNGhost over a month ago, yet I find it tied to “RogueVPN” that was only registered a little over a week ago. My “TRUST” just went out the window until I can get an explanation as to how and what is going on.

        1. Douglas Crawford says:

          Hi Mark,

          Do note that some providers (at least claim to) keep no logs at all. As for VPNGhost and RogueVPN, I have no idea what is going on. Personally, I don’t find it too worrying, but perhaps I am missing something? I you are concerned, then it is probably best not to use the service and put the money you have already paid down to experience.

          1. Mark M says:

            As of this morning, RogueVPN’s website RougeVPN.net is still down. They still have a You Tube ad, but other than that, I can’t find any other information, and not a single review. The You Tube channel was put up a month ago. I have sent an email to VPNGhost asking what is their relationship with this other vpn, but the response was this email is for business only. Also, as of this morning, VPNGhost seems to have their website back up.”Due to a error on our service provider end the UK server” is the message they have about their outage. This also demonstrates another issue mentioned about “trust”. Apparently they do NOT control their own servers but farm it out. When you do reviews, is there any way to verify which vpns use their own servers? If I’m acting paranoid, you would be right. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the first place. I’m also angry. When I’m spending good money in an attempt to protect my privacy, anomalies like this should not be showing up without a plausible explanation.

          2. Douglas Crawford says:

            Hi Mark,

            The only major VPN provider to own all of its own infrastructure is VyprVPN (which is otherwise not very privacy-friendly). Most VPN services rent servers from commercial server providers. This is something of an issue, but remember that all users’ data is encrypted, so the server staff cannot see it. The server company will keep connection logs, but these relate to use of the server, not individual users’ accounts (which are managed by the VPN provider).

          3. Mark M says:

            Ok, let me put this to rest. VPNGhost got back to me. This was there reply:”Rogue VPN was just a side project that has been sitting dormant on a server ever scene vpnghost was launched, we were looking into making another service but focusing on the gaming side of things, Due to the fact that with our recent downtime we had to migrate VPNGhost to a temporary web server that just happens to have the rogue files on it…..
            I dont understand where this week and a day is coming up as the domain was registered at the beginning of April. 10-apr-2016 to be exact https://www.whois.net/ clearly shows that.”
            My reply:”Thank you for your reply. It now makes more sense. When I looked up the domain name, it came up as being registered 1 week and 1 day ago. When I clicked on the domain address RogueVPN popped up which is what started this whole conversation. Please remember we as consumers have to put a certain amount of trust into the company we pick, and an anomaly such as this popped up, it raises questions. Is the service being spoofed, has it been hijacked, the NSA playing games, or who knows how many other scenarios. And considering we are here for privacy and security who can blame us for asking.” Looks as a is well, again.

  16. antreas says:

    oreo post bre dimitri 🙂

  17. M says:

    Great service, Good speed, the p2p is allowed on dedicated servers and the price is very cheap! hope to see thei dedicated app soon, keep up the good work!

  18. Shadow M says:

    Ugh, I hate writing reviews… but for VPNGhost I’m more than happy to because I’ve had an amazing experience with them. First of all, I backed for a lifetime subscription on their Kickstarter campaign with a private server. I was lucky enough to be an early backer so I got a phenomenal price for a lifetime of service – so, 5 stars for price!

    I can’t say much for features, but what else do I need but a private VPN service? Taking everything into account, and to be fair, I give them 4 stars for features because I’m simply ignorant of what features I need to be looking for.

    Reliability is top notch as well, as I really only had some trouble at the beginning with some of the public server speeds. For a while, a US server wasn’t working for me, but then again I had plenty of other public servers to choose from (currently, there are 17 public servers, 5 in North America)… however, they walked me through it and got the issue resolved. The customer service proved their reliability was worth the 5 stars I rate it at.

    Speed is pretty dang good. My regular (non-VPN) speeds are rated around 60 Mbps down and 5 up and on the NY and TO servers, I’m getting somewhere around 50/5 and 40/5, respectively. So, not that bad a price to pay for privacy… I really can’t complain about that, so 5 stars.

    Customer service is really where VPNGhost shines. The guys are usually available via live chat during normal working hours, and then they usually reply to overnight emails within half a day. I had problems getting set up initially and they were very quick to help and even followed up with me after I got set up to make sure that everything was still working. Basically, they held my hand getting started and did not judge me for my lack of knowledge. They even use a remote tool that allows them to take control of your desktop to help further (with your permission of course). For someone who paid a one-time fee for a lifetime of service, I didn’t actually expect “customer” service, but that is what has made me truly appreciate VPNGhost. I would rate Customer Service at around 10 stars, but I’ll settle for 5.

    Listen, I’ll usually only write reviews when something stands out as terrible… OR when there’s excellent service that accompanies an amazing product and there are few reviews available. Obviously, the latter is why I chose to write this review. Go for VPNGhost as your VPN provider and you won’t regret it (I might as it may affect some of the speeds on the public servers, but whatever, they deserve your money).

  19. Dimitri M says:

    Let us know your thoughts on VPNGhost!

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